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    Australian Copperhead, One to Tie, Two to Win, Pumpkin Queen, Antique Lace, Jack. Actually most pumpkin & foody scents

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  1. Kimmie

    Spiked Punch

    In the bottle, pure and unadulterated fruit booze. Very very strong, to the point that my mother that can't smell anything commented on it. On my skin, it remained very very fruity although it did calm down a little. However, just too strong for my skin.
  2. Kimmie

    Egg Nog

    Egg Nog 2007 I've never actually tried real egg nog having been raised with the whole "raw eggs will give you samonella OMGWTFWWBD?!". We'll ignore the disasterous attempt I've had making it with cooked eggs which I suspect gave le boyf food poisoning. In the bottle, there's real creaminess with a little bit of rum hiding underneath - very reminiscent of a glass of Baileys, but without the chill normally associated. This is a warm creamy drink alright. Despite its creaminess, it doesn't smell like a particularly heavy scent: it's not going to choke you with rum and cream, but it's not going to vanish straight away either. Several hours after applying - and showering - I'm still smelling it on my wrist, like lush vanilla ice cream. Highly recommended
  3. Kimmie


    Sadly I don't get any of the light, citrussy notes that have been previously mentioned. Nor do I get anything light or even lemongrassy. I honestly can't work out if it's the patchouli, but something went horribly horribly wrong on my wrist - I've had to wash it off as I actually feel physically unwell. Needless to say, swap pile!
  4. Kimmie

    Gingerbread Poppet

    2007 I've compared this to the 2004 version which on me is just pure gingerbread. The 2007 version is different. In the vial, I smell far more ginger - it's still gingerbread, but with a bit more oomph. On the drydown, the ginger relaxes a little and a teeny tiny bit of lemon seems to come out, not too much but enough that its presence is known. I'd agree with a previous review of it smelling like lemony ginger cake. Really lovely, planning on ordering a whole bottle now.
  5. Kimmie

    Sugar Skull

    My bottle of Sugar Skull 04 smells in the bottle of thick lashings of maple syrup on stacked pancakes. On my skin, it doesn't really change much, still remains thick, sweet and gooey. The throw on my skin is unbelievable. I have only been able to use the tiniest drops at a time because it is so strong. Wore it to work one day and everyone kept sniffing, looking confused and asking "do you smell pancakes?"
  6. Kimmie

    One to Tie, Two to Win

    Problem with freshly cut grass being one of my favourite scents is that it isn't one that most companies will try to recreate, and those that do, generally do a bad job on it. Years ago I loved fresh cut grass candles from Yankees but of course, they were discontinued. And then other grassy things generally have all sorts of flowers to get in the way - generally when I try scents like this the grass is hidden underneath layers of flowers before being completely overwhelmed and beaten down. So, moving onto my review. In the bottle, this is pure green green green. This is the smell of sitting on a freshly cut lawn on a warm spring day (not the height of summer though, the grass hasn't been burnt at all). There are some dandelions there, but they're sitting minding their own business also enjoying the sunlight, rather than plotting how to overcome all the grass. On my skin, this doesn't change too much. The grass continues to sway gently, the dandelions maybe have a small game of vollyball, but generally everyone plays nice. Alas, much like the true Scottish summer, the whole picture vanishes much too quickly. Everyone just packs up and leaves before the rain starts muscling in on the scene. Curse scents that work too well on my skin! Fortunately I'm waiting on a second bottle of this, and may consider purchasing a scent locket just for this one perfume. I love it!
  7. Kimmie

    Monster Bait: Tokyo Stomp

    Mint is one of the scents that I really like, but for whatever reason seem to disappear on my skin without a trace - I'm happy to report that Tokyo Stomp doesn't vanish after flattening a small town. In the bottle it's a very creamy mint, actually to the point of being mouth-watering. It's reminiscent of sweets I used to eat as a kid (murray mints - think they still sell them). On applying, the mint does linger around for a while on me, it eventually fades leaving a fresh vanilla scent. It almost feels like it starts as a deep green, eventually fading into an almost white colour. Definitely a keeper!
  8. Kimmie

    Sugar Skull

    I deeply regret only ordering one bottle of this. I've found that Sugar Skull is heavier than some of the other scents (maybe it's my chemistry?) but still smells delightful. Everytime I've worn this my collegues keep asking about it - one even went so far to tell me off for wearing it as she kept wanting to eat pancakes! It reminds me of eating home made waffles on Sunday mornings when I was a little girl, with a healthy amount of my mum's 'grown up' maple syrup. Very sweet and warm and full of syrupy goodness. Hoping this one will available to order again *fingers crossed*
  9. Kimmie


    I confess that I didn't even consider ordering Eos as I prefer fruity scents so didn't even give it a chance. Fortunately, I recieved a free imp of this (thanks Heather!) The jasmine isn't as strong as I was expecting, in fact taking more of a backseat to the honeysuckle and buttercup, which together give a lovely creamy scent that isn't too overpowering. The jasmine is there, but definately not as strong as some other perfumes. One thing I found when wearing Eos was the uplifting effect it actually had on my mood. I really felt like I was walking in warm springtime sunshine. Planning on ordering a 5ml bottle as a result. This is truly a lovely lovely perfume.