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    Anything creative is really up my alley. I draw and paint as far as traditional art goes, but knitting and crocheting are also a favorite way to create something. It's easier to travel with yarn than it is with paints.

    I have more books than most people I know, and I love everything about books. Even the space they occupy.

    Making and eating good food is one of the true joys in life. I'm much happier eating something truly delicious.


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    Notes: tea of all sorts, old book, plum, pink grapefruit, lily of the valley, lilac, honey, red musk, any tree, ginger, linden, and worn leather Scents: Kumiho, Lenan Sidhe, The Death-Horse, Delphi, Quintessence of Dust


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In general, I like to embrace the weird. I'm pretty sure it's why I became an artist.