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  1. vige

    Black Pearl

    forethought and blah blahs: I love this name and coconut is a huge favorite of mine so I'm really looking forward to it! in the bottle/imp: Smells like watery coconut and iris wet: Coconut at first, now mostly iris dry: It bounces back and forth between coconut and iris. Maybe I'm smelling the hazelnut too? Super strong on me with lots of throw. Ugh overwhelming. overall opinion: The whiffs of coconut i get are amazing, i just really don't care for the iris. verdict: feminine. I wanted to like this so much, but i just don't. swap.
  2. vige

    Ile de la Tortue

    forethought and blah blahs: this wanderlust was discontinued on 11- 17- 10 ile de la tortue is a small island off the coast of Haiti in the bottle/imp: wet rich florals wet: ohhh i love this big white creamy blossoms. ....ugh it is getting a bit sharp... dry: feels very "perfumy" where did the creaminess run off to? i am still getting white florals but they feel more perfumy than creamy now overall opinion: feels very much like a "plain store bought" perfume. verdict: feminine. i am very bummed that my skin hated this so much. swap!
  3. vige

    Queen Alice

    forethought and blah blahs: none really in the bottle/imp: this smells really fruity? maybe the cider or wine? wet: really spicy. and warm i really was expecting flowers so im quite surprised! dry: it smells like spiced wine or mulled cider. starting to smell a bit of floral now. now the amber, what a morpher! overall opinion: warm and spicy with a dash of amber, flowers. and slight touch of apples. verdict: neutral leaning to feminine. i like it! i am going to keep the imp for more testing and see if it makes the bottle list! save!
  4. vige


    forethought and blah blahs: always, always, ALWAYS on the hunt for a nice rose scent so i am looking forward to this. the oil in my imp is a nice warm orange color. in the bottle/imp: mmmmm tea rose! wet: nice wet and juicy tea rose. starting to smell a bit of the other notes, the amber mostly. dry: I'm really not picking up any of the other notes now. just tea rose. getting a bit "dusty" overall opinion: a dry tea rose on me with no other notes. verdict: feminine it's not bad, but not a great or interesting rose. it is a very simple scent. while i can't see myself buying a bottle of this i will probably keep the imp since it's a "no brainer" type of a smell.
  5. vige


    forethought and blah blahs: i miss the muses. apparently urania is also a very pretty butterfly. in the bottle/imp: clean floras. definitely makes me think of nighttime. it feels like a clear, clean night. to be honest, it is down right amazing. wet: jasmine and iris. still very clean and clear. dry: the flowers are very light, mostly its a very clean musk on me. flowers are completely gone. overall opinion: just a clean white musk, all the other notes have been eaten by my skin. verdict: neutral. I'm pretty disappointed. the smell in the imp was quite interesting. swaps.
  6. vige


    forethought and blah blahs: none in the bottle/imp: clean and a bit soapy wet: very clean and fruity. starting to smell the herbs coming in. dry: juicy, wet, clean and fruity, with a touch of green rounding it out. overall opinion: clean, bright and juicy, very interesting and well crafted. verdict: neutral. this is most definitely worth testing since it's so interesting. i like it, but its not for me. swap!
  7. vige


    forethought and blah blahs: i love the description. this is right up my alley as far as concepts go. in the bottle/imp: green and crisp. wet: herbs and woods. very comforting. dry: it reminds me a lot of hemlock which i adore. a more crispy, light forest than a dark and snowy one. creamy and green. i love this. overall opinion: to me this is a warm weather version of hemlock. verdict: neutral leaning to masculine. i really like it! keeping to test more!
  8. vige


    forethought and blah blahs: this diabolus was discontinued 1-24-08. it is very bright red from the dragons blood! had to google melati; seems to be a type of jasmine in the bottle/imp: smells like very dark dragons blood also getting the geranium a bit. wet: sweet dragons blood and geranium. gives the impression of being fiery very well. melati is starting to come out. dry: very sweet. dragons blood and jasmine. faded very quickly on me, overall opinion: this is all about the dragons blood and jasmine on me. verdict: neutral leaning to feminine. this was very interesting in wet stage. it has to be the fastest fading bpal i have yet to try but that it might be due to the warm weather. i like it, but not enough to keep it. swappppp!
  9. vige


    forethought and blah blahs: this illyria was discontinued 8-13-10 in the bottle/imp: sweet sweet berries wet: same sweets a bit more tart. super juicy almost mouth watering. dry: very little morphing on me, still very sweet berries. a bit of greenness is coming out but its still all about the berries. overall opinion: it stayed sweet and juicy with quite a lot of throw and staying power. verdict: neutral leaning to feminine. while i like it, it isn't the "perfect berry" which is a good thing i suppose since this is discontinued. i am going to send it to swaps so other folks can add another scent to their tested list. swap!
  10. vige

    All In The Golden Afternoon

    A bizarre blend of pineapple, tangerine, tobacco, apricot, and seltzer coated with hazy amber and heady sun-baked flowers. forethought and blah blahs: most definitely imagine the flowers from Disney's Alice in Wonderland! in the bottle/imp: flowers and a touch of warm orange wet: bright wet floral. fizzy. dry: warm and fruity, but i can't pick out specific ones. the amber is developing. can smell orange for sure now. i seem to amp up the orange! i get 0 of the flowers. overall opinion: drys down to a warm orange amber. verdict: neutral leaning to feminine, very lovely, but not for me. off to the swaps!
  11. vige


    forethought and blah blahs: i cant help but think of harry potter. in the bottle/imp: herbal and astringent. some what medicinal. wet: smells very much the same. sharp and astringent. becoming more dry and woody. almost has a warm quality now . dusty and strange like a root cellar in a magical location somewhere. seems to be getting stronger. dry: very warm, dry dusty and woody. a little soapy? a light spiciness. smokey. overall opinion: on me this becomes a very dry smoky wood scent with flashes of a green sappiness. borderline incense. it would make a lovely room scent. verdict: neutral leaning to masculine. it's just not for me, off to the swaps.
  12. vige

    What's the best coconut blend?

    you'll have to hunt for it but spooky is the coconutest thing ive tried to date.
  13. i just tried tears and its rather light and lovely! xoxo vige
  14. vige

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    i decant oil from the big bottle into these..... http://www.sunburstbottle.com/Merchant2/cat13.html "1/8 oz. Amber with Plastic Tester Rod" it works great! big nuff so you dont have to refill often, but small nuff that contamination isnt to big of a worry and if it spills it not the end of the world! (yeah, right!) they have other sizes as well, big i like the 1/8 oz best. you can buy droppers as well, i clean mine with alcohol, of course. ( to MissAnthropy) xoxo vige
  15. vige


    fast and easy sum up- cold. hot. glass. ice on top of something hot. electricity arcing from your hands and striking the ground around your feet. bowl of mints at the register of some wood paneled restaurant along a rarely used stretch of road, where the woman at the counter wearing dewdrop glasses calls you "hun", which for some strange reason makes you sleepy. thin glass popping. green and white spearmint candy melting in the glove-box of a buick. static on skin, rumpling clothes. so cold it burns.