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    I'm into reading (sci-fi and fantasy), crafting (crocheting, cross-stitch, a bit of chainmail), gaming (tabletop, PC, console), cooking (especially baking!). I tend to kill a lot of time online in forums, reading blogs and checking my favorite webcomics. I've recently started running, thanks to the app, Zombies, Run!


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    Gingerbread Snake and Dorian I'm interested in more of the foody scents. Honey doesn't work on me, much as I wish it would. Newest scent to hoard: Still Looking <3 Always looking for more March Hare or Tintagel!


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  1. You want to check the 'shipping notifications' threads pinned near the top of the BPAL Chatter subforum or BPTP Chatter subforum depending on where you ordered from. At present the shipping times are still around 2 to 3 weeks, probably because of the Chaos Theory VII update.
  2. I've been searching for a good substitute for the discontinued March Hare for years. The notes were apricot and clove, and I loved it for the how bright and fruity the apricot was. Does anyone else know of apricot blend where the apricot it at the forefront without too many more notes? (Aristocratic Couple was ALMOST a winner, but, alas, they had no *ahem* staying power)
  3. KitCroupier

    Aristocratic Couple

    When I open the bottle, it smells so much like I remember March Hare smelled! Bright and fruity apricots, spice, with the addition of vanilla. Sadly, once on my skin, this almost disappears. Instead of being in your face with lots of throw, like March Hare, it dries down to something I can barely smell. Hardly any spice, just apricots and maybe a light vanilla. I LOVE this scent, it just doesn't last on me. I'll still keep the bottle and maybe consider trying it in a scent locket. (The staying power is disappointing. I tested March Hare at the same time and even after 24 hours later and a shower I could STILL get a tiny whiff of March Hare on my wrist).
  4. KitCroupier

    Black Vanilla and Cardamom Hair Gloss

    I really enjoy this scent! My hair is very long, so I use a lot of hair gloss, four or five spritzes and then I smooth it with my hands, which might affect this, I dunno. At first spray it really reminds me of my favorite atmos spray, Exotic Bazaar. The cardamom and vanilla are very strong at first. After about an hour or so, it settled down and I keep smelling the tobacco (reminds me of Fallen Woman) with something sweet, possibly the oudh? Four or so hours later and it's mostly gone, unless I pick my hair up and huff it. I wish that the top notes lasted longer, but it's delicious while it lasts!
  5. KitCroupier

    Shiny Furball Hair Gloss

    I love the way the glosses work in my hair (shiny! soft! fragrant!) though this one isn't for me. I don't know if it's because I can't seem to smell any other notes, but all I'm getting is woodsy. And worse, all it's evoking for me is cedar chips. I kinda feel like a hamster.
  6. KitCroupier

    Eldritch Dark

    I got a decant because I liked the idea and figured why not. Upon application, I know why not! Honey is truly a death note for me. In the bottle - musky sweet leather with an emphasis on LEATHER. Nice if you like that. Wet - Still very leathery with sweet musks. I can almost smell the rose, but I don't have high hopes for that since my skin makes rose disappear. Dry Down - I had really hoped the musk would make the honey play nice, but in the end the honey note turned into baby powder so strong it pretty much covered the leather. I'm glad I got to try it, but I won't be getting a bottle (unless it's a gift for a friend).
  7. KitCroupier


    I absolutely adore Tweedledum! I tried it on, loved the smell of the fruit, it's very light and airy and sooo yummy, I couldn't stop sniffing myself! It seemed to fade pretty quickly, but I also didn't slather it on (had a bad experience the day before with the scent that would not DIIIIEEE). This is going on the bottle list!
  8. KitCroupier


    Upon opening the imp: Incense, which must be the myrrh, and the herbs waft about. It's sweet, but not in a sugary way. My first thought was, "Wow!" Upon slathering generously: I probably could have put less on, but I couldn't help myself and went a little crazy. I'm not sure if other people smelled it (my husband did, but he's got a sensitive nose), but I kept smelling it throughout the day (8 hours and counting). It didn't morph much from imp to me, I still get that incense and herb smell. I like! On skin after 8 hours: If I put my nose to my wrist, I smell vanilla and herbs, what friends describe as 'foody' when 'encouraged' to sniff me. Must be the honey note people keep mentioning. Final verdict: Very good! I'm think I'll stick with the imp for a while to make sure I want to keep wearing it, but I really, REALLY enjoy Anubis. Update: My husband says it smells like baby powder... noooo!
  9. KitCroupier


    Ok, this is only my second oil to try so my review is more impressions than anything else. I really want to like the foody scents, but this one was just overwhelming! To the point where when I walked into the bedroom to wake my husband up, he asked if I was baking... so, lots of throw when on. It smelled like butter, maybe a bit of cream and INTENSE for about an hour or two. It kind of reminded me of an expensive scented candle. After about two hours, the scent died down to where a coworker (when sniffing my wrist) could barely smell it. My skin just sucked it up! But then it reappeared in another hour, just a bit more muted. It does linger for ages, softening nicely. I like it in the final stages when it isn't in your face, but I think it's a little strong for me. comment by husband: "Wine? The only whine you're going to get out of that is from people at work! *sniff* "Did you bake? And you didn't bring us any?" *whiiiine*
  10. KitCroupier


    From the imp: Fresh melon! Honeydew, but also something else, might be the grape, might be a combination of several different melons. Wet: Lots of melon! Sweetness is starting to come out and the melon dies down for a bit. Dry: It smells sweet, very candy-like. It does smell a lot like asian melon candy with a touch of grape on me. I'm not sure if I like it on me, but it would probably make a nice summery room scent.