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  1. TriGirlJ

    Places Everyone

    This is the lovechild of Blue Snowballs and a cherry slushie. Definitely reminds me of what blue candy tastes like.
  2. TriGirlJ

    Irish Coffee Cake

    I like the smell. It is definitely boozy and smells a tons like Irish cream. I don't get a lot else. I'll have to try again to see if I can find the coffee cake part. It made me hungry! Sadly, does not last a particularly long time. I wish the foodie scents lasted longer.
  3. On me, this starts off really chocolately. Once it dries down, it settles down into something gingery and spicy mixed with the chocolate. I guess chocolate gingerbread (duh!). It fades more quickly than I'd like, but it is worth reapplying. It's a yummy holiday scent.
  4. TriGirlJ


    Wet: lots of pine. Almost Pine-Sol levels of pine Dry (10 minutes): smells like Skadi in the summer. Definitely a wood elf scent Two hours in: I keep asking what smells like hair spray. Oh, it's the perfume I'm bummed. It was lovely when it first dried, but it's morphed into something very chemically and acrid.
  5. TriGirlJ

    Comparison of Celebrated Beauties

    I really wanted to love this. I do not. It turned from a sweet, creamy marzipan smell to cheap grape juice.
  6. TriGirlJ

    Aristocratic Couple

    It smelled like a bit of apricot over vanilla with a hint of spice in the bottle. On my skin, it smells like apricot. Just apricot.
  7. TriGirlJ

    Bourbon Vanilla Bath Oil

    This is definitely not a foodie, sugary scent. It's warm and rich. There's something a bit spicy or smoky underneath. Maybe that's what people are describing as sassafras? I was going to say a touch of tobacco. I really love it. Used it in the bath this morning and my bathroom still smells amazing.
  8. TriGirlJ

    Black Vanilla and Cardamom Hair Gloss

    I get a lot of tobacco at first, with a bit of the cardamom and underlying sweetness of the vanilla and the oudh. It settled into something warm and smoky, but doesn't have as much of a throw as I would like. I'll have to try more next time - I used about 1 1/2 spritzes (first one out was not much) rubbed into hands then into short hair. Not sure how much really made it in.
  9. TriGirlJ

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    Dragon's Milk makes my skin burn. No idea what is causing that as I don't have that problem with any of my other oils.
  10. TriGirlJ

    The Spell of the Eastern Sea

    I'm getting the same foodie scent - it reminds me of buttered popcorn jelly beans. It's a shame because I really like this otherwise. I just can't get past the foodie undertone.
  11. TriGirlJ

    Boo Bath Oil

    It's Boo. I adore it as a perfume, and I adore it as a bath oil. The only problem is that I just got a decant. I really should have gotten a whole bottle!!
  12. TriGirlJ

    All Hallow's Apple

    This smells exactly like apple picking in the fall. The scent of the apples you are eating mixed with mud and dirt. The dirt is pretty strong on me, especially while it's wet. I'm also getting something that's not apple or dirt: it seems to be a faintly metallic scent that doesn't work particularly well on my skin. It's a pity since I really like the scent, but it doesn't agree with me.
  13. TriGirlJ


    This started off ok with mostly a light floral (rose). As it dried down, it turned more fruity and overpoweringly flower (lotus?). Something in it is making me sneeze and giving me a slight headache. I'm guessing that's the lotus because I wear other rose scents (Pink Snowball) just fine. Dried down, it's like a mix of many different floral perfumes. Just too much for me.
  14. TriGirlJ

    Dana O'Shee

    In bottle: almond extract. Almost overpowering almond. Wet: sweet almond. It smells like Lush Snowcake, which is one of the reasons I bought this. Dry: It's gotten softer, but retains the beautiful Snowcake smell. I wish it lasted a little longer, but I adore it.
  15. TriGirlJ

    Great Grey Witch

    This is my favorite BPAL scent. It dries down to a slightly sweet, slightly citrus, powdery scent that I love. Compared to other scents with the same notes, this one lasts and can be smelled farther away (throw?). My problem is that I got an imp in a trade and will run out in not too long. Is anything else similar?