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  1. Searched for this but couldn't find the answer... I made a small amazon order for two oils and three bath oils, oh, the 3rd week of July. Amazon said my item would be delivered in a week, and I didn't really believe that based on previous lab and trading post orders I've made, but was wondering if I should expect a CnS for an order through amazon. Thanks in advance! Update: Got an email from amazon yesterday with shipping info, but my package actually arrived last Thursday. Made the order 7-20, delivered 8-5. It was convenient to check out through amazon, but I will probably just use paypal next time like I usually do.
  2. TereFaerie

    Countess Willie

    Chocolate, ginger, and red musk all the way. It's very sweet, but not too cloying, and the musk keeps it from being too foody. Love the similarities to Midnight Kiss, but MK smells a bit too much like a grape tootsie-pop to me, where this smells dead sexy!
  3. TereFaerie

    Oceans of Love and Millions of Kisses Bath Oil

    I NEED a second bottle of this. It is pure neroli goodness, sweetly floral with a hint of citrus. In the bath the scent is soft and not overpowering, but gentle and relaxing. Also works great when mixed with TKO massage oil in the tub. I've taken to applying it in the shower, too, hence the need for a second bottle. Must stalk the forum for more bath oil recc's to make another order!
  4. TereFaerie

    Looking for scents that smell like chai

    I definitely get chai from Bengal, the spice and pepper and even a bit of tea scent. Plunder was too cinnamon/cassia for my liking, and reddened my skin, but Bengal does the same if I put it on right out of the shower. edited to add, Sugar Skull has a spicy sweetness that, while it doesn't smell like chai, it certainly satisfies my desire for spicy smells.
  5. TereFaerie

    L'Inverno Bath Oil

    Bought this months ago from a forumite and I'm glad I did. I've only just finished my little bottle and I'm officially addicted to bpal bath oil. I just ordered Oceans of Love and Millions of Kisses, if that's the exact name, and I can't wait till it gets here. The initial blast of fragrance was grapefruit and a hint of cool pine and mint. The stargazer lily gave it a slight peppery note that kept the other florals from being too sharp. I'd love to get this one again this winter if the trading post ever decides to sell these oils separately during the season they represent. *hint, hint* It doesn't make the tub too slick, and it doesn't make my skin feel greasy. Beautiful oil. Must have more!!
  6. TereFaerie

    Giant Vulva

    Loving the Giant Vulva! I can't stop thinking of the picture, which makes me laugh. As far as the scent itself is concerned, it is basically a sweet copal on me, but there's nothing wrong with that. It has the incense sort of spice that I liked in Xiuhtecutli, but without the headachy floral or intense citrus. The honey and vanilla flower that I loved in Harikata make a nice base for the copal as it dries down. Surprisingly, it is a close to the skin scent, musky, which also mellows the copal. I may have to get a bottle of this one! ADDED Sept. 23: Can I say I adore this scent? Took me long enough to finally commit, and I've only got the one half-decant, so I'll have to be on the lookout for a bottle. The skin musk and cane sugar ground the smokiness of the copal. Copal is the strongest note, which is fine with me. Most people have never even smelled copal, so I get a lot of compliments on the sweet, rich, smoky scent wafting off my pulse points. Some people might think this is too sexy for day, but I love it. It keeps me going around 3pm when all I want to do is take a nap.
  7. TereFaerie

    Bravery, Courage, Confidence, Intimidation, Power

    I'll third Morgause if your mum likes jasmine. It is a great "power" scent to me in that it is striking, but not overwhelming. The fruitiness makes it less floral, but somehow keeps it from being too girly. I suppose to me Morgause is womanly instead. Another would be The Caterpillar, and there's always Snake Oil, which, to me, is a very powerful scent.
  8. Two of my favorite blends contain some type of orange, and although I love it and grapefruit, I have bad luck with lemon. One blend where the mandarin orange really comes out for me is Grandmother of Ghosts. It melds really well with the woods and florals in GoG, without making the whole scent fruity. I think it adds to the "clean" smell I get from GoG. Faiza The Black Mamba is my other successful orange (pulp, I believe) scent. This is a greener, sharper orange, and smells very juicy. Even when the scent dries down to something more powdery, the orange pulp is easily identifiable.
  9. TereFaerie

    Snow, Glass, Apples

    Very green apples when wet, but half an hour later it fades to a soft minty floral with an apple back. This phase stays close to the skin. My problem is not that it fades so quickly, but that the initial apple scent is a bit too candle/plastic/shampoo for me. I do better with the more cidery, fall scented apple smells, although Poisoned Apple, with its dark opiumy edge, worked pretty well. I can definitely smell the intention of this blend, and there is a moment when the mint gives a hard, glassy edge to the apple, but I admit I never smell snow.
  10. TereFaerie

    Red Musk

    I think the "infernal musk" in Crowley smells pretty red, too, and is one of my faves! Midnight Kiss is definitely aging well, and my Krampus 07 has aged so nicely. Mme Moriarty and Marianne, however, did not like me at all, even after repeated testings. I have yet to try Smut, doesn't that have red musk?
  11. TereFaerie

    Thalassa, the Galapagos Mermaid

    Must be an aquatic, smells like shampoo on me. A little powdery. The jasmine is the high, ammoniac, cat-pee type, too, so poor Thalassa has only its art work going for it in my opinion. Sorry, Mermaid lady. I tried.
  12. TereFaerie


    Suntan lotion with lilac baby powder! What?! Not for me.
  13. TereFaerie

    Pulcinella & Teresina

    I can't believe I have yet to review this one! This and Faiza are my two must-haves from the CD. It has the barest hint of rose on my skin, but it is the labdanum (yes!) that takes center stage. The teak is so warm and woody, too. The throw is low, but it is an intense scent that I like to keep close to the skin. This is one that works very well with my own musks, so it smells like there is a musk in the blend, as well. This is a nose to wrist smell, and evocative of an old wooden chest full of memories or an old wooden toy, plus that special bpal je ne sais quois. I only wish it lasted a tiny bit longer on the skin, maybe a few hours, though the "muskiness" stays all day.
  14. TereFaerie

    The Maltese Cross of Sanctus Germanus

    Wet this is nothing but acidic orange peel, but the sweetness (like gummi bears, as someone mentioned above) does poke up its head. There is something else that smells sharp to me, maybe the lilac. Ebentually it warms, but I don't get the traditional powder from the amber or a pepperyness or resinyness from the frankincense. I had hoped this would be deeper and smoother, but it is mostly orange. There is too little throw and the morphing is just not as warm as I wished it would be. The absolute final dry down is a little like orange powder, or melted creamsicle. I was hoping for something less cologne-like and more balm-like.
  15. TereFaerie

    Australian Copperhead (2006)

    At first sniff this is tart berry, the acai, with a hint of vanilla. But there is something sharp and sour that doesn't jive with my body chemistry. It dries down to a plasticky, berry Snake Oil. In fact, all of the Snake Pit scents that I have tried dry down to an approximation of Snake Oil, with little throw and they don't last as long. I think I will stick with nicely aged Snake Oil and simply layer.