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  1. Katlyntje

    Questions about down dates/end of an LE series

    I would really like to know the answer to this as well. Really hoping they go against tradition and keep the 13 up for a full week, I just don't have the money this week
  2. Katlyntje

    Départ Pour Le Sabbat (Aufbruch Zum Hexensabbat)

    In the bottle this is sweet, sugary goodness. I definitely get the vanilla and milk but there seems to be a bit of butterscotch as well though I know that's not in the listed notes. Wet on the skin, the ouhd and honey come out strongly but as it dries I get a touch of patchouli and the honey fades back a bit leaving the oudh and vanilla in the spotlight. This is a very snuggly scent, staying pretty close to the skin. I really really like this.
  3. Katlyntje

    Pumpkin IV (2014)

    The first, and last, time I tried a BPAL pumpkin blend it was completely overwhelming and I have been a little scared of trying more. For some reason though this really spoke to me and I have blind-bought an entire bottle. Here goes! In the bottle this is all cinnamon and pumpkin. Mostly cinnamon.On my skin it starts off as spiced honey and as it dries the spicy-dry cinnamon starts to take over with the sweetness taking a backseat. It's still there, complementing the cinnamon, but the cinnamon is definitely the star of this show. And this is the red-hots and fireballs type of cinnamon; dusty, dry, almost-but-not-quite burning the sinuses if I take too deep a breath up close to my skin. Twenty minutes later and this is still hot cinnamon with a touch of sweet pumpkin. I am ok with this. This is definitely a scent to keep you warm on cold days. A sit by the fire with hot drinks, blankets, and books type of scent. Warming and comforting and totally snuggly.
  4. Katlyntje

    Wild Indigo Duskywing

    This is smokey and sweet with emphasis on the smoke when wet. As it dries I can begin to detect a light floral note and the smoke starts settling back revealing a lovely spiciness. Dry, this has morphed into a wood/spice/sweet scent with lurking wisps of smoke and a tantalizing hint of floral. I really really like how this smells. On me anyway, I tried a bit on my husband because I dabbed too much on myself and it went all sour wood on him.
  5. Katlyntje

