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  1. QueenofKings

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I would love to find something which smells like Tokyo Milk Dark Bittersweet. It was discontinued, and I'd just as soon find something in the BPAL realm to replace it. Any suggestions?
  2. QueenofKings

    Lust Bonbon

    When I first opened the bottle to sniff, I smelled strong cacao -- sweet and yummy. Also a hint of red musk. And strangely, an almost creamy, boozy note of some sort. When I put some on my wrist it's chocolat and musk with a tiny hint of patchouli. I slather, and at first this blend is velvety chocolate and musky and then the myrrh comes out strong. I don't smell the cinnamon at all. At about 10 minutes in the ylang ylang comes on strong and stays, mixing with the cacao and myrrh. It's about four hours later now, and the ylang ylang is still amping with the creamy cacao and myrrh. There is a little bit of sweetness mixed with the resiny quality of the ylang ylang and I think that must be the myrrh. I'm so glad I bought a bottle of this. I was wishing for strong patchouli, but this is even better.
  3. QueenofKings

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Ella, we like a lot in common, so I would suggest trying Womb Furie, which is one of my favorites, Feed Me and Fill Me With Pleasure, and Lust. My top 5 are: 1. Womb Furie 2. Tombeur 3. Epomorphorus Monstrosus 4: Spellbound 5: Banshee Beat
  4. QueenofKings

    In His Hands All Thy Cruelties Thrive

    I have an imp of this and I want a bottle. In the imp: strange chemical pickled salad. Wet: Leather and vetiver and smoke. The opoponax smells sweet. As it dries: And now I can smell the clove coming forth. Clove cigarette smell, but much softer. Like a clove cigarette whisper. And all smoke and leather underneath that. Finally, I can smell the wood coming out, but still softly under the clove, smoke and leather. I can imagine the man who smells like this. Where is he and how can I draw him hither?
  5. QueenofKings

    Tokyo Milk to BPAL comparisons

    I have been addicted to Tokyo Milk Dark Bittersweet this summer. And I wondered if anyone else here was exploring their other scents. I also have Tainted Love in the hand creme and it's lovely.
  6. QueenofKings

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    Shipping costs are listed on this page: http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/faq.html Thank you! I knew that info was listed and I couldn't remember where I had seen it before.
  7. QueenofKings

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    How much is shipping currently, if you do a paypal order for a few bottles?
  8. I love wearing TKO on hot days. It's a calming cooling-down kind of scent.
  9. QueenofKings


    When I first opened the bottle all I could smell was something strong and almost astringent, which I think may have had something to do with the resins. Wet: For the first 5 minutes it spelled like some kind of orange cleaner. I couldn't remember all the ingredients in Romanti.Goth, so I was thinking there was some neroli in there. No plum in sight. Drydown: Over the next half hour it morphed into soap, and then transitioned into orange-y Play-Doh. YUK!!! For around a little over an hour and a half. Then the Play-Doh goes away and I'm left with the most lovely smelling musk and opium scent with a big throw. For hours this goes on, and then I get the powdery amber along with the musk and opium and almost a vanilla bean smell. I put it on last night at around 8 PM. When I got up in the middle of the night I could still smell it. Then when I woke up this morning I could still smell it on my wrists. I could even smell it in my morning shower until I scrubbed it off! Well, I decided to wear it again today and those 2 hours while it's morphing are annoying, but it's so worth it to get to the outcome -- a wonderful feminine, sexy musky smell which lasts for hours and hours.
  10. QueenofKings


    Blood Lust In the Imp: Medicine and it's strong. Wet: For the first few minutes I get a heavy smell of turpentine/paint thinner. Thankfully, this disappears. A few minutes later and I'm getting the Dragon's blood and the vetiver coming through strongly. This is potent. About 15 minutes in I can smell the red musk and patchouli. A half hour in I can also smell the cinnamon mixing with the patchouli above the Dragon's Blood. I love this combination of Dragon's Blood, Patchouli and cinnamon. The vetiver adds an almost metallic smell over the spicy notes. It ends with powdery patchouli, whiffs of the red musk and a hint of cinnamon. This one is a win.
  11. I wore Lust the other night and layered it with the Night Raven. I went to see a band and not only did a guy hit on me, but a woman who I don't know kept grabbing my butt! I was definitely surprised.