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    Snow-Flakes Snow White Chrysanthemum Moon Dorian Kumiho The Lion Wolf Moon '06 The Unicorn Red Lantern Hunger Moon '07 Shub Miskatonic University (SIA not PIA) Eden Snake Oil (aged) Pink Moon 07 The Emathides Dee Death Cap Cathedral Scarecrow Anne Bonny Luperci 08 Stranger in Camp Black Forest No 93 Engine The Robotic Scarab Aelopile The Illustrated Woman The Coiled Serpent Hand of Glory Hay Moon Priala Hellhound on my Trail Mead Moon Ichabod Crane BEESWAX!, carnation, snow, tea, amber, honey, patchouli, sandalwood, lily, plum, milk, spices, citrus, sugar, cherry blossom, bamboo, sweet tobacco, opium, rice flower, ginger, resins, coconut (dry husk & meal), cedar, dirt, incense, rosewood, teak, frankincense, myrrh


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  1. I love The Emathides (black amber, black orchid, black currant, olive blossom, wood violet, lavender, blue musk, rose attar, and cedar), has anyone tried any GC scents that are similar?
  2. black*cat

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Me too!!!!!
  3. I do have Hex (& I love it!), what a great idea, thanks!!!
  4. I'm going to be wearing a sexy red riding hood outfit for a costume party & I'm not sure what BPAL to wear, sexy & foresty or sweet & sexy?
  5. black*cat

    Anything that smells like silage?

    I agree with IronMollyBlack, I live in the middle of Illinois so I know my corn. Fresh cornfields are sweet & green, dry fields are warm husks with dusty dirt (my favorite!), fermented corn can smell like manure if left around too long, but fresh silage is extremely sweet & slightly yeasty.
  6. black*cat

    White and "Light" Musk Recommendations

    I love patchouli, so honey, musk & pachouli together sounds wonderful although the tuberose scares me a little.
  7. black*cat

    White and "Light" Musk Recommendations

    Thanks ivyandpeony, I wasn't sure if I should post this under musks so I just started a new thread. The only ones I've tried from your list are Anactoria (fresh it was too sharp on me, but maybe I should try it again now that's it had time to age), Bengal (didn't work to well 'cuz I really amp cinnamon) & Judith & Holofornes which I adore! I'm definitely going to try Les Bijoux, Aghrat-Bat-Mahlat, Bilquis, Schlafende Bagneuse & Harikata.
  8. black*cat

    White and "Light" Musk Recommendations

    I am in LOVE with honey musk, but I've only found three BPAL blends with it; The Illustrated Woman, Lady Una & Freak Show. Does anyone know if there's more I'm missing?
  9. black*cat

    Tobacco scents

    How about The Antikythera Mechanism, it is divine.
  10. black*cat

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    This is how I pronounce them Kitsune-tsuki - Kit-soon-sue-key Tamamo-no-mae - Ta-ma-mo-no-may
  11. black*cat

    Where is this scent?

    It's under A Picnic in Arkham: Y'HA-NTHLEI We shall swim out to that brooding reef in the sea and dive down through black abysses to Cyclopean and many-columned Y'ha-nthlei, and in that lair of the Deep Ones we shall dwell amidst wonder and glory for ever. A great undersea metropolis located below Devil's Reef. A swirling, lightless, effervescent scent: the deepest marine notes with bergamot, eucalyptus and foamy ambergris.
  12. I'm wearing The Antikythera Mechanism today & the dry down, when the vanilla & tobacco show up, is very similar to the vanilla & tobacco in Black Lace.
  13. Death Cap is one of my favorites, it smells like dirt & incense on me.
  14. black*cat

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Thanks for the link to your pics, there's some bottles I hadn't seen before!