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BPAL Madness!

Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

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Each bottle of Chaos Theory is truly unique, a fragrant fractal, and exercise in the joy of chance and uncertainty! Each is a one-of-a-kind, utterly random combination of scents, the composition of which is based on whim, mood and gut instinct.

Yay, Chaos Theory!

First, Chaos Theory 2: CX (110).

In the bottle, this is somewhat astringent. It has a very herbal smell, with a bit of something I can't quite put my finger on - musk, perhaps? Possibly civet? In any case, it has a bit of an animalistic edge to it.

On: First on, this is primarily green and herbal. It loses its astringency, and has a very nice clean feel to it. As it dries, however, the darker note emerges, and while it still smells herbal, it's more similar to what I smelled in the bottle - very dark and feral. Now, with the admission that I'm not terribly fond of most animalistic smells, I still think this one could work for me - I just need to try it when I'm not too exhausted to work that "Grrrrr" vibe.

On to Chaos Theory 2: CCCXVII (317).

Dear sweet gods above, this is so beautiful I could cry.
In the bottle: Minty! I was initially a little worried, as all non-Spooky mints have smelled like dentist on me. However, there's an edge of something spicy lurking behind the mint.

On: Wet, it's still primarily mint. In fact, the spiciness is almost gone; someitmes I think I smell it, and sometimes I wonder if I'm just imagining I smell it there because I love that autumnal spice kind of thing. However! As this dries, it becomes so incredibly complex. It's still minty, but there's a kind of creamy base to this, and better still, the spices have reappeared. The more this dries, the more primarily cinnamon it becomes, until now, after three hours and a nap, I smell primarily like cinnamon and maybe nutmeg, with a creamy, minty background. This is so beautiful, and so perfect for me - it's like the mint I've been searching for had some sort of naughty liason with my favorite autumnal scents, and I got the end result. Yay!

So, thank you, Beth, for creating these scents, and thank you, physics, for letting them come to me. Edited by Shollin

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It seems like Beth really nailed the Butterfly Effect with the blends that have been reviewed so far. They all sound like wonderful changing blends.


CT2: LXII (62)


In the bottle, this is rich, buttery caramel. Foody heaven! It seems to be a blend I'd reach for on chilly days, being so wonderfully rich. But once it hits the skin, it transforms into a light, sweet fragrance. At first I thought - berries? Floral? My nose is still such an amateur. But after experiencing the drydown and reapplying, I can tell it's a lovely aquatic note! It is so fresh and sweet, really perfect. There might be some berries or florals in there as well. Mmmmm...


I will relish this bottle, and use it all. Thanks, Beth!


Coming soon:


CT2: XV (15)

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Did I mention that all three of mine had a lemon thing going on and that I, as a lemon loving wench, was just stupidly happy about it? If not, say that whole thing back, repeat, and add a good Squee and a woohoo for good measure.


This is the ultra-lemony one of the bunch from first sniff. Oh, and, more importantly, it's not just lemon, it's sugary June Gloom lemon. Hate me, I would. :D


BEAUTIFUL. This blend exemplifies why I love lemon scents and why they're just not appreciated enough by the world at large. It starts out as a very bright, sugared, and aquatic lemon and there it stays for quite a while. Then a morphing twist of very, very light florals and the faintest twinge of something woody dances around with the lemons just like this: :P Then it does this really cool and strange thing where the lemon is bright, but not close to the skin. I can smell the lemon, but when I get right up on my skin I smell a very gentle, relaxed white musk and a fresh skin smell. The lemon is there-bangzing! is it there, but just not close to the skin. It's got just massive throw to it.


This blend is happiness in a bottle. It's sunshine, sprinklers, screaming kids, and warm summer breezes. It's just so perfect for summer!

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Chaos Theory II C (100)


Alright, when I saw the number on the bottle I went into "I gotta goollllllllllden ticcccccccckkket!" mode. Thank goodness the juice inside lived up to its golden number!


In the bottle, this smells like buttercream (not as heavily buttery as the stuff in Jack or Chaste Moon, though) and something sweet and golden and fruity--golden apples!


