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  1. ToadinaTophat

    Pumpkin Latte

    2016 Edition- fresh bottle Pumpkin Latte: Received 1/17/17 sampled same day. In bottle strong dash of coffee, slight cream and sweet pumpkin. Wet on skin crunchy orange coffee over pumpkin. On dry down crunchiness subsiding to let the coffee aroma rise with the spices, exotic very little pumpkin remaining. Reminiscent of coffee cake. All day wear test 1/19/17 The scent is not overly sweet but rich and gritty coffee with pumpkin spice scent. There is decent throw and after 2 hours and 4 hours there is minimum fade. It stays Dark and spicy overall lasting well past the 8 hour mark. By the very end of the night the scent was decidedly pumpkin spiced with low layer of coffee. It was delicious all day long I am interested to see how it ages.
  2. ToadinaTophat

    September Midnight

    First Impression upon initial receipt 1/17/17. In bottle deep dark berry scent with a vague suggestion of incense. Wet on skin is a rich and heady berry scent with a very pleasing warmth to the smell. On dry down slightly syrupy deeply sweet and still whispering of berry. Strange but uniquely pleasing. On a full days wear 1/18/17. Within first 3 hours, the scent had died down into a delicate glaze of soft berry with glimmering notes of musk and incense. It remained stronger where I applied it under my clothes and had faded no further at the 7 hour mark. The scent slowly transformed into a very notable pomegranate losing all the other bits.
  3. ToadinaTophat

    Eat Me

    One of my first BPAL scents chosen for the purpose of determining my feelings on 'foody' scents. (which I unsurprisingly have discovered I love) In the bottle this has a very buttery baked goods scent. On my skin the butter is touched by a layer of sweetness with an undercurrent of faint tart. Dry down creates an almost toasted buttery cake scent and is very pleasing This scent has decent throw and longevity. This was my first add to the 5ml list. It has only been growing since.