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    In the imp: Lavender and floral sweetness. On my skin: Wet, the lavender is still predominant, followed by the generic floral sweetness I presume will assert itself as jasmine. As it dries, the jasmine does make itself known with an almost glowing halo around the lavender. As in, if I smell the scent directly, lavender is still the main note. But if I'm going about my business and just happen to smell Twilight, it's the jasmine that gets to my nose most. Given time to develop, the jasmine grows stronger and stronger... and stronger. Ope. All jasmine, all the time. The tiniest ghost of lavender remains.
  2. torischroeder9

    #20 Love Oil

    In the imp: Something grassy, and something herbal... plus also maybe lavender. On my skin: Wet, I'm definitely getting lavender. This smells like the entire, fresh, growing lavender plant I have in my backyard -- flowers, leaves, and stems. As it dries, I'm still getting the lavender, but rose now emerges. The more I let it develop, the more rose rises to prominence. At this stage in the game, it's slightly soapy. Um... yep. Soapy rose, backed by lavender.
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    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self Similarity v4

    The silver marker is beginning to wear off, but I believe the bottle is DCCXXXIII. Bottle recently acquired from the Lab's Etsy. In the bottle: Something bright and fruity over Snake Oil. In the same family as Pomegranate Grove: Snake Oil with Australian Copperhead as a kissing cousin. On my skin: Wet, the fruity smell continues, but it's also joined by something sweet and creamy as well as something slightly astringent. I am hoping the astringent note does not take over because the other notes are 100% gold. As it dries, the fruity note dissipates. The creamy note is quite prominent in the blend's throw. Up close, what I'd initially described as astringent is now clearly grassy vetiver. Snake Oil is present in the background. Given some time to develop, the vetiver settles back but doesn't fade completely, so that the creamy note -- which might be additional vanilla or even something like mallow root -- remains as a major player. Once it has time to really bloom on my skin, the Snake Oil is much more prominent, blending seamlessly with the creamy note. While the vetiver is detectable: 1) it's the grassy type of vetiver, not the smoky kind; 2) it is not The Vetiver Show. The result is a Snake Oil that's a little less spicy, a little sweeter, and a little fresher and greener. It is very much a "Snake Oil blend" rather than a blend that happens to contain Snake Oil. The effect is very much the same on my skin, though as this is a little greener and a little fresher, I'd call this a somewhat more "work appropriate" Snake Oil. (Though I totally wear regular Snake Oil to work all the time.) Also, bottle DCCXXXV. Also recently purchased from the Lab's Etsy. In the bottle: A soft resin (maybe amber), a light floral, maybe white musk. On my skin: Wet, it's much different than in the bottle. Snake Oil's patchouli comes immediately to the forefront. Notes that might be light floral and/or white musk are detectable as well. As it dries, it's mainly a resinous smell. My skin is also tingly, which tells me there's an irritant note in here. (Unfortunately, with my skin, that doesn't narrow it down all that much: balsam, cardamom, cassia, cinnamon, clove, cedar, lily...) I'm also getting hints of both floral and spice, and at this point, I can't tell if the spice is only Snake Oil spiciness or if it's in addition to it. There's a lot going on in this Chaos blend. Given more time to develop on my skin, the Snake Oil -- possibly extra spicy Snake Oil -- scent becomes much stronger in the perfume's throw. Close to the skin, the light, sweet note that is either floral and/or white musk remains, but it's only really noticeable up close. Given even more time -- this one's complex and a morpher on me -- the floral/white musk note dissipates, and I'm left with Snake Oil plus extra light resin, possibly amber. (Amber is also a note that characteristically takes a while to develop on my skin. In earlier stages, it's often overwhelmed by other notes, only to overwhelm those other notes later on.) Ultimately, I end up with an amber-infused Snake Oil, which is like a lovely, smoother version of Snake Oil without changing its fundamental Snake Oiliness. It's kind of a strange ride to get there, but it's not unpleasant. And the final result is quite nice.
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    Body, Remember