On my skin, this turned into sweet cream, vanilla, and bucketloads of baked golden apples sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar!! It's reminiscent of The Hesperides but with more of a "baked apple" quality than a "crisp apple" one. As the scent dries down, my skin smells of cinnamon-sugar baked apples over a dollop of vanilla ice cream.


YUM!! :P

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Version XLVIII (48)


I got lemon skittles. At first, it's rampaging lemon skittles hooked up on crack, but then it settles down, and there's an undertone to it that I can pick out but not identify.


I'm sure it's an absolutely lovely scent...to someone else though, as I can't stand lemon scents. This will definitely be going up for swap as soon as I can haul my self out of my 70 hour workweek.

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Mine was my lucky number- #7 :D

I adore this one...seems made for me.

From the bottle to arm it stays pretty true to its magnolia base.

It definitely has a sparkly effervescent thing happening and is lightly spicy.

Reminds me of Hell's Belle in a way- another favorite of mine.

so, in a nutshell, it is southern belle glorious magnolias in creamy spice :P

Thank you Beth!

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Chaos Theory CCCXX (320? :D)


I love you Beth. I really really do.

This blend is me in every way..

In the bottle: Eye popping spearmint..whoa!

On skin: Wow. I'm drooling..spearmint & creamy coconut :P Seriouslly smells like a Mentos candy & a butter mint sprinkled w/ coconut. :D

Afterhours: This has dried down to a wonderfully soft herbal mint w/ a touch of cream in the background.




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Chaos Theory II: VIII (8)


This is a perplexing blend. I cannot get my mental hands around this one. At first there is a mint-like start, which I think is in league with cinnamon. A non-perfumy grass-like scent is playing in the background. It's not definable taken together, but it doesn't get any more certain at any time in the future either.


As it starts to dry, the mintiness diminishes and a sort of citrus component comes out. Don't ask me what it is, please. I might guess it's mandarin, but that one fools me a lot so that is my guess.


Overall, this one is definitely not: floral, spicy, fruity,or resinous. You might call it green, but it isn't chlorophyll green. I might say it's a bit aquatic, but that's a real long shot for me. It isn't a sexy scent, it is a thinking scent. Though it is long lasting, it is never cloying and you won't be getting tired of it.


It is: sophisticated, summery, flesh-like, long lasting, light, intellectual, indefinable, French, and (if it were a color) light yellow.


In a word, I think this is Bottled Gemini.



The icon is a "fractal" which is the pictorial representation of Chaos, a symbol for Chaos Theory, one fractal I found had a figure 8 embedded in it, so I used it for my icon here.

Edited by olympia301

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Chaos Theory 36:


My bottle was a surprise to me: ever-changing and beautiful.


When I first put it on, I smelled gorgeously fruity, tart currant with maybe a little pomegranate. As that dried down, I got an ozone tang that settled into a dazzling white musk that was very reminiscent of Ice Queen. However, where Ice Queen was not one of my favorite blends because it's so haughty and regal, my chaos theory was very warm-feeling due to the currant-- it smelled a little like Christmas. :P A little later, a vanilla sandalwood-y note emerged and sweetened the blend considerably.


Overall, this is a blend that I may have not picked for myself based on notes. However, it is undoubtedly beautiful red scent-- this will work so well in the late Autumn / Winter months. It gives me a warm, but sophisticated feeling. It's womanly without being headachy-floral-- I can picture this one worn at a fancy ball or black-tie event.



Beth, thank you!

Edited by sihaya09

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This one (LVII, 57) is a true shapeshifter. Cherry cola in the bottle, then delicious fresh fruitiness on my skin... melon, peach, maybe a bit of pineapple, just a yummy fruit salad without being overwhelmingly sweet or syrupy or cloying in any way. Now, after about an hour, there's very faint amber-vanilla undertone, warming the fruit and making it richer -- hey, it's the buttery crust! There's a fruit tart on my wrist! :P

Edited by oakmoss

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Chaos Theory II XXXVI (36)


This starts off as a fresh fruity green/floral--a fruit garden in springtime! :D It's reminiscent of The Hanging Gardens, but with more greenery and less intensity/sharpness (it went sharp on me... :D). It's bright and dewy and warm :P The florals are barely there and don't go sharp or soapy at all (nearly all florals do that with me)


As it dries down, I notice plum and...FIG!!! A garden of FIGS!! I LOVE figs! :D and the blend isn't super-sweet either (I usually dislike fruit blends as they tend to be too sweet for me)


I think this blend would have been more aptly named Beltane than the actual Beltane oil :D Just my humble opinion...


