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BPAL Madness!
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More Switchwitch Questions

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What do you think of Irrelevant Disturbing and Surreal Crawdad Dream? Er, I have no idea. I think I completely missed that one. A forum only, yes?


How do you feel about trinkets? My house has SOOO much STUFF in it already that trinkets might be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Or caused the shelf to break. Or the hubby to become irritated. Probably not a good idea.


Can melty things be shipped to you, or will they be in puddles by the time you open the package? Unfortunately, they would be melty.


Who likes pirates? I have nothing against pirates, but I have no favor for them, either. They’re just sorta … there.


What are your feelings about Dia De Los Muertos? Not a day I celebrate.


What do you think about the Nightmare Before Christmas? I have a lovely Jack mug I stole from my husband. He’s my favorite character from it.


If candy is sent, would you prefer small amounts to a Halloween sized bag? Candy? Candy is dandy in whatever size or shape or amount.


Do you like floral bath soaps, shower gels, etc? If so, what florals work on you and what don't? I love florals with a rose or peony base. Many other flowers smell meh on me, but those two tend to work.


How do y'all feel about honey and maple? And different flavored honey, not just the standard kind? How does any sane person feel about honey and maple? They are proof that the Divine loves us and wants us to be happy. :wub2:


What is your favorite thing to do on a cool fall day? Sit/lay on the porch swing (if I had one) and listen to the birds sing, while idly swaying along.


If you have pets, is there a SPECIFIC toy they like to play with; brand and size? Is there a treat/cookie they eat? What brand and size? I have pets, but they are very meager in their demands.. er.. Preferences. Extra Long Shoe laces make them delirious with joy.


What's your ringtone? For the husband: a old-timey telephone. For everyone else, some fairly innocuous chiming. Both are standards on my phone – nothing custom. I’d like to get a specific ring tone for my husband but have no idea how to download one: Steve Wariner, The Weekend (our wedding song).


Just to throw a silly question out there...Munsters or Addams Family, y'all? Addams family, of course.


What think you about receiving tea accessories and/or miscellany (like mugs, cups, saucers, strainers/filters, honey, natural sweeteners [like stevia])? I haven’t had very positive experiences with sweeteners like stevia or splenda, so I would prefer to steer away from them. Honey is All Good. Agave Nectar is All Good. I have more mugs / cups etc than I can shake a stick at. I’m not a big fan of tea: I only generally drink two kinds, both herbal. I don’t ever drink black, green, or white teas – only herbals, and generally only your standard run of the mill Mint tea. Sometimes chamomile if I’m not feeling well. Sometimes an orange blend. But I’m pretty bland with my tea preferences.


How do you feel about copies of music or dvd's that your witch might have that you might enjoy? Not just mixes, but whole copies? Hm. I think that goes a little bit too close to the ethical line for me to be comfortable with. Mixes are good. Whole cds… I would feel guilty about.


Say, witches, I have a question about birthdays. do you expect/rely on other people to plans birthday outings and activities? Heh. If I did that, I wouldn’t get celebrated at all. My husband Does Not Like parties. Does not think adults should celebrate birthdays. So if I don’t arrange it, it doesn’t happen.


Tarts? Yes/no? – I don’t have a tart warmer, soooooo…. Never tried them.


I'm wondering if my witchee would like to try these types of things (like the caramel with sea salts or chocolates with chilis/bacon/salt etc.)? I like bacon. I like chocolate. DO NOT WANT chocolate bacon. (Now, deep fat fried bacon, or chicken fried bacon, all good.) Chocolate should be sweet – with nuts, with fruit, with creamy goodness… it shouldn’t be spicy or hot or with foreign objects, like two bolts which spring through one’s cheeks, or with crunchy frog bits in them. (sorry, couldn’t help the monty python reference).



What's your favorite animal? Hawks (in person) make me bounce up and down like a two year old. I adore kittehs and have two. Horses are something I admire deeply. I am enormously amused by Lolcats / Lolruses / cute critters.


What one (or two, if you really must) BPAL bottles are you most longing for? Black Lace. Or more Melisande, since I’m on the label. Can’t ever have too much of that, for vanity’s sake – I only have one bottle of it.