    2018 version. In the decant: Champaca edged by sugar cand. On my skin: Wet, the champaca is at the forefront, though I can also detect the coconut. As it dries, I get a fair amount of black coconut in the throw, though champaca continues to be the star of the skin scent. Once it has time to settle into my skin and into itself, this scent is a burst of champaca sweetened with sugarcane and underscored by black coconut. I get very little of the ambergris accord or the ambrette seed, but the blend I do get here is very bright and sweet without being overwhelming or artificial in any one note.
  5. torischroeder9

    Impressions of the Floating World

    In the decant: Benzoin is most prominent, though it's smoothed out by vanilla silk. On my skin: Wet, it's the same, benzoin smoothed by vanilla. As it dries, the smoked honey also comes forward; the smoke in this honey is enough to cut a good portion of the honey sweetness on me, at least at this stage. Given some time to develop, the smoked honey note warms until it's a main player. There's still some benzoin and vanilla smoothing out the cloying stickiness of honey. I don't know that I'm getting a lot of distinct patchouli leaf, unless I'm reading it as part of the smoke in the smoked honey. This is definitely a very wearable scent. It's a little sweet and a little smoky and a little round and creamy.
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    2017 version. In the decant: Balsam, juniper, and an undercurrent of patchouli. On my skin: Wet, it's predominantly balsam, with the beeswax and honey showing up right away to sweeten the blend. Patchouli is still evident. The juniper is still detectable as well, although the bee scents start to overtake it. As it dries, it becomes patchouli and beeswax, with just a touch of the balsam, juniper, and honey detectable close to the skin. This is definitely patchouli on me, though I'd classify it as "smooth" rather than "down and dirty." (That said, patchouli is the star on me, so if that's enough for anyone to categorize a scent as "down and dirty," that is accomplished here.) It's smoothed out by the beeswax. The other notes fade into the background on me -- but since I like patchouli and beeswax, I don't really mind this development. It is an earthy scent but not one I'd classify as distinctly stereotypically masculine or feminine. I feel like I could wear it pretty much anywhere without being branded a "dirty hippie" (though I live in a place pretty tolerant of hippies). Throw is on the closer side of moderate.
  7. torischroeder9


    In the imp: Predominantly lime and tuberose, the latter with the barest hint of a powdery finish. On my skin: Wet, it's lime backed by indiscriminate light floral. As it dries, the tuberose becomes the prominent note. Given additional time to develop, the lotus also starts to make itself known; I think that's what's actually giving this blend its powder hint on me. At this stage, the jasmine is starting to come forward a little as well. Ultimately, all traces of the lime disappear, and this becomes a very floral blend.
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    2012 version. In the bottle: Black musk, clean white tea, sandalwood, and a smattering of other notes flitting around in the background. On my skin: Wet, it's musk, tea, frankincense, and clove. As it dries, it's a combination of clove and clean scents; I'm definitely getting tea and frankincense. Given time to warm on my skin, there's a bright, almost citrusy quality that I sometimes get from frankincense -- and of course, the clean crispness of the white tea is helping that to shine. The clove is very detectable but also very soft, melting into the scent rather than dominating it. It's very light and pretty on me, but in a resiny, spicy kind of way rather than in a sweet or a floral kind of way. It's nice to have a perfume that smells classy but also smells like me.
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    2008 version. In the bottle: Honey and date palm. On my skin: Wet, it's honey, date palm, and a touch of sandalwood. As it dries, the davana blossom also becomes detectable, giving the scent a fruity element as well. Given more time to develop, some of the amber emerges, which softens what has up until this point been a very sweet, heady scent. I never do get much floral, just a touch or so at the edges of the scent. It's mostly honey and date on me, with just enough woods to keep it grounded. I wish I got more champaca flower out of it, but I'm pretty happy that the rose and the tuberose are content to be team players on this one.
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    High John the Conqueror