Previously reviewed by sihaya09.

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Chaos Theory II: CXXVIII (128)*


I was convinced that I would get the right CT for me, so I only ordered 1 bottle. Now I am sad and wished I'd gotten more, because it's not my dream scent after all.


In the bottle: MINT!! Screaming mint. I like mint okay but not in a scent so much.


Wet: Spearmint chewing gum - like Wrigley's Eclipse, Spearmint flavor. Sweet mint. Reminds me of Absinthe without the anise.


Drydown: Gets sweeter but still mostly mint. The BF said he smelled cinnamon in it but I didn't get any (I wish - love cinnamon).


I'm going to try it again but unless it does a 180 and turns resin/incense/spicy, I'll probably be imping it out to swap for other CTs looking for my one true love.


* which is really weird & cool because 128 is the number I use when asked to pick one at random - like if I'm making up a user name and the one I want is already taken, I tack 128 on the end.

Edited by roesmoker

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Chaos Theory 2: CCXCIX (299)


In the bottle - a very light, slightly boozy scent.


Wet - nothing! As soon as it touches my skin, all scent disappears. I had a similiar thing happen with Snow White, so I am not panicing yet.


Dry - for the first 10 to 15 minutes I get nothing, and then suddenly, I am enveloped in scent. This is a very light, white floral, I am thinking gardenia and something aquatic or maybe even ozone. It's now morphing into an ozone scent, but it's getting fuller. There is something fruity that is giving this a roundness, but I am leaning towards it being apple blossom as opposed to an actual fruit.


About a half hour in and it's still morphing slightly. It's primarily ozone and apple blossom, but there is something else coming out now, is that tonka? I'm also starting to notice the slightly boozy scent I get in the bottle, but I am not sure. I so wanted this to be a boozy blend I may be imagining things, but there may be a tiny bit of rum in this to give it spice.


This is the type of the scent where the throw smells much richer than the scent on my wrist; I have experienced that once or twice before, but I can't remember with which scents. There is a moderate amount of throw on this, and it lasts about 2 - 3 hours, which is a decent amount of time on me.


I only ordered one Chaos Theory, because I wanted the lab to send the one that was right for me, but secretly I feared that it would be all violets and vetiver, in other words, something I coudn't wear. This isn't the perfect scent for me, but I don't hate it either. It's unique and it doesn't contain anything I dislike. While I don't love it, I am fascinated with it, and also by the exclusivity of being the only one who has it. And I must admit, that it's starting to really grow on me, even though it's neither dark nor spicy. It's a keeper!


Edit - two months have passed and I revisited this and got something very different! Maybe it just need to sit awhile. Now I get booze, definitely rum, possibly brandy as well, alongside apple. Not apple blossom, sweet red apples. It reminds me of brandied pears, but it's definitely apple. No floral, no ozone, just booze and apples. Those are two notes I love and I absolutely adore this! Revising my 4 to a 5.


On the wickedgoddess scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being best, this rates a 5.

Edited by wickedgoddess

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Chaos Theory II CI


I love the purple label :P


Sharply menthol, and mint with cedar and pine notes settling in toward the end... it was just as I feared, a scent that seems to be masculine and sharp, even if it does mellow after an hour or two.


I've swapped with Finny for something more feminine :D

Edited by Summerpixy

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I have number XX (20)


This an interesting one. I've never had a scent which didn't morph much from bottle to skin.


It's hard to describe and I don't have the most educated nose in the world, but I'm going to give it a try: alcohol, and unidentifiable fruits. Kind of like sangria. Kind of like the stuff you make in a trash can with everclear and lots of fruit that you let sit for a day or so before the party.


