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  1. cricketshay

    Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

    Chaos Theory XII(12) In the Bottle Very green and herbal. It smells clean and light. It reminds me of fresh cut grass or a dewy field on a warm spring day. It's difficult for me to pick out any distinct notes. (I'm not that experienced at note detection) Wet Green. This blend must have a grass note. It reminds me of the green in Rose Red. Very fresh and light. There might be a hint of lemon in there as well. Dry As it dries the lemon is more prominate along with a floral note. (though I'm not sure which one. Lilac? Lavendar? I'm at a loss) Thoughts Overall I like it. I generally don't like florals, but this isn't that bad. It's more green than flowers anyway. While I may not wear it everyday, it's a fresh change from my usual scents. I like smelling like a field of wild flowers. I think it would be a great room scent as well. I have three more Chaos Theory blends and I'll edit this post to add reviews when I have time (and arm space) to test them.
  2. cricketshay

    Three Witches

    In the vial~Spicy with cinnamon. It's the only note I can recognize right now. I usually don't care for spicy blends, but this shows promise. Wet~mmmmm spicy goodness continues. I'm reminded of Thanksgiving and my grandmother's kitchen. Dry~The spiciness is more mellow now, but still lovely. It would make a wonderful room scent. Eveyone would check the oven for the pumpkin pie or the spice cake.
  3. cricketshay


    In the vialLight fragrance. I can hardly smell it, let alone distinguish between notes. Wet~To be so light in the vial, it's very strong on my skin. My nose burns and my eyes water. There is a componet that does not agree with me. Dry~I can't describe how it smells on me. Sort of floral, but more earthy than most of the florals I've tried. It's now giving me a headache. I don't think Crossroads is for me. Swap/sale pile here it comes!
  4. cricketshay


    In the vial~Soap! I can't detect any of the notes from just sniffing the vial. Wet~Citrus. I can now smell the orange. Dry~My skin ate Lolita after 10 minutes. It's completely gone now. Good thing I didn't care for it. No smileys for Lolita.
  5. cricketshay

    Blood Pearl

    I love Black Pearl and was eager to try her new sister, Blood Pearl. In the vial~Yummy coconut. Not the same as Black Pearl, there's a softer quality about it. It's not as tropical. When I wear Black Pearl I think of pirates and the open sea, but I don't get that one with this blend. Wet~Same coconutty goodness. I like. Dry~Blood Pearl has dried to a soft understated coconut. Even though I like Black Pearl better, I wouldn't mind having a 5ml of this one as well. I will definitely put it on my big bottle list.
  6. cricketshay


    In the vial~Herbal, green, very alive! I can't detect the pepper in the vial. I'm interested in how it will work on my skin. I haven't tried many blends that contain black pepper. Wet~Spicy bamboo! I like. I'm usually not one for the "green scents"(I'm a foody musk girl) But this one is different, crisp and refreshing. Dry~The pepper dies and fades into the background leaving behind the mossy bamboo. It's like being in the wilderness. I like it, but it would be better on someone else. I probably wouldn't wear it that often.
  7. cricketshay

    Temple of Dreams

    I got this impie as a freebie with my last order. In the vial Very herbal. It tingles my nose. Wet~fields of herbs and lavendar. I wish I had waited till I went to sleep to try this one, so I could report on it's sleep benefits. It reminds me of something I can't quite put my finger on. Dry~More herbal and less foral now. I don't care for it. I still wish I had waited to try this before bed. I'm passing this imp on to Kithrobyn. Swap/sale
  8. cricketshay

    Silk Road

    I wanted to try this one as soon as it came out, it sounded so lovely! I too had some difficulty picking out certain notes. I've also found the longer I wear it, the more it changes. Very complex blend. In the VialMy first impression was cinnamon. Very spicy. I think there is some ginger as well. Wet~Not as spicy as it was in the vial and the herbal notes are surfacing. It reminds me of Opium perfume. Though not as strong, Silk Road is softer. Dry~ Still spicy with the herbal undercurrents. I like it better after 30 minutes than I did upon first application. Great for a room scent, but I'm not sure I would wear it often. Maybe just when I wanted the capture the essence of the Orient. I tend to not care for the Wanderlust blends in general, but this one is an expection.
  9. cricketshay


    I received this blend as a freebie from the lab. I love the name. In vial~Smells like a male friend I have who uses a sandlewood scented lotion. Wet~Very sandlewood. I like. It would smell awesome on a guy. Yummy! Dry~My skin is eating it. Not that I would keep it anyway. It's not really my thing. I give it a one rating. *throws in swap/sale pile*
  10. cricketshay

    La Belle Dame Sans Merci

    In the vial~ Soapy! With light floral undertones Wet~ Sharp and green with soft florals in the background. I'm not sure which notes. I've seen people mention rose but I'm not quite sure. Dry~Still strong green. I don't really like it. (even for a room scent) smiley fragance~up for Swap/sale
  11. cricketshay

    The Star

    In the vial~ I didn't smell the coconut or pineapple everyone else got. My first thoughts were almond with a fruity back note. I don't care for it in the vial. Wet~Strong and fruity. Not me at all. I can still smell a hint of almond in the background. Drydown~It's very citrusy now, not as bad as before. This is not a scent I will hold on to.(passed it to my girls) Final thoughts~ After about an hour it turned to baby aspirin on me. Tarot the star does not work with my body chemistry. It's a scent. one smiley Definite swap/sale two smilies Room scent perhaps three smilies Meh! Nice for occasional use four smilies Good enough for everyday where five smilies Superstar blend will sale my first born for more.
  12. cricketshay


    In the vial~Ivory soap. Icky!!!! I'm trying it anyway though. Wet~ Strong soap smell. I truely hate this blend. I could achieve the soapy scent by taking a shower. LOL! Dry~Still icky soap.*sets imp free*
  13. cricketshay


    In the vial Fruity!!! Grape koolaid fruity. I don't care for fruity blends, especially the ones that start out as grape. WetRancid grape koolaid. Ick! It's even worse than I thought. There's a metallic scent that overshadows the fruity scent. I really hate this blend. I don't like to use such strong words but it's totally yucky on me. Dry Nope, it does not improve with age. It smelt better in the vial than it does on my skin. I must go shower now(to remove this and the Wrath I tried before hand)
  14. cricketshay


    In the vial Cinnamon and very warm. I held the vial up to Dragon's Tears and they looked similar. I worried it was mislabeled, but it's not. They're both red oils. (but smell different of course) WetVery Spicy! It burns my nose. Oh my! I'm not liking this one that much. If you like firey blends with a great deal of kick this is the scent for you. It smells like it's name. Dry Smells the same only a bit more toned down. I'm surprised this didn't burn my skin when I applied it. It's very hot, warm, spicy. (I must go wash it off now. I can't take the cloves and cinnamon much longer)
  15. cricketshay


    In The Vial A field of spring flowers, a blooming honey suckle bush. This scent is very green and vibrant. Perfect for the spring. I think I'm going to like it. WetHoneysuckle and grass. I like. It hasn't hated me the way other florals do. It goes on very strong. Dry My skin ate it! Almost completely. I liked the green, clean notes and now it's gone. It was good while it lasted.