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The Heavenly One is the Muse of Astrology and Astronomy, and guides all those who look to the stars for knowledge. She wears a flowing cloak embroidered with her beloved stars, holds a staff and a globe, and her eyes are skyward. Her scent is that of endless, star-clad space: glittering, cool, vast. Moonflower, Moroccan jasmine, benzoin, white musk, iris, moss and a flash of ozone.

With a username like "AstraeaSophia," which I formulated specifically to mean "wisdom of the stars," there's no way I could get by without nabbing some Urania. :-)

In the bottle:
I get a lot of white musk out of this at first. It reminds me of what my dad's cologne smells like. Just a little nervous...

Wet: I smell like I'm in orbit. This is awesome. The ozone is more obvious to me now.

Drydown: This has softened out into a perfume as opposed to a cologne. It is a floral, but by no means a altogether delicate one. It definitely brings nighttime to mind, which is good considering the idea it's invoking. It makes me wish I were outside in the cool autumn weather, stargazing.

Totally dry: I like it. It's not an every day kinda scent for me, but I could see busting it out from time to time when I feel like using my telescope in the backyard. It's a possible swap, as I have other scents that...how do I say this...evoke a more emotional response from me. This one was right in my mid-range, being not awful but not totally awesome.

Three out of five yummies.

:yum: :yum: :yum:

Edit: Edited to include scent description. Edited by Shollin

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imp: jasmine and soft musk.


wet: the white musk is pretty prominent, but the jasmine is starting to amp a bit too much for me.


dry: the jasmine does tame a bit once this dries. it's mostly musk with soft hints of iris.

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Very florally in the imp. On my skin, I'm getting the moonflower, iris, and white musk, though the jasmine and benzoin and moss and ozone are starting to rise to the top quickly.

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In the imp - green something? Oh, wait, there's the ozone. On my skin: a sweet, beautiful blend of the moonflower, iris and musk with just a hint of the ozone. None of the icky jasmine coming through at all.


Of course I really like this scent - it's discontinued.

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forethought and blah blahs:

i miss the muses. apparently urania is also a very pretty butterfly.


in the bottle/imp:

clean floras. definitely makes me think of nighttime. it feels like a clear, clean night. to be honest, it is down right amazing.



jasmine and iris. still very clean and clear.



the flowers are very light, mostly its a very clean musk on me.

flowers are completely gone.


overall opinion:

just a clean white musk, all the other notes have been eaten by my skin.



neutral. I'm pretty disappointed. the smell in the imp was quite interesting. swaps.

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In bottle: Mostly pale, delicate flowers, with a kiss of benzoin for body, a flash of green moss, a touch of musk for sexiness, and a faint whiff of ozone. Wet: stronger on the skin and quite lovely. The Moonflower is rich and glorious, with the iris a strong second. The jasmine and musk are understated, adding a touch of sensuality to an otherwise ethereal blend. The moss is gentle and well blended, a green cushion on which to display the jewels that are the flowers. The ozone is more accent than a separate scent to give extra

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source (personal bottle)


in vitro: Windex? definitely smells like window cleaner fluid, high pitched ozone

wet on wrists: green leaves/moss, floral notes (jasmine or lily) and a citrus note which is not listed, so maybe it is part of the "crystal musk" accord? and ozone (unlike other ozone accords, this does not go dryer sheet on me or powdery, it is just clear, cool and crisp)

early dry phase: jasmine and crystal musk (forgive my synesthesia but it really does smell chilly and evokes the cold space between stars and a clear night). it is hard to describe how this smells, but it is one of my favorite notes that Beth has created and evokes celestial bodies and a clear night sky...

later in the drydown: moonflower and jasmine, a well blended floral with a musk cloud surrounding.. a bit of powder from the orris, but it is faint


very little throw and disappears within 4 hours to my sad face, but, an excuse to slather more and get more ozone and clear, crisp musk and jasmine!


verdict: this one is quite difficult to describe but just beautiful. i am not big on florals, but I do like jasmine and I do not seem to amp it or get the bad notes mentioned by others. I love the smell of single note moonflower which I can clearly smell here and the "crystal musk" is sublime--must get more of this. Urania captures the muse of the spheres very, very well.

Edited by sprout

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