These are other notes here too, but they're slippery. The overall impression is a summer night party. After midnight when the candles are burning low and the container full of alcohol and fruit is wafting its smell around the yard. The insects are buzzing and the moon is a giant glowing orb in the sky that mesmerizes your drunken mind.


It fades a bit to a lighter version - more sweet, but not icky sweet.


I like this, but it's not the sort of thing I'll wear very often. I'll probably decant some for trade.

Edited by hologhost

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I introduce you to LXIV (64)


In the bottle spicey, milky, sweet goodness a bit like shub-niggurath mixed with midway and milk moon.


First sniff sweet and milky possibly something else I am very confused. It then switches briefly to a woody sweet scent but also florally? This is a very odd multi switching oil


Ok here is where I tried to figure out some of the notes possible floral (carnation or something light ), milk possibly, sandalwood, and I suspected ginger on the first time I tried this.


As it sits I get a little woodiness that scared me the first time I tried it since it is a BAD scent for me, but underneath I still get a super light floral and then the sweetniess starts to rise and make me smile. It starts a little bubblegummy but then switches to a cherry scent possibly tinted with a little red wine. Ok the floral came back up a smidge again but I know it will drop again.


And it has back to the cherry maybe sandalwood background goodness. The weird thing is that this scent so reminds me of something but I have no idea what, though I don't think its another BPAL. But I do believe that I own a few with similar notes.


The final scent eventually sits at a very slightly sweet almost cherry scent (Bing Cherries not an Artifical cherry) mixed with maybe sandalwood, a tiny hint of what might be a red wine, tobacco ? and maybe something creamy. Why am I getting a mental picture of two of the old Ice Cream shops I use to go to???


This puppy is insanely complex and though it scared me a whole lot the first time I tried it I know as it sits on me now as it travels through all its fazes I end up liking this little 64 though I can't say I would have intially chosen this on. It is really an amazing piece of art. ROCK ON BETH!!!!


Now to run off and have a lab scientifically study the ingredients so A) I can see if I am right about any of this stuff and :D Get some more to share and Hoard :P :D


EDIT: OK this is so odd, while playing with some new goodies I just got I realized that my little 64 is VERY smiliar to The Red Queen. Though 64 goes a smidge sweeter in the drydown and sets less woody on me.

Edited by blood*rose*flowers

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Chaos Theory XXVII


In the bottle, this chaos theory smelled like chocolate.


As soon as it touched my skin, it was a rich, candied lime. When I shook up the bottle a bit, the chocolate disappeared and the lime was prominent.


A friend who sniffed it was able to identify vanilla and coconut in the blend.


Over time, the lime became more of a generic citrus and the vanilla was more present. There is a faint undertone of flowers that makes itself known as the blend began to fade on my skin.


This is an interesting blend. Not one of my favorites, but I plan to try it a few more times before I decide whether to keep it or trade it.

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Chaos Theory XII(12)


In the Bottle

Very green and herbal. It smells clean and light. It reminds me of fresh cut grass or a dewy field on a warm spring day. It's difficult for me to pick out any distinct notes. (I'm not that experienced at note detection)



Green. This blend must have a grass note. It reminds me of the green in Rose Red. Very fresh and light. There might be a hint of lemon in there as well.



As it dries the lemon is more prominate along with a floral note. (though I'm not sure which one. Lilac? Lavendar? I'm at a loss)



Overall I like it. I generally don't like florals, but this isn't that bad. It's more green than flowers anyway. While I may not wear it everyday, it's a fresh change from my usual scents. I like smelling like a field of wild flowers. I think it would be a great room scent as well.


I have three more Chaos Theory blends and I'll edit this post to add reviews when I have time (and arm space) to test them.

Edited by cricketshay

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I bought three of these, two of which came today.




In the bottle- color seems more apt in describing this smell-it is a soft grayish green. It smells faintly medicinal and minty.


