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  1. Voice of God


    Please remember that photos posted must be 480x480 or smaller. Please go back and check the sizes of your photos. If they are too large, resize them or link to them.
  2. Voice of God

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    The image guidelines state that images should be no larger than 480x480. Please check your photos, if they are too large, resize them or change them to links. Thanks.
  3. Voice of God

    Are bpal blends all-natural?

    I know it's long, but everyone should read Amoraexcena's post! After much consideration and at the suggestion of multiple forumites, we have decided to close this thread. At this point, Beth, on her own behalf as a forumite and on the Lab's behalf, has answered the relevant questions to the degree that she sees fit. If, and when, the Lab makes further updates to the official FAQ on the Black Phoenix site we will note them here. In sum: The Lab does not use pre-fab fragrance oils in its products and derives all non-naturally occurring scents from natural bouquets. The Lab has experimented with synthetics, some of which have been available in prototype form but nothing currently available for retail sale contains synthetics. To the extent that this information changes and forum management is made aware of it, this thread will be updated.
  4. Voice of God

    Are bpal blends all-natural?

    We want everyone to remember that this forum is a fan forum. While the Lab does link us from their websites, they do not run the forum, and while much beloved here, don't really participate all that much here these days. Because we are not an official forum, nobody here is suited to answer technical questions, like "how naturally sourced are the oils at BPAL?". We, as fans, can't even begin to guess, and it's the Lab's prerogative if (and how) that information is answered and how much detail about their sources is shared. After all, oil sources are part of the trade secret in the formulas behind perfumes -- and keep in minde, perfumery is one of the few industries where anyone can (legally) attempt to reverse a perfume and sell it, so long as they don't break the trademark. As such, the best source to get answers to those sort of questions IS the Lab, not here.
  5. Please don't link/point to off-forum decant circles anywhere on the BPAL.org forum and please don't link/point to forum-approved decant circles outside of the swaps area. This is for your protection. Thanks a million.
  6. Voice of God

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    Please remember this topic is for CCNow; Paypal has its own topic.
  7. Just adding a note: The forum is not the appropriate place to make any customer service requests - in fact, it's independent of the Lab. Questions, concerns about orders, and the like must be officially addressed to the lab's customer service folks at the e-mail addressed provided by wickedgoddess above. There's every chance that your question will not be seen by a lab employee when it's posted on the forum somewhere, for starters, and the Lab asks that you e-mail them directly (not PM employees here) so that they will be sure to receive it and can have a complete record of your correspondence in their business records (forum posts and PMs aren't part of their system). When you post complaints and such here, you make double the work for the Lab as they are likely having to answer your e-mails and address your questions here. This thread is for members to ask each other questions and/or give advice about what to expect from the time their order is mailed, not to address questions to customer service. We are glad that wickedgoddess was able to address this member's questions, but please do not assume that this is the appropriate procedure for having your CS questions answered - e-mail the Lab, don't post them in the forum.
  8. Voice of God

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    Just another (mostly preemptive) reminder---forumite purchases are to be arranged in the Swaps forums, not here.
  9. Voice of God

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    Images should be no larger than 480x480. Please add a link to any pics that exceed the forum image restriction guidelines. Thank you kindly.
  10. Voice of God

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    She was not, in fact banned. However, as she invoked the "L" word and at that point in time had not contacted the Lab, her posts regarding the manner were made invisible.
  11. Voice of God

    Small delay on update

    Heya all, just got done talking with Beth, and she's having some technical problems with the update loading. So it looks like it will probably happen in the morning. This is for both Lab and Trading Post updates. Just wanted to let everyone know! .....and, evidently the technical problems cleared up! yay!!