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  1. TallGrrl78

    Razors in a Doll's House Hair Gloss

    This is the hair gloss of my dreams! I've always wanted a hair gloss in the same vein as Pink Snowballs or Hope. Each year, I would wait for the Yules to release to see if this was the year my wish would be granted. Well, with the return of the CD and the launch of the CD hair glosses, my wish has finally been granted. And even better, it's not as short lived as the seasonal collections. This is it! A sugared vanilla rose. Plain and simple but stunning. I immediately bought a backup bottle. The cognac does not make this boozy, just adds some depth to the rose and vanilla. I think that's the sugared aspect I'm getting. And I don't detect anything metallic so don't be concerned about that. If you've always wanted a vanilla rose hair gloss, get some stat! It's beautiful. I hope this sticks around forever. Thanks Puddin!
  2. TallGrrl78


    Fear of Blood
 Crimson splatter, pulsating with blackened vetiver. On wet, I get red skin musk and almost a red wine note. The vetiver is not in your face at all. Just adds a subtle suggestion of smoke. I feel like this isn't straight up red musk but as it dries down, the muskiness comes out more. Almost goes a little powdery sweet but I don't mind that. I feel like maybe there is orris in this? Or at least something that does things similar to orris on me. That actually could be the vetiver now that I think of it. If so, than this vetiver is reminding me a lot of orris. All in all, a sweet earthy red skin musk. That's my impression. ETA - this reminds me a lot of blood pearl without the coconut
  3. TallGrrl78

    Apocalyptic Horseprincess

    This one was totally interesting. I love lime and I love plum. How would this translate though? Had to get a decant to find out. In the imp, this smells like ground up sweet tarts. Totally candy. When freshly applied, I get a blast of mint and lime. It's a little bit of an odd combo. Fresh and sweet. As it dries down, the plum starts to emerge. If you are a fan of plum, this doesn't disappoint. The top notes of the lime and sweet tarts blend in seamlessly with the plum. The mint pretty much disappears as the scent wears. After a while it becomes sweet fruity plum with a dusting of sweet tarts. Simple but not a disappointment. May need to purchase a bottle to add to my plum scent library.
  4. TallGrrl78

    Questions about down dates/end of an LE series

    Yah, basically if you want anything from Weenies or Phoenix - and if you want the Lunacy or the 13 scent - I'd get on that. There's never been a time cutoff provided in the past. As long as it lets you add it to the cart, you can order it.
  5. TallGrrl78

    Anything laundryish?

    Boober definitely has that clean laundry feel going on maybe in a slightly more floral way. It's heavy on the linden note. I love clean scents and it's a favorite of mine. I've tried Enraged Bunny Musk and I prefer Boober to it.
  6. Black tea, myrrh, smoked vanilla, and licorice root. First review! I love this scent. It's basically licorice Dorian atmo spray. The licorice and myrrh come out at first but then as the scent dries down and wears so to speak, you get the tea and vanilla more. It's so comforting. I like to spray my atmos on scarves, sweatshirts, etc. I will be purchasing a backup bottle.
  7. TallGrrl78

    Tumbling Over a Ghost

    As a self professed lover of all dirt scents, I had to give this one a try. I really had no idea how the beeswax note would fit in with this so I went with just a decant but wow, these notes just blend together wonderfully. I smell wet somewhat fresh soil, with hints of ivy and moss. Like your laying on the ground in a forest surrounded by pine trees and cypress. The pine is not dominant but it's there if I search for it. And the beeswax just adds this warmth and sweetness to the blend and keeps it interesting. I find this scent so relaxing. I'm definitely getting a bottle.
  8. I agree. Bonfire Night is pretty smoky.
  9. TallGrrl78

    Nasty Woman

    What better day to test this than today This was all WHOA patchouli when I first put it on. I was actually scared to try it and only put it on my arms. After the first 1-2 hours the patchouli does calm down though and now I'm getting much more of the other notes coming through (mainly honeyed amber oudh and vanilla) with the patch supporting it in the background. There is a turkish delight feel to it, but the patch note keeps it from being foody.
  10. And now that they rise and walk in the cold, Let us warm their blood and give youth to the old. Let them see us and hear us, and say: "Ah, thus In the prime of the year it went with us!" Till their lips drawn close, and so long unkist, Forget they are mist that mingles with mist! For the year's on the turn, and it's All Souls' night, When the dead can burn and the dead can smite. Bruised violets chilled by eucalyptus blossom, ice musk, and black cypress tar. Skin testing this one today. The eucalyptus is not whoa eucalyptus at all in this so have no fear if eucalyptus is not your thing. It is still present but this is a softer more floral eucalyptus. At first I get a lot of the cypress and eucalyptus. The ice musk adds almost a slightly fresh/powdery element to it. Just makes it smell clean. It's not minty. The violet comes out more in the dry down and it's more of an herbal flowery violet. Oh, this is really pretty. Once it dries down, if I think about it, I really can smell all the components with probably the violet at the forefront. Throw seems to be medium (but I only applied to my arms to test). I usually also apply on my chest so I think that could kick things up a bit. Truly a winner. If you are a violet fan, I do not think you will be disappointed by this. The throw seems to increase with wear time. This is a gorgeous violet blend. Almost a little foresty in the background. I'm loving this.
  11. TallGrrl78

    The search for the perfect Violet....

    I personally didn't care for Wanda. I don't like Whip either. But I love Faith and Hope.
  12. TallGrrl78

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    Blood Pearl is an old favorite of mine. On me, it reminds me a lot of Lush's Hot Milk. I reach for it a lot once the weather warms up. Has "soft orris, blood musk, and coconut.".
  13. TallGrrl78

    The search for the perfect Violet....

    I want Ultraviolet to come back...WAHHHH! All kidding aside, it's like one of my favorite violet blends. So fresh and lovely. I hope it's not gone for good. People, go join the waitlist en masse so we can get a restock on this one.
  14. TallGrrl78

    Dorian Hair Gloss

    Just realized I haven't reviewed this. I'm kind of a slacker with official reviews though. But oh my....Dorian hair gloss. Dorian is one of my top 5 bpals (possibly my number 1). I hesitated on getting this thinking "well I already have the perfume oil, do I really need the gloss?" But oh was I wrong...this hair gloss is amazing stuff. The scent lasts and it's so lovely to be surrounded by a cloud of Dorian. I've gone through 2/3 of my first bottle in less than 6 months and recently purchased a back up as I don't want to imagine ever running out of this one. If you love Dorian, get yourself a bottle of this one stat!
  15. TallGrrl78

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    I'd assume no. Unless the oil is giving you a skin reaction or maybe the scent is too strong for you, then it might be helpful. Otherwise, you can apply these directly from the bottle so there is no need to dilute.