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BPAL Madness!
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Wish List / Curiosities...

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Well, I got asked recently to put together a wish list... so... er... here goes.


The Unreachable Grails: Black Lace. Monsterbait: Underpants, Snake Charmer


Halloweenies: Hellhound On My Trail, Samhain, Brom Bones, Fearful Pleasure, Katrina Van Tassel, The Haunted House: The Atrocious Attic


Four Seasons: La Primavera, L'estate.


Carnaval Diabolique: Mme. Moriarty the Misfortune Teller, Hope & Faith, Agrat-Bat-Mahlaht, Ashlultum, Gwyneth, Inez, Marguerite


Good Omens: Nanny Ashtoreth, Pepper, Madame Tracy


Lupercalias: Anactoria, Khajuraho, Parlement Of Foules, Smut, The Clod And The Pebble, Her Voice, Longing, Love’s Philosophy, The Presence Of Love, Dolce Stil Nuovo


Carnival Noir: Bearded Lady, Gypsy Queen


Assorted LEs: Beltane, Sea Of Tranquility, Christmas Rose, Egg Nog, Rose Red, Peacock Queen, Samhain, Love in the Asylum, The Darkling Thrush, Salon: Lady Lillith, Lillith Victoria


General Catalogue:

Ars Amatoria – Delight, Harlot, Jezebel, La Belle au Bois Dormant, Lucy’s Kiss, O, Rapture, To A Woman

Ars Moriendi - Les Fleurs du Mal

Bewitching Brews - Kubla Khan, Namaste, Rakshasa

Ilyria: Viola

Mad Tea Party: Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, Two, Five & Seven,

Maelström : Imp of the Perverse

Sin & Salvation : Dorian


Also curious about what ‘aged’ Snake Oil is all about…


TALS: Arabian Nights, Aphrodesia, Fire Of Passion, Helping Hand, Blessing Of Isis, Radiance Of Ra, Peace


Haves, And Always Happy For More:

Melisande, The Puppet Mistress



TAL: Calif’s Beloved

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