On my skin- Mint is the only note that holds it’s own, although it is a weak showing to say the least. I smell like I spilled mouthwash on my sleeve and didn’t quite rinse it all off. There’s something poking around in the background, keeping the mint subdued, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s almost herbal, and reminds me a bit of anisette. I guess you could say that this smells like watered down mouthwash & Ricola cough drops. Oh well.





In the bottle- all mint all of the time.


On my skin- Ground up Doublemint gum-a sweet, sugary mint. This reminds me a bit of Juke Joint.



Unfortunately, I don’t like smelling like mint in the least. Hopefully my yet to arrive bottle will be sweet or spicy.

Edited by Digital_Hypoxia

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Damn damn damn. I ordered three bottles and each of the three has some note than turns to poo on my skin!



DAMN YOU VETIVER!!!! I'd like to try to pick out the other notes, but I have a bit of a thing with vetiver. It's like a screaming 3 year old at a midnight R rated movie - I'd love to watch the show, but those asshole parents took their poor kid to an inappropriate movie way past his bedtime! If there is a note in this one that I might like, it's drowned out by the screaming, writhing, PAY ATTENTION TO ME vetiver. Someone who likes woody notes take it from me, please. :D



DAMN YOU SOAPY STUFF!!! Again, I have no clue what's in this, because something in it turns instantly to Dishwasher soap on me. I originally thought that the soap came from something floral, but further tries have let me know that this one is all pine and rum. All in all, not bad, except for the soap smell that overpowers the other stuff. I'm sure that on someone who ISN'T a soap-mutant, this would smell heavenly. Someone who likes dry woods and faint resins, take it away! :D



Florals. Assorted florals. I do not like florals. Damn.


ETA: After a while some kind of fruity smell bubbles up and improves this a bit. I'm not sure what fruit exactly... maybe pomegranite? There could be some currant in this also. I'll still swap it because of the florals, however.


I have another bottle on the way with my 13 order (because I just had to try one more) and I'm hoping for some kind of foody (PLEASE!) or incensy scent. I'm just so sad that my 3 main scent-problems are each personified in my three 5mls! :P

Edited by mobilejessie

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CCLXXI (271)


In the bottle: green melon


Initially on skin: watermelon, very watery and juicy. Reminds me a lot of Mi-Go, but instead of Jolly Rancher watermelon, it's almost-not-quite-ripe and not as sugary sweet.


Half-hour later: woodsy, green, Wolf Moon-ish.


I am thinking deep thoughts about this one. I like the watermelon stage, and I like the woodsy green stage (especially when it doesn't turn into men's cologne on me -- Juniper, I'm looking at you). But I have bottles of Mi-Go and Wolf Moon already. I am definitely giving this another whirl or two before making up my mind.


In conclusion: an amazing morphing blend. Two, two, two bottles in one!

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Chaos Theory II: XXII


In the bottle: Strong, savory herbs, very green


On Skin: Fresh herbs, oregano, basil, parsley fresh out of the garden, nothing sweet here, it's pure green, not an astringent green but a fresh, crisp, slightly salty green.


Dry down: Dried herbs :P . It's all the same smells, but a little more aged, like walking into a store where they have the bunches of dried herbs hanging from the rafters. It's still just absolutely green, a very fresh scent.


Gorgeous, but not me, I could wear it when I'm cooking, but I'm afraid it would throw off my perception of just how much oregano I already put in the sauce. :D

Edited by bloodpoppies

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I got two bottles of CT2:Butterfly Effect one for me and one for my husband. I had to try both out. Good thing I did.


CCCXXX (330):


in the bottle: a bizarre mix of a floral note, amber, and a lt musk and/or Dragon's Blood maybe? I'm not too good at picking out individual notes.


First: the floral almost completely vanishes, the amber/musk/dragon's blood are amped up. My chemestry always does that to those scents.


After a few hours: The amber is still there, but the floral is creeping back in. It's a very nice scent.


A few more hours later: It's turned to a powder scent. It smells like the facial powder my grandma used. This is one very weird scent.