If you could have dinner/drinks/coffee with any 3 living people that are not your family/friends already, who would they be-? Hm. John Malkovitch. Jacqueline Carey. Bill Gates.


If you could bring back any TV show from cancellation what would it be? Carnivale. The West Wing.


I wonder if my witchee would like a blanket type thing. Would you? Oh heavens, YES.


What's your favorite "I know it's bad for me but I can't help myself" treat? Anything to excess. I’m a sugar addict, and once I get started, I have a hard time stopping until its all gone. I can and will and have made myself sick eating sweets. Favorites include Godiva chocolate with raspberry, any form of dark chocolate with orange, dark with mint, maple sugar candy, etc.


Very important question: Are you planning on buying anything off your BPAL and/or other wishlists during the round? No. I’m saving all my money for my SW.


Do you wear a watch? If so, what kind/style? Yes – it’s exeedinly plain, white metal, made by Acqua, purchased at WalMart. IT does, however, have the Indiglo feature, which I use. A lot.


How do you feel about having a donation made in your name to something?If you like that idea, what types of organizations/groups would you want the donation to go to? I think that’s a beautiful thing. My mom regularly sends me the gift of a bunny being donated in my name to Heifer International. I also strongly support NARAL, but know that might make folks uncomfortable because its so political. Any charity that supports education, children, animal rescue, rainforest preservation, etc… I am not, however, comfortable with religious-based charities… I’ve seen up close and personal the kind of problems / abuse / strings-attached they can come with.



What is your favorite art movement and/or style? ie impressionist, surrealist, art nouveau, etc. Preraphaelite. I’m definitely a romantic. I adore Waterhouse, Leighton, Bougereau, etc.


Do you have a case for your mp3 player/digital camera? If you would want one, what size is your digital device? I do not have any digital devices except for a camera, which simply sits in my purse 24/7.


For tea drinkers, do you bag it or prefer loose: I prefer hot chocolate to tea.


Does the weather change where you are, as in, does it get cold in the winter? Yes, it gets down to around -15 or so.


Anyone need homegrown scarves, hats, mittens, etc? I’m a glove wearer, over mittens, really. I have two handmade scarves that keep me taken care of, that were custom made for me.


Who are your forum buddies? People you know well enough online or IRL to help your Witch pick out stuff for you? I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t have a lot of folks who are really close to me on the forum. Of everyone, I have known Macha in person for a long time – she and I used to play a LARP together for about 5 years. But I haven’t seen her in 8 years. : (


Does your cell phone have a place to attach charms? It does not.


If you drink coffee (and make it yourself) do you use a French Press, regular filter basket coffee maker, Espresso Machine, Percolator? I don’t drink coffee. I drink hot chocolate, and have a wonderful device called a Cocomotion. :cry:


What movie soundtracks (or scores) do you love? Streets of Fire. Braveheart. The fifth Element. Message in a Bottle. The Mists of Avalon. Phantom of the Opera. Bellydance Superstars. Camelot.


How do you scent yourself? Do you layer soaps, moisturizers, etc. or do you go straight to slathering your bod with BPAL? I actually use BPAL somewhat rarely – just for SCA events, special occaisions just for me. My husband likes Fredericks of Hollywood’s “Seduction” so I use that on a daily basis. I would love to find a BPAL that is a similar enough match that I could get away from the spray bottle, and stop supporting the big business and instead support the Lab.


Do you/how do you scent your world? Candles, incense, diffusers, potpourri? None of the above? Candles and incense.


BPAL is such a scent-ual experience. What are your other tactile, aural, or olfactory pleasures? I love to cook, so the scent of food as I am making it is a big thing. I adore flannel as a texture, as well as velvet – soft fabrics with warmth to them, as I’m cold all the time. Music is a huge thing for me. If I have a choice, there is always some form of music playing, and I have a very eclectic range I enjoy.


How do people feel about receiving baked goods/kits to make said goods? Or other cooking items? Would you enjoy oil or vinegar flavored with herbs grown at home? Strange and exotic spices with recipes to try? Cookies made with carnation petals? I enjoy receiving home made goods, but shy away from anything like flavored oils because its hard to make them in such a way as to avoid botulism or salmonella or other problems. I enjoy strange and exotic spices, such as saffron and cardamom, and cook with them happily. I’ve not had edible flowers before – that would be new!


