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  1. vox pop

    The Gourd of Deprivation Atmosphere Spray

    Post purchase Delicious! This Gourd is a foodie's delight! It's a rich full bodied scent: lots of pound cake and a wonderful melange of festive fall spices. It's not heavy or light in throw, it is just right. This smells almost edible! I am not getting any smoke at all, rather something mysterious that draws you in and this continues as it lingers. The unique and beautiful artwork on the label is such a cool bonus! this perfect Gourd!
  2. vox pop

    Enraged Bunny Musk

    Lab purchase not much i can add to all the positive reviews for this bunny other than: Seriously, i love this little bunny! I also made sure to have back up and all I can say is when you see this just buy it blindly, like I did...because it is sooooooo amazing! I'll admit I bought it for the name not knowing how delicious it would be. It is the scent that keeps on giving....it's not really enraged it is a cheeky bunny.
  3. vox pop

    House of Unquenchable Fire Atmosphere Spray

    Post purchase This was just much too heavy for me. I thank this creation very much for teaching me that Champaca is not for me. I imagined that Ms. Dinsmoor's home from the film Great Expectations might smell like this... exotic, intensely dramatic, and slightly nostalgic. I was thrilled to send this on to someone who loves it
  4. vox pop

    Café Mille et une Nuits

    Shisha and thick coffee brewed with cardamom pods, cinnamon, clove, black pepper, and nutmeg. Lab purchase I was really excited by the non forum reviews I had read for this one last summer. And I received this before seeing the film. I was hoping for more coffee and spices. I did not try it on my skin as I have this weird natural heightened sense of smell at times ( yeah that's my super power lol good times ) so I am really trying to not be so stubborn and honor what my nose knows. Having been around an authentic hookah at a friends place a couple years ago, every time I opened up the bottle of Cafe Mille et Une Nuits, I was not only permeated by that memory but also no spices. Had I tried it on my skin perhaps I could review differently. In the bottle for me was a smoky kind of haze. Which later after seeing the film this scent then made more sense to me. I passed this one on along to another. Trusting that it is where it should be.
  5. vox pop

    Kindly Moon

    Lab purchase Kindly Moon is a very pretty scent. Ethereal, oh yes! As soon as I sniffed it I thought wow this smells like one of my dear friends ( she loves honeysuckle ) she lives far away and it reminds me of her. Honeysuckle is not listed and it must be the melange of all the gorgeous notes combined that make it sparkle. on my skin it is nurturing and it has a watery feel more of a bountiful Lake rather than an Ocean.
  6. vox pop

    Sleepytime BPAL

    hi there girlryan have you considered TKO? from the Lab or the Massage Oil version over at the Post, it is delicious not exactly LE but TAL has a blend Nocturne ( different from the Lab's version ) and also Ebon Night. fwiw
  7. vox pop


    Lab purchase Lamia, i freaking love you! just a little bit of coconut, but yes i can smell you! it's sort of like this: was on the beach all day having the best day evaaa, headed in for a shower and then getting ready for dinner with some friends, enjoying a summer evening, walking barefoot on the beach later... and i am pretty sure there is a little bonfire going on way down at the end of the beach. This is Lamia in her 5ml bottle and on my skin. my skin doesn't pick up nag champa ( thank you skin! ) simply summer bliss that lasts until dawn ps. this is what i wanted or thought Marae and/or Coconut Vanilla Bean Tiare HG might be for me, but neither one had the unf as Lamia does on my skin+hair. I am so glad that i kept on the search and discovered Lamia, as she is amazing <3
  8. vox pop

    Streets of Detroit

    Lab purchase Streets of Detroit, is a sensual and confidence forward fragrance, at first I could smell a little tiny bit of a motor oil scent but on my skin it is an exotic far away land fragrance. Thankfully, on me there is no nag champa. This is sultry, strong in the “ i've got this ” sense and maybe a little “ you talkin’ to me “ i love The Streets of Detroit!
  9. vox pop

    Castitas Bath Oil

    Castitas was a blind buy for me and i think my first purchase was when the forum was down so i don't recall having researched it. I do remember being on the website for the Post and thinking this might be too good to be true. i love vanilla and cream. rice flower i was not so sure about. I've been taking my time to review this because it is simply one of the best things i've used in recent years and i don't even know if i can express how wonderful this is and to give this silky oil the respect it deserves: i use it at least 3x a week it's that gooood!! i use this for layering and also a little in my hair, just at the nape of my neck about once a week. the scent is addicting and on me it's a kind of creamy vanilla sandalwood, which was a complete and happy surprise for me. i was given a very small amount of an oil some 15 years ago and this is the closest i have ever come to having that scent again, it was a sandalwood oil from polynesia. Castitas has a healing aspect as it is very comforting, it's innocent and yet sensual. It has been perfect in really warm dry weather and really cold weather. It's not heavy in scent and yet it lingers for a full day. I love so many many of Beth's creations and Castitas holds a very special place for me. If you like vanilla and cream that is not foody and you want to feel swathed in a cloud of comfort, this might be for you too.
  10. vox pop

    Enable my habit: What would you recommend?

    first that come to mind... Very Pink Surprise Cake Boo ( any form ) Castitas BO Obatala Eden The Other Hot Chocolate Gelt Venus Libitina Against Idleness and Mischief Halfling
  11. vox pop

    Very Pink Surprise Cake

    when i was younger there was a rabbit that popped up on the tv screen one day drinking strawberry milk with a straw...it left an impression and i remember the desire to have what he was having. i had to blind purchase this on its release, i mean: pink! and the description, so sweet! this blend makes me very happy, and it made me remember that funny rabbit, i use it sparingly, to savor it and on days i most need the comfort of my childhood memories. the strawberry cream with swirls of vanilla turn into pink frosting as the day progresses. i cherish this yummy little bottle!
  12. vox pop

    Boo Hair Gloss

    Boo HG is simply ahhhhhmazing! Sweet Vanilla cupcake frosting with a teeny bit of the expensive creme fraiche and it lingers all day into the night, waking up with hair smelling of cake batter and marshmallows! I very much regret not purchasing two bottles-bonjour tristesse! my holy grail, desert island list includes Boo HG! i want to use it every day reminding myself that Halloween is everyday...but with only one bottle I must resist this impulse. i love you Boo HG, i truly do!
  13. vox pop

    Hot, arid scents

    hi Balame i would like to suggest Paduan Killer Swarm, on the last page for reviews there is a member paperrose who perfectly described my own personal impressions of this scent ) i love it!! ) This is the first that comes to mind and then The Trackless Erg Atmosphere Spray from the Post which is on my wish list but by description it may be what you are looking for best of luck
  14. vox pop

    Embalming Fluid Bonbon

    Yes yes yes! Sugared lemon jelly slices doused, drenched and tousled in creamy milk chocolate this is Liquid Lupercalia, oh my! check please...
  15. vox pop

    Venus Libitina

    Right from the start it brings to mind a sweet summer childhood memory! Thank you! Venus of the Undertakers The Label is gorgeous and Black Cherry is a favorite, this was a blind purchase for title and description! Light Rose at the start then cream and then Black Cherry, what's not to love?...it stayed this way for quite some time and then what must be Orris Root together with the Bourbon all in unison a couple hours later smells like i will have to consider back up on this. It is fresh creamy and lush all together, very delicately foody because roses are edible after all! Perfection!