    Spring Cleaning Swap Questions

    So how do people feel about spare garden seeds? If it's herbs I would love 'em! I'm (hopefully) going to have a garden bed dedicated for herbs this summer and need some seeds for filling it! Would you be interested in receiving fiber art supplies (like yarn, spinning fiber, etc)? Yarn probably not. Spare fabric would be loved however. I do a tea of the day post on instagram every day and like to have different fabrics for backgrounds each day. Would you be interested in receiving beads and/or stones? (The stones are for wire wrapping...or just for looking pretty.) One can never have enough beading supplies I say. Jewelry Please! I usually only wear stud earrings. Dangly stuff is ok as long as it is on a stud, not a hook. Tea? YES! I know I should drink down more of what I have before getting more but being gifted with it doesn't count. Right? I love black, oolong, and pu'erh but am willing to try some whites and greens. Loose leaf is preferred but bags are ok too since they're easier to use at work. Talismans and charms: No thank you Do your pets need anything? I have two cats that would love small toys to bat around! How about (unused) hair accessories (barrettes, fancy bobby pins, headbands, etc.)? I love flower clips What about stickers, paper, paper, pens ect? Yesssssssss Nail polish? If so, any particular colors? Triple yes! I can never get enough orange nail polish. Matte polish or topcoat is always usefull, holo is LOVED in any color, and I have a weakness for the new textured polish trend as well. I do enjoy indie brands but I'm not much of a glitter fan. Would you want BPAL/BPTP stuff??? Do you have a wishlist? Or are you already so well-stocked with BPAL that getting more in a spring cleaning swap would be overkill? Overkill? What's that? Wishlist is in my sig as is my DISO. I have wishlists on the BPAL and BPTP sites as well that can be found with my username. Are there any small household goods you always need and never can find when you need them? scotch tape rolls! Would anyone want old CD's? Like 90's boy band type? No thank you Ok what about wii games, like exercise ones or kids games? No thank you, we don't have a wii Would you be alright with homemade baked goods, candies, etc? In moderation. One or two items would be ok. How about baking/cooking supplies, like spices and such? Non-perishables like cookie cutters and muffin cups are always useful. What about OCYL? Any other perfume companies you love or want to try? I wouldn't mind trying Villainess perfumes . . . or if you have any of their adorble ampule bottles that are empty . . . Would you want soap/bath and body goodies? What companies do you love or want to try? No thank you Are there any kitchen appliances or gadgets you'd like? nope Are there any yarn-based, fabric-based, etc. objects you would like to receive? Scarves, shawls, tote bags...? stuffed toys for kids or pets? I love scarves and plushies (dragons, otters, red pandas, Ty beanies) and so do my kids Do you dress-up/cosplay - if so, are there any items you need right now for fabrication? Any special accessories or fabric, supplies, etc? I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism which does Medieval recreation. Wooden plates and bowls as well as wood-handled or horn-handled utensils would be great. Linen or wool fabrics and medieval-style trim are always welcome. If you need any more ideas I have an SCA category in my Etsy wishlist. What I would most love are simple lampwork beads for the Viking garb I am putting together <3 Do you have an e-reader/tablet and would you be interested in e-books/games if I can figure out how to gift already purchased ones from my Kindle? No thank you What about makeup/skin care? Are you interested in anything in that realm, provided it's new and all? I love eye-shadow and lipstick, especially in shades of peach and orange. Would you be interested in recieving cute little containers? (I.E. having your items in mailing box also being inside tins or cloth jewelry baggies, ect.) Yes please! I have a weakness for stuff like that If you would like CDs, what styles of music do you like and hate? Like steampunk, classic rock, instrumentals like The Piano Guys, Lindsay Sterling, Unwoman, and Michion. Would you like some art for your walls? What styles do you like? No thank you. My husband and I are both artists so we have too many things to put up already Are there any staple type items you could use (that I might just have multiples of haha) likeCotton rounds, deodorant, shaving cream, body wash? Or travel size items? cotton rounds, q-tips/cotton swabs, crayons (for the kids) Clothes! Anything you especially desire/lean towards, and what sizes would you like? My style tends to be a bit eclectic. I like full skirts - floor-length to just below knee-length, sarongs, babydoll tanks and tees. Size small. Would you be opposed to mugs or other beverage recepticals? What are your preferences along those lines? I am looking for a new travel mug. It must be able to hold at least 12 fluid oz. I also collect teaware
  6. Katlyntje

    Love and Sleep

    In the bottle this is creamy fig and sweet, sweet tropical florals. Wet on my skin this stays pretty true to the bottle scent but the ylang ylang is more distinct. On drydown the scent clings close to the skin, sweet-creamy fig and florals with very pink candy. Very. Pink.
  7. Katlyntje


    Sniffing the bottle I'm getting mostly bergamot and vanilla but wet on my skin the tea note emerges . . . briefly . . . before the bergamot takes off like a rocket. What can I say, citrus just loves my skin chemistry Unfortunately that makes most tea notes turn to pure lemon on me since the lab seems to think lemon must be a part of EVERY tea note. Gaaaaaah! I never put lemon in my tea unless it is iced. WHYYYYYYYY LEMON No patchouli. No balsam. Just lemon and bergamot totally stomping all over my lovely tea. *sigh* Edit: About half an hour later the citruses have decamped and the patchouli and balsam are lounging in the sunset glow sharing a pot of tea. With NO lemon. Patchouli and balsam know how to drink tea the proper way.
  8. Clemence is definitely chai, but before the milk and sugar get added
  9. Katlyntje

    The Putrescent Juice of Earth's Inner Horrors

    In the bottle this smells like rotting chocolate drizzled with over-ripe pomegranate juice. The vetiver really gives it that perfect rotten-ness. On contact with my skin the patchouli comes roaring out and pretty much devours the other notes leaving just a tinge of sweetness from the pomegranate and rose to drip from it's vicious jaws. Sated, the patchouli curls up and transforms into a domicile kitten with a dusting of cacao on it's nose and it's little pink paw pads scenting the air with roses. The drydown is all gentle patchouli and myrrh with rose and a tiny hint of cacao
  10. Katlyntje


