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  1. Laura Lee Smith

    Lorraine Cross

    This scent reminds me of Christmas perfumed sets. My grandmother would always send us a box from many states away. One of my favorite things to receive were the little square bath cubes. Each one was a single floral note. Rose was probably the first one I would always grab because it was a scent I could easily recognize. To me, Lorraine smells like powdered rose bath cubes. It's not an offensive or in your face rose. Unfortunately, rose and powder still smell like Grandma to me.
  2. Laura Lee Smith

    'Pink' scents

    Liliths bubblegum and roses(I don't do rose but this one is super girly), Very Pink Surprise Cake paired with Strawberry Moon HG is so good. Of course, Pink Wig Spray.
  3. Laura Lee Smith


    God how I love Stinky! My favorite bath products are the Burt Bees Baby line. I loved their solid perfume and then they discontinued it. As soon as I smelled Stinky I was in love. It's soft, gentle, sweet, innocent, has a soft apricot top note. It smells beautiful the next day too(you know that moment you wake up and realize you still smell good and try to remember what you put on?)
  4. Laura Lee Smith

    Looking for scents that smell like chai

    Voodoo reminds me of Chai when I wear it.
  5. Laura Lee Smith

    Imp and Bottle Cap Issues (breakage, leakage)

    My Joy Mojo sample did this same thing. Only one imp out of all the ones I've received. Not bad odds, it made my room smell so nice because I had it upright and it tipped over because it was broken.
  6. Laura Lee Smith

    Taste the Cherries and Look at the Flowers Hair Gloss

    I got cherry top notes and hairspray. I didn't get any flowers, which is a shame because I'm such a fresh floral person. I asked my son if he thought it smelled like hair spray to him but he didn't know what hair spray smelled like(the drawback of living in a household of all men) but he said it didn't smell good.
  7. Laura Lee Smith

    Sweet, sweet florals

    Lady Lucille Sharp is a sweet floral.
  8. Laura Lee Smith

    Newbie Guide to BPAL and BPAL.org (add your tips)

    Thanks! That was helpful, I know a couple now that I can try(I'm afraid to get attached to something I'll never see again).
  9. Laura Lee Smith

    Newbie Guide to BPAL and BPAL.org (add your tips)

    Is there a list somewhere of "yearly" scents that return? I know they have Weenies, Liliths, Yules, Moons, Carnival, but what I want to know, what scents return each year? I know Snow White does in the winter, are there certain other scents that are available yearly?
  10. Laura Lee Smith

    That same butter/sweet cream note as Bread & Butterfly

    I prefer Drink me to Eat me for creaminess. Drink me smells like butter and cherry on me, then dries down to a warm sweet scent but that butter note is delicious.