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  1. countessmouse

    Nymphes de Pave

    Slightly disappointed with this one. It took several hours before it morphed past just a vaguely rose scent and the fig and vanilla finally appeared. This is nice (finally), but it just doesn't blow me away like I expected it to.
  2. countessmouse

    Norman's Grandma

    On me, tea rose = soap. I can smell a little of the lilac, but it's mostly just soap. Meh.
  3. countessmouse

    Spanish Red Carnation

    Lovely, spicy red carnation. My only complaint? It does not last!!!
  4. countessmouse


    Beautiful linden with a teeny, tiny hint of vanilla. This is my favorite out of the series - I don't smell like candy or hairspray...
  5. countessmouse


    It smells like...hairspray...hairspray that I used in the 80's that came in a pump bottle.
  6. countessmouse

    Fairy Bites

    A very pleasant blast of minty lavender at first that calms down to a really lovely floral. The bad part is that it keeps calming down until nothing is left. Color me severely disappointed with this one!
  7. countessmouse

    Tanuki No Yudachi

    I've decided that this one just needs to age. I got a tiny bit of sweet citrus with the lily, but none of the vanilla. And it had no staying power whatsoever. Horribly disappointing. This one is going back in the box with the intention of trying it in about 6 months.
  8. countessmouse

    The Balcony

    A nutty floral in the imp, it changed to ashy, dry wood in seconds on my skin. I feel like I'm wearing an ash tray. Blech.
  9. countessmouse

    L’Essence de L’Ardeur

    I had such high hopes for this one but, thus far, I have been disappointed. Almost immediately, it's all chocolate and pomegranate. Where is the floral? More importantly, where is the vanilla???? And, for god's sake, after two hours - where is the scent????
  10. countessmouse

    L’Essence du Chagrin

    Lots of lovely dry, spicy lavender - but, dammit, it has absolutely NO throw on me. Three hours after application, I can barely smell it. I had such hopes...
  11. countessmouse

    In Brightness and In Joy

    In the imp - candy. On my skin - orange fizzy candy. Meh.
  12. countessmouse

    Till Death

    I'm getting magnolia...and nothing else. It's pretty, but it's all magnolia on me.
  13. countessmouse

    Mocking the Invisible World With Its Own Shadows

    This one is odd. Started off with a blast of root beer???? and has now switched to dry sandalwood. I'm not getting any of the wisteria or verbena, which I really like. Just...odd...
  14. countessmouse

    The Peacock Queen

    Oddly, the 2011 version is much stronger on me than the 2010 version was, and maybe a bit spicier. And it is still one of the few rose oils that doesn't go all soapy on me.
  15. countessmouse

    Woods in Winter

    I was kind of meh about the scent when I first put it on because I was mostly getting hemlock - which smells very much like caramel popcorn to me. Then the evergreen, wood and icyness hit and I was suddenly in the woods on a snowy evening. I could smell the icy wind and woodsmoke from a chimney somewhere nearby. Every once in a while I get a whiff and I'm quickly transported back to that spot in my mind. I LOVE this! Must get a bottle!