    This is lush, floral, heady, succulent-sweet JASMINE. Yes, the capslock is necessary. This perfume shouts, "I am JASMINE! Love me or perish!" There is nothing subtle here, no hidden motives or secret agendas. This is like walking into a garden full of jasmine plants in full, delicious blossom. Displaying their pure-white blooms in a most lascivious manner whilst wrapping you in their seductive scent. Oh yes, lovely Jasmine. I shall lie with you in the dappled sunlight of your garden and dally away the afternoon lulled by thy sweet, sweet aroma.
  11. Katlyntje

    Scent for Halloween?

    My costume is a steampunk mechanic so I decided to go with No 93 Engine
  12. Just in case I decide to participate in any more group swaps I am creating this list here so I can cut/paste rather than having to type it all out yet again. This is a constant work in progress and subject to change at any time. Feel free to take inspiration from this list if you are swapping with me! Colors: Orange, purple, dusty rose/pink, copper, red-toned browns, olive greens Flavors: Chocolate-orange, chocolate-raspberry, dark chocolate, chocolate-mint, blood orange, raspberry, apple, pomegranate Scent notes: Jasmine, ylang ylang, blood orange, wine, juniper, pine, opium, myrrh, tea, peach, orchid, vanilla, honey, plum, frankincense, patchouli, tomato leaf Teas: Loose-Leaf, black, pu'erh, dark oolongs, cherry-rose scented Tea companies: The Tao of Tea, Bar Harbor Tea Company, Upton Tea, Numi Tea, ThePuriTea Things I collect: Teaware (pots/cups/etc), medium to small notebooks, nail polish, books (SF/Fantasy), indie brand loose eyeshadows Fandoms: Tolkien, My Little Pony Games: Guild Wars 2 Themes: Pirates, Steampunk, Victorian Critters: dragons, red pandas, otters, snow leopards Wish Lists BPAL - http://www.bpal.org/topic/127-wishlist/page__st__2625__p__2227327#entry2227327 Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/X0L1049BIE13/ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_o_C-8_d Nail polish - http://paintedpixies.blogspot.com/p/polish-wishlist.html
  13. Katlyntje

    Planting Moon

    The scent of Planting Moon is that of summer squashes, pole beans, kohlrabi, tomato leaves, peppery arugula, upturned earth, and sun-warmed herbs. I agonized over buying this in May and eventually ran out of time. Then of course I kicked myself repeatedly over the summer for not getting it. I have it now though thanks to a lovely forumite and am over the moon (lol, pun!) In the bottle I am definitely getting beans, tomato leaf, and herbs. Wet on my skin the arugula comes out a bit to join the beans and tomato leaf. This smells exactly as my poor drowned garden should have smelled if not for the month's worth of nearly-nothing-but-rain we got this spring/summer. This stays true as it dries and all I want to do right now is go outside and plant something. I wonder where I put all those freesia and tulip bulbs . . . .
  14. Katlyntje

    Peach V

    My first impression: *snif* Oooooooo! *sniiiiiiiiiiif* MMMMMMMMMMMMMM! In the bottle I'm getting mostly gentle tea, creamy neroli, and a drop of sweet honey. Wet on my skin it goes a little musty at first, like dry tea leaves. The tea is the strongest note right now with the neroli underlying it. As it dries it stays pretty true to that with just a hint of peach starting to emerge. I can't say as I'm really getting much honey from this but then I also tested Peach I earlier which is just dripping with honey. This blend has a very fresh, crisp feel to it. It would be great for sunny spring days and late Indian summers.
  15. Katlyntje

    Peach III

    In the bottle this is all syrupy peaches and heady wine. Wet on the skin the rose starts to peek out its velvety petals. As it dries the peach gets drier, less syrupy and the wine mellows out. All of the notes blend together so beautifully you almost can't tell where one ends and another begins. Now dry, this must be the mimosa that I'm smelling blending seamlessly with the sweet sweet peaches. The rose has gone back into hiding and the wine has faded entirely. No wait, there it is, making a bit of a comeback. Mmmmmm. Can I eat my arm now?