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BPAL Madness!
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Yup. More SW. Tired of it yet?

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If you had to chose one BPAL scent and only ONE to have forever what would it be? Melisande. Because.. er.. I'm on the bottle and it makes me happy just to look at, much less smell.


Who here likes Betty Page? I admire what she did, and who she was, and what she stood for. She doesn't do it for me physically, if that's what you mean. I kinda prefer the more classic 'pinup' look than the 'vamp' or 'dominatrix' look. I prefer my women to be soft and cuddly, not scary.


How about original Trek Characters? I'd have to say.. either Scotty or Bones.


If you were my witchee, would you like a jar of home made apple butter? This is assuming it turns out good... Not only yes, but hell yes. I love home made baked goods. I have made jam exactly once. (Gingered Peach Jam - which turned out to be more of a very good sauce for meats, than jam.)


Are you interested in Tarot cards? And if so, are there particular decks you like (or don't or already have or whatever)? I haven't read cards in a really long time. I haven't found That Perfect Deck... but I also haven't been looking.


What kind of tea (or coffee) puts you in a fall/Halloween mood? And where do you get it? I drink hot cocoa by the gallon. Year round, because my office is usually so ridiculously cold all the time. When ill, Mint Medley by Bigelow, with honey and lemon. Just To Feel Like Fall: Spiced Cider, using my own mulling spices blend. (I'm making some this week to send to my witch and to my card swappies!)


If you were my witchee, would you like dried honey crisp apple slices or other dried fruit? (We don't add anything to it AFAIK -- no sugar or spices.) Honey Crisp Apples are the exquisitely beautiful child of the World's Most Perfect Apple - the Macoun. If I could get my hands on a bag of those babies, I would .. well. I would do ridiculously gluttonish things with them. It is my favorite fruit, bar none. However... since you can only get the Macoun in the Northeast, and I am trapped in the Midwest, and Honey Crisp Apples can generally be found at my grocery store... I will happy take what I can get. So that was a wee bit long and rambly and odd, but the short answer is : YES. (Dried pineapple drizzled with honey is also Happy Making.)

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