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  1. lavinia

    To Helen

    Just bought a bottle tonight...mmmm...on the skin, it wears similarly to Chaste Moon a favorite of mine
  2. lavinia

    Bien Loin D'Ici

    This one is fabulous. The name from Baudalaire appropriately enough translates to "quite far from here" and it does transport you. I wore it today and woo hoo, got so much attention, I think I need to save it for when I need to bring out the big guns! On me, it reminds me like others have mentioned, of a blend of Scherazade, O and as I am sniffing right now, I am getting Hexannacht if it were more honeyed. O + Hexannacht...mmmm It does seem to have a touch of jasmine which gives it a richness. The jasmine hint reminds me of New Orleans. Seems from the reactions to be a real hit or miss type scent and fortunately for me, its a hit! The honey and caramel accord here is sexy and not overly foody or sweet like in Red Lantern or Sugar Skull which works best for me. I say, this oil is for when you need to amp it up and get what you want
  3. lavinia

    Thirteen (13): April 2007

    I am wearing this right now and can't stop sniffing myself. It smells on my skin exactly like how I smell when I have bathed with Lush's Skinny Dip gel. This is a very good thing because I still miss SD in the gel form (the body butter just isn't the same). It is chocolately, softly spicy with herby flowers. The fig gives it a fruited subtle sweetness but the sandalwood grounds it. A+ from a very happy camper
  4. lavinia


    So sexy I LOVE this one. I hate fruity scents too so I don't get the fruity comparison some are picking up on or maybe my skin is just doing something different. In any event, I love it and it's making me feel like a vampy Indian princess on the make The skin musk and the amaranth plus tonka is a good combo on me. Its musky with soft orchid coming through but not in an overpowering way. Very rich and nuanced. If anyone wants to unload a bottle, please please shoot me a pm.
  5. lavinia

    Red Phoenix

    Macha is right--- this is a keeper In the bottle and before drydown, the cardamom is the main event. However, within a few short minutes, it suddenly shifts gears and becomes a soft lightly spiced floral- I definitely get the tabacco and the tonka which are great together so B., you were right, this is my kind of oil! It reminds me of Lush's Skinny Dip because it is spicy and creamy with flowers peeping through- just more rosey instead of violets or of Lush's Sore Labours Balm b/c its a very yummy and exotic soft "chai latte" type floral. In Bpal comparison, it is reminscent of Chimera on the drydown...so lovely...the softness of the honeysuckle tempers the spice- pleasing yet a tad complex. I love it and am glad I didn't just go off the initial cardamom whiff~ its a changling
  6. lavinia

    Pink Phoenix

    I want to say that I did not think this oil was a "me" scent but at Bpal tonight I sniffed it and then put some on and became addicted and had to buy some It is very similar to Pink Sugar---lots of sugary and sweet on the top but grounded by the deeper notes and the black currant perhaps? Very very nice stuff and certainly more than silly
  7. lavinia

    Harvest Moon 2005

    I wanted to share that Harvest Moon is fuggin' amazing For those who like to think in terms of other bpal oils, it reminds me of Hamadryad with waaaaay toned down cinnamon and a splash of Perversion winey sweetness and a dash of Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo...heavenly Everyone will love this one! It is pure autumn- woodsy, fresh light herbs with wine that is sheer and aquatic...mmmm... I didn't try the prior incarnation from last fall but from reading the reviews, I definitely think this one is different. I don't get foody or buttery just woodsy, freshly aquatic, winey with light spice My guy friend who rolled with me to grab it sniffed it from the bottle and said, " smells like fall!" Thank you Beth!
  8. lavinia

    Cake, cookies, donuts, baked goods, even Cinnabon

    Midway and Sugar Skull both remind of dessert and eating bad things
  9. lavinia

    Cinnamon girl...

    Al-Sharain on me is like a spicy candy Atomic Fireball! The cloves and cinnamon are the main thing but what makes it sweet is the orange, the peach and the incense. It is the closest to what you are describing imo.
  10. lavinia

    Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

    Mine was my lucky number- #7 I adore this one...seems made for me. From the bottle to arm it stays pretty true to its magnolia base. It definitely has a sparkly effervescent thing happening and is lightly spicy. Reminds me of Hell's Belle in a way- another favorite of mine. so, in a nutshell, it is southern belle glorious magnolias in creamy spice Thank you Beth!
  11. I would suggest O or Seraglio. Both are tremendously sexy and what I find myself reaching for when I want a sexy fix
  12. lavinia

    Hexennacht (2005, 2016, 2019)

    This is beautiful and so me It is woodsy, smoky, incensey and yet goes beyond Mistletoe or Skadi or Samhain on me. Those were all more "environmental" and never became "second-skin" on me like a lovely, gorgeous perfume I am drawn to again and again. In the bottle, I get the soft spicey incense along with the woods. On the skin, the honey-ocean-melon note comes through and is equal in strength to the woods and incense smoke. After a bit, I figure it out...it is a strange mix of woodsy spiced incense sort of like Hamadryad minus the cinnamon, kind of like Icon by Lush only softer and with more layered prettiness, and Blue Moon! I get all these layers...wood, incense, smoke, fir, aqua and cucumber- melon. It is as if the witches revelry in the woods around the fire with the incense burning has a magically otherworldly seaside feel with fruity wine being shared all around I love this so much...A+ Beth!
  13. Oh god, I love Black Magic. *adds seraglio to her ever-growing wishlist* <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i love black magic and i love seraglio but see no resemblance btw. these two. i am sure they can layer together well b/c they are both wonderful but black magic is the scent of ylang ylang, clary sage and geranium. seraglio is orange peel, sandalwood and rose. just my 2 cents galen , for the crashcourse smell, i get the lemons and the sandalwood there the strongest so maybe explore the possibilities with those ingredients in bpal oils.
  14. lavinia

    Cinnamon girl...

    I would have to say Love Me and on me, Chimera stays good thankfully- I have a big bottle of this!
  15. I would highly recommend Dorian .