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  1. archergrl


    This is a nice floral and it definitely grew on me the more times I wore it. Too bad it's a dc scent.
  2. archergrl


    This is a yummy berry scent and I like it a lot but it probably won't be one I wear enough to justify a bottle. I may get another imp when I finish this one though
  3. archergrl

    The Bow & Crown of Conquest

    Mm leather and vanilla is a winning combo for me. I really like this one both on me and the bf. He is a little wary of liking it because "I don't want to smell like the devil" LOL my bad for reading him the description. He did like the smell prior to that though so we will see if he will let me put it on him again. If he can get over that I would def buy a bottle to share and give him the imp and refill it as needed (he doesn't wear scents other than deodorant on a daily basis).
  4. archergrl


    Yum yum yum! I love it... the bf loves it (mimed that he wanted to eat my wrist after smelling this hehe) Definitely on the need to get a bottle list for sure
  5. archergrl


    Sexuality, power, confidence. A meeting of modern, sleek elegance and rich, passionate history: sheer amber, black leather, white mint, lemon peel, white tea, grapefruit, kush, teakwood and orchid. Mmm yummy this is a nice fresh scent on me freshly applied which then morphs into something awesome. A nice change of pace from all the warm scents I have so far. Maybe bottle worthy we will see if the bf approves hehe.
  6. archergrl

    The Coiled Serpent

    Hmm I normally don't like patchouli but in the blend it totally works for me. It fades pretty quickly though so I would have to leave it in my car to reapply if I wanted the scent to last all day. Bf approved though "yum"
  7. archergrl


    I am kinda eh on the wet stage but about an hour into the dry stage it turns yummy. Bf approved Not sure I need a bottle though we will see how fast I finish the imp I got.
  8. archergrl

    my current stash

    Ars Amatoria Brisingamen Ars Amatoria O Ars Amatoria Perversion Ars Amatoria Snake Oil Ars Amatoria Whip Ars Draconis Dragon's Milk Ars Moriendi Midnight DC Bewitching Brews Bewitched Bewitching Brews Blood Kiss Bewitching Brews The Coiled Serpent Bewitching Brews Yggdrasil Excolo Ehecatl swap pile Excolo Kali Excolo Urania Illyria Queen Gertrude Illyria Titania Mad Tea Party High-Strung Daisies swap pile RPG Gnome RPG Mage RPG Paladin Sin & Salvation Dirty Sin & Salvation The Bow & Crown of Conquest Sin & Salvation Vice swap pile Wanderlust Dublin DC Wanderlust Manhattan Wanderlust Morocco
  9. archergrl


    Smells like a Reese's chapstick I got a really long time ago. To me it's the same type of fake chocolate scent and I really didn't like it. Swap pile for me.
  10. archergrl

    High-Strung Daisies

    This is a interesting scent. Glad I got to try it but it's too sweet for my taste so to the swap pile it goes.
  11. archergrl


    Thank you! Glad to help
  12. archergrl


    all scents mentioned thus far are... (Added notes on availablity) Quincey morris le Count Dracula le Desade dc Dragons hide gc Dead mans hand le Wanda gc Whip gc Perversion gc Jolly roger gc iago gc Loviatar dc Severin dc Tintagel gc Casanova gc Dee gc Herr drosselmyer le Bow & crown conquest gc Black tower gc Two monsters gc Western diamondback cd C auguste dupin retail exclusive A bachelors dog le Les infortunes de la vertu gc Doc Constantine cd Coyote gc Hellfire gc Manhattan gc Calico jack gc Mary read gc Crowley gc Spanked tp Torture king le Tezcatlipoca gc The high priest not to be described dc Havana gc Nanny ashtoreth gc Shrunken heads cd Tombstone gc Krampus le Hand of glory cd Brom bones le Liz gc White rider gc Red rider gc Black rider gc Robotic scarab gc Galvanic goggles gc Mutant hot rodders from hell high retail exclusive The traveler le Olisbos le Rivetgoth le Hunter gc Clockwork couture male/female web exclusive Tombeur gc Vilf gc Ivanushka le The blockhead cd Sacrifice le Ngg023 prototype le Magus gc Sara pezzini gc Ranger gc Paladin gc Fighter gc Captain cully gc Fetishgoth le phew I figured I did the work for myself... I might as well share and maybe save someone else some time
  13. archergrl


    Mmmm wet is just yummy rose. Dry is still mostly rose with a mesh of something else that doesn't scream leather to me but I like it a LOT. Definitely added to my want a bottle list. Bf likes it but not a strong reaction just "rose is nice". Lol fine I will wear it cuz I love it hehe.
  14. archergrl

    Queen Gertrude

    When given a choice between this and Titania dry and wet(reapply) on my skin my mother said she liked Gertrude better. I of course was the opposite haha. It is an interesting scent but first impressions it may go to swaps as it is not my favorite but we will see if it grows on me first.
  15. archergrl


    I like this scent both wet and dry. Not sure if I like it enough to wear as a perfume but I would def try it as a room scent and a scent locket scent. I will update with more info and other's opinions.