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BPAL Madness!
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Yet More Switch Witch Questions

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Speaking of historical fiction, how does everyone feel about Sherlock Holmes? - I have no opinion, positive or negative, about Mr. Holmes, other than the fact he's generally _portrayed_ in films as being quite a misogynist and a twit.


Favorite cartoons or animated films? - Films: The Secret of Nimh, Ratatouie, Robin Hood (Disney), Jungle Book (Disney) Lady and the Tramp. Cartoons: Anamaniacs


Your take on the election? In other words, would you enjoy campaign related gifts, or prefer to stay neutral? I would prefer not to receive election related gifts.


Villians you sympathise with, or are interested in boinking? The Marquis de Sade. The Sheriff of Nottingham, as portrayed in Robin Hood by Alan Rickman.


Your stance on the all important peanut butter issue: crunchy? creamy? allergic? chocolate? maple? go directly to nuttella, do not pass go? Creamy peanut butter. Never had chocolate peanut butter. Nutella is proof that our Creator loves us. :eek:


Who here likes to read historical fiction? If you do, what eras/people/countries intrigue you the most? I *really* enjoyed the Lymond Chronicles by Dame Dorothy Dunnett in a huge way. A lot of other historical fiction doesn't grab the the way her work does.


About incense: do you like sticks or lose incense? Have you got one of those devices to burn lose incense over a bit of charcoal? I like sticks and cones and use them both. I don't have any of the charcoal style burners.


What's everyone's favorite fairytale and what are your favorite versions of it? Hm. It's been way too long since I read any of my rather large collection of fairy tale books (some of which are antiques, but the one with the coolest name is "A Real Queen's Fairy Tale Book" written by the Queen of Romania, over 100 years ago. :D I think I'm gonna have to go read them....


So how many imps/decants is officially 'you have gone overboard and your Witchee is going to expire from scent overload'? No idea. I tend to pick them specifically off their wishlist, so it depends on what I can get my hands on and what I can't...


Who needs a recipe box? Not I : most of my recipies are 8x11 and not card sized.


ANYONE ELSE want a home-made cookbook? Recipes are always enormously welcome.


How do you avoid popping an item for yourself into an order you're placing for your witchie? Because I'd rather buy something for my witchie with my Fun Money than for myself. :D


Underpants? Do you like them? What's your style? Size? Er, I'd prefer to buy my own, unless you somehow find Eeyore Undies. But if you must know... I wear size 9s, usually in black or white, generally either a girl or boy short style, or bikinis. I like soft, silky fabrics or lace. I have a mantra: Life is too short to wear ugly panties.


What is your favorite? What tea would you love to try but haven't because of price or difficulty to get? I don't covet any particular tea - I drink Mint Medley by Bigelow and that works just fine for me. :D


BPTP Room Sprays...your thoughts? I'd love to try them, but they're simply out of my budget range.


Would you like to receive baked goods from your Witch? And if so, are there things you WOULDN'T like? No Crunchy Frog Chocolates. (sorry, monty python reference). Baked goods are lovely.


Do you often drink take away coffe in paper mugs? I don't drink coffee. I don't generally get hot beverages at drive throughs / take aways. I make my own hot cocoa from a packet at work and drink it from a mug. At the moment, that's a Jack Skellington mug I stole from hubby, to celebrate Halloween.


What would a perfume based on you smell like? Hrm. Me, huh? It wouldn't smell like the things that I LIKE my perfume to smell like...If it was focused on what is pure and ME: soft breezes through an oak's leaves entwined with cool breezes racing over the Maine shore, entwined with the scent of a cat's fur that's been resting in the sunlight, birdsong, old books and quilts, a wood stove, and hot chocolate. If it was focused on my actual LIFE: the catbox that needs cleaning, sweaty sexy sheets, cooking chocolate, my husband's cigarettes, and herbs from my garden.


Who here likes Wizard of Oz things? - Not particularly... Though, the line, "Don't make me send my flying monkeys after you" is smirk enducing.


Do you like Mystery Science Theater 3000? Have you tried out (and if not, would you be interested in doing so) its weird little brother, RiffTrax? - MST3K is amusing, though I haven't watched it in years. I have not checked out RiffTrax. My humor tends to lean far more towards Monty Python / British humor, rather than American.


What will you like from Singapore? Candies? Food? Asian crafts/toys? Oh gawd. Fabric. Fabric. Fabric.


What is everyone's "luck" item? My husband's dog tags. Though it's more of a "Love" item than a Luck item.


Do you like art deco/nouveau - style prints? Nope. Now, Pre-Rafaelite, now we are talking...


What is one thing that, if you received it in the middle of all the hubbub, would make you smile and take your mind off of all you have to do for a bit? A book.


How do you feel about Hello Kitty? Death.


Legwarmers? Armwarmers? Haven't worn leg warmers since the 80s.. yikes! Never tried armwarmers, but I am growing intrigued.


What makes everyone stand out from the Switch Witch herd? I don't honestly know. There's a variety of things about me that are unusual in the 'usual' crowd, but around here.. not so much. I'm in the SCA, I'm pagan, I'm in a power-exchange relationship, I'm a bead artist, I'm an intermitant bellydancer.


If you are into the original Nintendo system, what 3 games would you want that you don't have? I do not have such a thing. My husband has an XBOX, but I don't play it.


What is your favorite category of the GC? - Love Potions. They're the most likely to have rose scents.


Stance on Joss Whedon and his enterprises? - Who? No particular like or dislike.


Has anyone tried ice wine before? Do/did they enjoy it? - Haven't ever tried it.


What other perfume companies (besides bpal) have you been curious about? - None.


Does anyone here do anything with grave rubbings? - Er, no... Mom used to make me go to graveyards as a kid and do them of the headstones of our ancestors (She's a geneologist). Had some very Wierd Things happen on those graveyard excursions.


Would you enjoy art based on original Graveyard photography? - No thank you...


What's in your Netflix or Blockbuster queue, do you want any new Netflix/Blockbuster friends, if so how do we find you on there? - Don't have one.

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