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  1. hologhost

    Giant Squid

    This was a puzzler for me in the bottle - a strong scent with lots of notes that I can't place. But, on me, over time it became the most incredible spiced apple. All harvest-y and autumn. I love it! I have a feeling this one will morph as it ages and I look forward to seeing what it becomes. Thank you Beth for such a lovely scent.
  2. hologhost

    Planting Moon

    OMG Beans! BEANS! My husband is laughing at me. But he never had a garden. I grew up in the full midwestern garden experience. This like standing amid the bean poles and breathing in deep. I can smell the tomatoes off to the side and other greenery here and there. Also fresh dirt. (The dirt comes out stronger on me than it has some of the others who have posted.) All thats missing is the soft bzzz of a fat bumblebee. Oh my. I love this. Love, love love. This is a perfect scent for in the depth of winter, when everything is dead and cold. Open it up and smell magic. BEANS!
  3. hologhost

    Play-Doh smell -- should I dilute?

    This is a problem I seem to have with a number of scents. The ones I really like I now use in a scent locket and I have been deliriously happy with it.
  4. hologhost

    BPAL Patchouli - there's nothing else like it

    I must nominate my favorite - Schwarzer Mond! I'm told this is more a male scent, but I really love it.
  5. hologhost

    Cucumber-ish scents?

    Thank you! Wow - is that the only cucumber one now?
  6. hologhost

    Cucumber-ish scents?

    Bumping this to see if anyone has any new recs. Surely since 2005... I'm not likely to find Tulzscha, so I hope there's something.
  7. hologhost

    Quirkiest, most bizarre oils

    I would second Czernoborg. Which was weird, but kept drawing me like a bad boyfriend. Also if you come across the ability to swap for the LE Shill, you might like that. It's smells like buttered popcorn.
  8. hologhost


    I was very nervous about this after I ordered it - and then started reading reviews. I'm really not a florals girl. Golden and warm indeed. The notes are very well integrated and hard to pick out. But the amber is definately there. The florals are too, but not in a way I don't like - if that makes any sense at all. I'll be really interested in seeing what this does after it settles down from aging a bit. It doesn't have quite as much throw as I like.
  9. hologhost


    Lightning is the zing of orange zest backed up by water for me. Thank you, I'll have to check that out.
  10. hologhost


    I'm looking for a citrus aquatic. I had this combo in a hotel shampoo (Wet at the TI in Las Vegas) and really liked it. Suggestions?
  11. hologhost

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    I don't really see Batman wearing perfume - too easy to get caught. But what would he smell like? Rubber, leather, dirt, and stone. With maybe a teeny bit of left over high end cologne that maybe Bruce didn't get entirely washed off.
  12. hologhost

    Yves St. Laurent Opium smell-alike?

    Opium was my favorite scent in high school. I have to vote for Chrysanthemum Moon. Debauchery did not do it for me. Looking at things that don't smell precisely like Opium, but might appeal to an Opium fan I'd like to add Crowley and Stimulating Sassafrass Strenghener.
  13. hologhost

    CCNow or PayPal

    Thank you for pointing that out. That would have been a problem.
  14. hologhost

    CCNow or PayPal

    I'm just getting into ordering via Paypal. Do I still make separate orders for BPAL and BPTP? How do I figure out shipping?
  15. I like the pine blends like Old Moon and Knecht Ruprecht. They seem cooling to me. I'm also enjoying Gibbous Moon.