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  1. cecelle


    On me, this is mostly rose - a very light, tempered rose with a slightly "green" note to it. This is one of those perfumes that you could wear in a crowd and not offend anyone! :-) It's a light, pink type rose - not a "get in your face" type of rose. Definitely something I'd wear again. Throw is very moderate - this stays close to the skin on me.
  2. cecelle


    This smells like liquid Altoids on me - not my thing at all. It smells nice in the imp, but I can't stand it on.
  3. cecelle

    All They Had Seen, and All They Had Lost

    I didn't expect this to bowl me over, but it did. It's a quiet, warm scent - I've been finding myself going for it a lot lately. I can definitely smell rose, but it isn't at all overwhelming, and nicely balanced out by the other florals and green notes. It has quite nice staying power on me - I put on a small dab three hours ago, and I can still smell it. Very pretty.
  4. cecelle

    The School-House

    This is a scent that I can wear to work - a fairly quiet, pleasant, green scent. I love the dandelion, but it doesn't overpower the mix. This is gently sweet - a nice summery smell! It has pretty good staying power on me, too - a lot of scents disappear quickly, but this one stays around for several hours.
  5. cecelle

    Fearful Pleasure

    In the bottle: Appley, but with some unpleasant background notes. Wet: Oh my gosh, *horrible*! If something doesn't change quickly, I am washing this off. All I am smelling is smoke and something sharp in the background. After 10 minutes: This is more like it. It's now calmed down to a warm apple cider, though the smoke is still pretty strong. After 20 minutes: Well, this is what I hoped it would be! Spiced apple cider with a warm smoky scent in the background. This is really nice now! I don't get a lot of morphing on my scents usually, and this one really morphed big time. If I can hold my nose for the first ten minutes, this is going to be a marvelous scent LOL. Good throw and staying power - it lasted at least 4 hours on me, and most scents don't make it past 2 on me.
  6. cecelle

    Holiday Moon

    I've not had good luck with moons, but this one is great on me. Wet, it is overpoweringly green, but on drydown, the teas come out, and you get this nice tea with a somewhat woodsy background note. Might be the oude, since I have no idea what oude is or smells like, LOL.
  7. cecelle


    This is going on my favorites list. It's a tempered bergamot - mainly like a good Earl Grey tea, but with just a hint of the leather. Lovely combination. Bergamot is one of my favorite scents, so this is just right for me. It's a comfort smell. It doesn't change a lot on me (it also doesn't last all that long, but it's beautiful while it does!) Not a lot of throw, very subtle, so this is something I could wear to work.
  8. cecelle

    Rose Moon

    In the imp - "Hello, here I am" in-your-face rose Wet - I don't really like it right now. There's an unpleasantly sharp soapy note. On dry down - tea rose , well rounded with hints of other scents, but mainly tea rose. Not a whole lot of throw, but makes for happy wrist sniffing. After 30 minutes - still rose, but now with a sweet hint of honey. Sadly, this has all but disappeared after about an hour. Nice, but not my favorite rose.
  9. cecelle

    Monna Vanna

    In the imp: a light floral mix Wet: Rose On dry down: A light rose, with the other notes providing a blended background that I can't pick any other single note out of. I have disliked other Bpal roses (2,5,&7) and liked others (Peacock Queen). This one seems like a more classical type perfume - I can imagine my grandmother wearing something like this. Genteel, quiet, refined, not something that seems like the perfume is trying to club you over the head with a giant bouquet of roses. 4 out of 5 stars - there are definitely days I will be reaching for this one.
  10. cecelle

    Garden Path With Chickens

    My switchwitch gave me this. Together with a necklace with the matching artwork. My switch*coughkmasdencough*witch rocks. Anyway, this is a beautiful scent. It smells green and grassy and like early summer. It's the perfect scent for this time of year. I am not big on florals, but these florals stay nicely blended in the background. This is mainly grassy/herbal on me, with the florals just adding a bit of a sweet touch. I am really loving this.
  11. cecelle

    Calico Jack

    This on me seemed like quite a masculine scent. The aquatic notes are predominant. After a few minutes they faded, and the wood/leather started to poke through. I am not getting much in the way of spices. About fifteen minutes later, the wood/leather notes seem to have decided to go into hiding again, and this smells yet again like an aquatic - reminds me of Sea of Glass a little bit. I am not getting 'warm' from this - to me this seems a 'cool' scent. Over all, not bad, but I might pass this one on to my husband...
  12. cecelle

    Poisoned Apple

    In the Imp: Scrumptious. Crisp red apple. On me: I love apple scents, so I was excited to see this one in the last update. At first it smells absolutely lovely - crisp, fresh, juicy apple, which just a little bit of a smoky note. The crispness fades to a softer apple note fairly quickly, and the other notes show up a bit more (apple is still completely dominating, though.) This has very little staying power though - within half an hour, it has mostly disappeared. As far as apple scents, I still prefer Ladon, which lasts for hours on me. "Poison Apple" is great when I first put it on, but I'd have to reapply it every hour or so.
  13. cecelle


    In the imp - I was hoping for a lot of lime, and I can smell a fair amount of it. Yummy. A warm, fresh citrus. On me: Heartbreak. Sadly, this on me has no staying power whatsoever. The lime and grapefruit disappear within five minutes, leaving a fairly non-descript musky/woody scent that is only detectable if I have my nose against my skin. I had such high hopes for this, but sadly, my body chemistry seems to destroy all that I like while it is in the imp. Sigh.
  14. cecelle

    The Oblation

    A stirring blend of dianthus, French lavender, blackberry, and white honey. In the decant bottle: Smells like fruit tea (the kind known to Germans as "Rote Gruetze Tee") - the kind which involves mainly tried fruit, no tea leaves. The lavender hides behind the berries as an almost pine-y scent, giving it a sharp, sinus-clearing edge. On me: It dries down to a dry berry scent lightly shot through with lavender - this isn't sweet or bubblegummy, but more like dried berries. Can't really pick out the honey at all. Interestingly, I spilled some on my sleeve, and there the lavender is completely overwhelming everything else. I am glad it isn't doing that on my skin. Final verdict: I like this. A dry, fruity scent. Very wearable.
  15. cecelle


    2007 version... In the imp: Oh Ick. Sharp, cheap old-lady perfume, heavy on the sandalwood. I could have sworn that my grandmother had something like this in a diffuser on her dressing table... Wet: Still not happy. There is something sharply incense-ish that smells like our local hippie festival. Something in there is giving me a headache, too. Half an hour later: Now we are talking. The scent has softened to a honey sweetened floral with some vanilla peaking through. Now, THIS, I like. It still smells 'perfumy', but not in a cheap, sharp way the way it does wet. This is really very nice, soft and feminine. Sadly this fades on me quickly, leaving just a faint, sweet, vanilla-ish scent that is barely detectable after a couple of hours. End Verdict: Hate this out of the starting gate, love it when it hits its stride, wish it lasted longer.