    Imp direct from the Lab. Age is as new as one can expect from that. In the imp: Grape bubblegum. On my skin: Wet, it's still grape bubblegum or other grape candy, but it's not so overpowering on my skin as it is in the imp. As it dries, it morphs into a definite lilac note on me. (I was at a new worksite last week and kept smelling this smell all around me, looking for the source -- until one day I discovered lilacs around the corner from the path I usually walked.) The grapes haven't disappeared completely, but they're much in the background now. There's also something freshly green and herbal (savory but not sharp) grounding and deepening the lilac. I'm not sure I love this for scent purposes. It's very pretty, just not to my personal taste. If it works for conjure purposes, however, I may reconsider.
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    Golden Priapus

    In the imp: Pine and juniper, warmed by the tiniest hint of vanilla in the background. On my skin: Wet, it's juniper and pine; at least for right now, my skin eats the vanilla. After the blend dries and has time to develop on my skin, I can detect the barest hint of amber and vanilla warming and sweetening the scent just a touch. The pine and juniper are still showcased. Almost an hour after application, the scent has settled a bit more so that I can detect some of the amber if I stick my nose close to my skin. The juniper and pine remain prevalent there, however, and they continue to dominate in the scent's throw. FYI, this is 0% like Snake Oil on me.
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    Sanguinem Menstruum

    In the bottle: Blood musk and honey. On my skin: Wet, it's blood musk, honey, and poppies in just about equal amounts. As it dries, the poppies become the star of the scent, strongly supported by the blood musk and gently sweetened by honey. Oh my goodness, this is lovely. The poppies remain showcased, the honey-type scent is similar to the "pollen-dusted honey" in Against Idleness and Mischief (soft and just a touch dusty, not cloying), and the blood musk warms and grounds everything. In the same scent category as Third Charm and Infernal Lover but a step more elegant. Good throw and wear length as well.
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    Three Witches

    In the bottle: Cinnamon and clove, with a dash of pepper. On my skin: Wet, it's the spice of cinnamon red hots, minus the sugar. As it dries, I can pick out the clove and pepper as well. It's a more complex version of what I think of as well blended "cinnamon spice" commercial scent. It smells like more than just cinnamon to me, though I wouldn't fault anyone who just called it cinnamon. After a while, I even get clove becoming a little more prominent than cinnamon, which, as a clove lover, suits me just fine. It remains to be seen how much I'll want to wear this on its own -- though it's definitely a possibility -- but I'm most excited to try this out with oils like some of my simpler honey blends.
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    In the bottle: Soft rose, a little lily. On my skin: Wet, it's the same soft rose and lily, with the lily a little more balanced on my skin. On the initial drydown, the roses and lilies find a good balance, though at this stage, they're also slightly soapy. I can also start to detect the night-blooming jasmine as a distinct floral note. As it develops, I get a definite rose main note, with an undercurrent of the lilies, and a subtler still undercurrent of jasmine. I can't detect amber specifically, but it's quite common on me for amber to amp up other notes, and it's quite common on me for rose to be amped, so. This is a very true light, bright floral on me -- particularly so when it's composed of notes that so often don't work on my skin.
  15. torischroeder9

    The Avenue

    In the decant: Super dark, bittersweet chocolate, smoke, clove bud, and black pepper. On my skin: Wet, it's much the same as in the decant. As it dries down, the scent starts to make some sense of itself, positing the dark chocolate as the backdrop for the clove bud, black pepper, and wisp of smoke. The more I let it sit, the more the clove bud takes over, supported and darkened by the bittersweet spice of the other notes. I received this as a frimp (frecant?) in a recent swap from Lucchesa, along with a note saying she thought I'd like it. The dark chocolate on the list of notes gave me pause, but ultimately, she was right. The lovely clove bud takes center stage, with other notes working to ensure that the overall profile is deep and sweet and spicy. I think I'm going to put this away for several months, as this strikes me as more of a cold weather clove scent, but I'll definitely be hanging onto it!
  16. torischroeder9