What are your pet's names, and what are they named for? Radar and BoBo were named by my husband; he owned them before we got together. Radar is a coal black hunter kittie of Abyssinian ancestry, with a narrow, sleek body, regal face, and GIANT radar-dish shaped ears. Bobo is a longhair, pudgy version of cartman in cat form. I think he was named by the ex-wife.


Who here is a complete, over the top, Alice In Wonderland fanatic? I am not.


Are you a Trekkie? If so, which series do you prefer? Do you have a favorite character? I am not. Of all the characters, however, I like Picard, mostly because it’s Patrick Stewart, who is teh sexy.


Do you have phobias? Spiders. Bugs of most sorts I do not like, but spiders… gah.


How do you like your mix CDs? Random? Stuff you know you'll like? Hm. I prefer to listen to things I like, but I’m also open to new experiences.


Would you rather get food or jewellery? Now that’s a cruel choice to force on someone. Either is welcome. :P


Do you like children's toys, such as jacks, those little things you tilt around to get the ball in the right hold (wtf are those called?), the aforementioned caplet dinosaurs, cap guns, etc?: Not so much.


English candy/tea/marmite or other stuff that you love and can't easily get outside of England? Hmm… no.


Fanfic as a gift* - yay or nay? Your fandom? Slash preferences?*well, a virtual gift obviously. You know what I mean. Not much of a fangirl, really.


Any beaders here? Need beading supplies? Oh, gawds, yes. One can never have too many beading supplies / beads / colored silks / findings / etc.


Do you like making up your SW packages around a theme, or prefer to mix it all up? I like to do themes. It’s my anal-retentive / ocd-wannabe self.


Band-aids: do you like the fun and funky ones? I didn’t know they made them, until recently. I’ve not explored the full range of options. Though I think they could be very fun.


What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you? Nearly losing the one who almost got away. Being attacked by a dog at age 11. Going into surgery for my leg when I was a kid, and not understanding why. Being date raped.



What is everyone's favorite Halloween song?! Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo.


How many of mah fellow witchies play video games? Platform? Do you like used games? I don’t play video games, because the motion makes me sick. I used to play text based games a lot.


What kind of music (genres, please) do you like? Folk. Country. Western. Rock – classical, modern, hard, etc. Classical. New Age / Celtic. Show Tunes. R&B Slow Jams. Electronica. Acid Jazz.


Have any of you ever received a book from a Witchy and loved it so much you ended up buying a copy for a later Witchee? Not as of yet.


What kinds of eye shadows do we all like? I stick to Clinique in shades of purple, sometimes grays, sometimes browns.


Do you like lip balm? If so, do you like tinted, glossy, sparkly, pearly or just plain lip balm? I have only ever used plain ole ChapStick. Am open to new experiences.


What are some of the SW gifts/finds from past rounds (or you can just name a gift in general that you found for someone if this is your first round!) that you are the most proud of in terms of your sleuthing skills? I made some custom decant labels once that turned out pretty coolies. I dunno, I’ve only had few rounds, and haven’t gotten a huge amount of feedback on 2 of the 3 rounds.


And, secondly, what is something you've been searching for but just can't find? My waistline? : P


Do you knit/crochet? Do you need any supplies? No. I fail miserably at knitting.


Who here has an etsy shop? I do not. I have been encouraged to do so, but haven’t ever done it.


What are your two favorite etsy shops? I don’t have any – I haven’t really visited the place at all.


Are you active on any other boards/forums? If so please specify where and your username there. The Armour Archive – Zubeydah. Though it’s really not gonna make much sense to anyone outside the SCA.


What would you tell yourself 6 months in the past about 2008 so far? Ouch. That’s a painful question. Relative and Coworker are gonna go psycho – be ready. It’s ok to keep the weight off. Concentrate. Unpack more boxes.


If you had one minute of fame, what would you do/say in the spotlight? I would express gratitude and love to my husband for all that he is to me.


Robots versus zombies: who wins? Robots.

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