CCCXLI (341? I think that's correct)


In the bottle: OMG it's gag inducing!!! I literally gagged when I sniffed in the bottle. It smells like hot buttered rum, with WAY too much butter and throw some popcorn in there as well. The buttery scent overwhelms EVERYTHING and is the reason I gagged.


I did test this on my skin after a very long debate. I was afraid I'd smell like the inside of a old popcorn bag that has had rum spilled on it for hours.


at first: I got a slightly buttery scent but none of the rum or popcorny scent. After the next few minutes it turned a complete floral with almost no trace of the dreaded butter/rum/popcorn.


After a couple of hours: It now smells like suntan lotion. Not straight from the bottle suntan lotion, but what you would smell on a crowded beach. Not overwhelming, but it has a decidely beachy smell to it, with a light floral floating through it. It smells of a beach on an island, sun, sand, ocean and suntan lotion. While at the edge of the beach there are flowers growing and you can only smell them if the wind is from the right direction.


After a couple of more hours: OK the tropical island getaway on my wrists is no more now it's just a floral. A very nice floral, but not the cool cheap tropical getaway that it was a couple of hours prior.


I like both of them, OK not CCCXLI in the bottle, but I like both of them on. I guess the jury is still out on these. I'm not disappointed in them, I'm just not super thrilled with them. I don't know if I can talk my self into opening CCCXLI again though. As I already have a 5ml of flower moon and Chiroptera I don't think I will need another floral. I might trade for another CT2 scent for this one. I may see about trading both. I really like CCCXXX but it turns sort of sweet and powdery on me, Not too sure if I want to sniff like my grandma after a few hours. I will decide later and if I do want to trade one or both it will be for another CT2.

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Chaos Theory XCI (91)


In the bottle: Vanilla-y with a hint of cinnamon


Starts out vanilla and very very barely cinnamon, dries down to something very similar to how Mi-Go does on me. A bit later, there's a mix of mango, pineapple, and pear, with a touch of vanilla and possibly some honey. After a while, becomes a very creamy honeyed vanilla fruity yumness (yes, that's a technical term). Think Mi-Go plus Dana O'Shee minus the grain plus the barest touch of cinnamon. Later on, even, it's shifting between the fruit and the honey vanilla - a true fractal joy. :P

Edited by synique

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In the bottle: A little boozy. Red, resinous -- possibly dragon's blood. I'm also smelling something menthol or cinnamon-y: that back of nose bite, the opening of sinuses. I can't wear dragon's blood, so this does not bode well.


Application (wrist): Woah. Still that resin, and the menthol stuff -- smells herby, tart, green. I can't place the herb exactly, though I wish I could -- it smells similar to a note in Tzadikim Nistarim, if that's any help.


Drydown: More herbal, over a base that seems 'red' to my nose.

Wait.. is there lemon in this? No, no, passing fancy, unless it's lemongrass, this is a bit greener of a top note than lemon.


Still drying: Floral? Something I've smelt in this reminds me of a note in Kali, or maybe Xiuhtecuhtli? No, no, that's not it. Guh. I hate my lack of scent prowess.


30 mins in: If it's not dragon's blood, what is it? I'm perplexed, because it seems to give the same mental image (red) as Dragon's Blood, but without the side effects [nausea]. The herb seems like a dusty green-grey plant. Partner sniffs, says "I like it," which is high praise in his book.


1 hour in: The herb's fading, and something incense-y is coming up instead -- perhaps a touch of sandalwood? There's a hint of something plumm-y, or wine-y, and the "red" seems like velvet.



4 hours in: The beginnings of powder. The sandalwood's gone, but the fruit (almost spicy red/purple fruit) hangs on.



8 hours: Spicy powder, fading off. If I knew carnations better I might hazard a guess that this was one, but all I can say is "spicy pink powder" -- not the "exotic spices" of Snake Oil or Ahatoor, but a sweetish pink spice.


10 hours: Gone.


Overall: Complex, intriguing, but not my thing -- even though the partner likes it.


I'm going to swap this -- and the person who gets it, please, do set me straight on what all these notes are, because trying to describe this scent is like trying to draw the elephant while blindfolded!

Edited by subbes

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