    I Was Put an Alien in Their World

    In the decant: Mimosa and Snake Oil. On my skin: Wet, it's Snake Oil and mimosa -- with the mimosa rather more prominent in the decant and the Snake Oil rather more prominent wet on my skin. There's something happening that's bringing a lot of the vanilla out, which is something I rarely get from Snake Oil. As it dries, both the neroli and star jasmine become more prominent; I can detect a faint and muddled herbal smell as well. On me, however, the floral-dominant phase is temporary as Snake Oil reasserts itself as the main player. I can still detect the other notes, but they don't overpower the Snake Oil. Ultimately, this is a floral Snake Oil variant on me. Of all the Snake Oil variants I've tried, this is probably most similar to Cottonmouth in that both of them have noticeable floral notes. That said, where Cottonmouth's florals are front and center on me, in this blend, the floral and other notes play a supporting role to the Snake Oil, softening it and adding some lighter notes of complexity. It's a very wearable Snake Oil variant on me. I'll definitely be keeping this decant, and I'll probably keep my eyes peeled for a partial or full bottle for sale or swap.
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    Mother's Hot Ghosts

    In the decant: I just sniffed this, like, eight times. The first time was agarwood with something that made my eyes start to water -- possibly the combination of petitgrain and white musk. In subsequent sniffs, however, both of those notes became less prominent while the amber makes itself known. There is something mesmerizing about this blend -- maybe not in an elegant, sophisticated kind of way, but I'm entranced nonetheless. On my skin: Wet, it's back to sharp oudh and a smell that immediately translates to "lemon" in my head (probably the petitgrain). The eye-watering quality is back as well. I need to sniff this like I need to ride rollercoasters that almost make me pee my pants. After that initial phase, however, the agarwood scales back considerably, revealing the petitgrain and the white musk. Soon, it's the white musk and petitgrain that announce the scent's throw, with the oudh a smaller piece of grounding power close to the skin. Even then, it doesn't take the oudh too long even to recede from that. This scent ends up being mostly airy white musk on me, tinged with the not-sweet citrus of petitgrain. The oudh is only faintly present at skin level. I can't pick out the amber as a distinct note, but it's very likely trying to bridge these two worlds. It's actually very pretty. Not sure if it's quite good enough on me to justify keeping, but I'm definitely glad to have tried it and pleasantly surprised by the result.
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    In the decant: There's a lot going on here. Honey, sandalwood, red musk, cedar, ginger, vanilla. On my skin: Wet, there's something that almost smells like almond on skin. As it dries, the balsam and cedar really amp up on me. There's enough sweetness, from the honey or the vanilla, to keep the notes from going sharp or acrid, but this is definitely woods-dominant right now. Yeah... no. There's something weird about this blend on me. It smells like artificial sweetness and wood having a war. Like, instead of all the notes forming this complex layering of scent experience... on me, each VILF note chooses a side and has an all-out war with its enemies. Probably needs a home where VILF can be a lover and not a fighter.
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    The Pancake Bell

    In the decant: Very honeyed ale and sweet cake. Or honeyed cake and sweet ale. YMMV. On my skin: Right away, it's honey, cake, and soft, sweet baking spices. As it dries, the roasted nuts emerge, a dry, toasty scent that provides a level of complexity and contrast to the sweet notes. Once it has time to develop, I notice mostly that this scent is very strong. It's the sweetness of Kill-Devil and the nuts of Horse Chestnut Honey -- so at least it's balanced on me, but it's very, very strong right now. Ultimately, I think I'm going to have to pass on this one, just for the sake of its strength. Even a little bit is overwhelming. I'd have to dilute the decant in a carrier oil just to make it wearable. This might be better off seeking a different home. It's a nice balance of sweet and savory, though.
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    Sri Lanka

    In the imp: Smooth woods and patchouli. Sandalwood doesn't surprise me, but I'm not picking up the cedar, which can often show up gunky on me. On my skin: Wet, it's much the same as in the bottle. It's quiet on my skin. As it dries, I can pick out the faintest tingle of incense smoke, along with some myrrh, making more complex than just sandalwood-patchouli. Given time to develop, the olibanum and myrrh become more prominent. Though the sandalwood and patchouli are still strong base notes, the resins are more balanced with them now. This is probably a little too wood-heavy for me to love, but it's a very nicely done blend.
  21. torischroeder9


    In the imp: Sharp, smoky vetiver. It's mixed with some floral -- I can pick out the jasmine -- but the floral notes aren't very evident at this stage. On my skin: Wet, it's much the same as in the imp. Even after the initial drydown, about 20 minutes after applying, vetiver remains the only really detectable scent on my skin. Okay, and thirty minutes after that - almost an hour after application -- this is staunchly and aggressively sharp vetiver on me.
  22. torischroeder9

    Elegant Vulvas

    In the decant: Um. Sexy marshmallow. Seriously. Marshmallow, amber, teak, lotus, and honey. Sexy. Damn. Marshmallow. On my skin: Wet, the marshmallow note is at the forefront, though the amber is a strong supporter. I can also detect the honey. As it dries, the honey surpasses marshmallow as the starring scent, though marshmallow only dips down a notch. Amber and teak are content to provide a base to this fabulous showcase going on. Given time to develop, the amber and teak do begin to assert themselves just a bit, providing a little sturdier base to what is now an amazing honey blend. It reminds me most of the Snakes Basking... blend released this spring. Must be the wildflower honey note, which is apparently eyeroll-swoonworthy on me. Not gonna lie. I just bought a bottle of this in another tab while I was testing and reviewing. Currently searching the site for all other blends containing wildflower honey. But, as final thoughts -- This is a very nicely structured honey scent. The amber and teak ground it. The marshmallow root and lotus blossom (I never do get cherry blossom, but that is a Thing with my skin chemistry) add greater complexity at the higher end of the note spectrum. Both of these actions allow the honey to shine on me but keep it from becoming too sweet or cloying. A+++. Would vulva again.
  23. torischroeder9


    In the decant: Plummy apricot, with just a hint of vetiver -- the grassy kind, not the smoky kind -- running through the scent. On my skin: Wet, it's bawdy Bordello plum. As it dries, the apricot starts to assert itself, and I can also make out just a hint of rose -- but it is buried quite deep in the scent, at least at this point. Given time to settle and develop, however, the fruit notes fade to an undercurrent behind now-dominant rose. Vetiver is barely detectable, just enough, as the description says, to provide a bit of grounding and structure to the scent. It's the kind of rich, deep rose that I like when I wear rose, but it's not my favorite blend of this type. Probably this one will find a new home.
  24. torischroeder9

    Delightful Visitor Among the Haystacks

    In the decant: Incensey chrysanthemum and carnation, yup. On my skin: Wet, it's mum and carnation. As it dries, the creamy carnation becomes the main note, accented by the spice of the chrysanthemum incense. This doesn't morph much on me but remains a delicate, incensey floral. It's a beautifully balanced scent that's both warm and elegant -- not too much incense or too much floral. It's a close skin scent on me, and that has me wondering about how often I'll find myself reaching for it. (I often want scents with more throw than this has on me.) That said, the style of this scent is right up my alley, so I think I'm going to hang onto this for a bit and see how it goes.
  25. torischroeder9

    Tricuspid Valve

    In the decant: Oudh, with some tinkly notes (olibanum probably one of them) around the edges of the scent. On my skin: Wet, it's champion oudhstink. There is just no way to say that nicely. It's like a nice, happy stick rolled around in rank foot odor. Within a few minutes of application, the agarwood does start to fade, and I can detect something vaguely salty, which might be the oakmoss manifesting on me. Given more time to settle and develop, there's something almost peppery in here as well... maybe that's a resin playing out? Eventually, I get wafts of sweetness and smoke as well, but it's still all a veneer over very prominent oudh.