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  1. Julia

    Chaos Theory VII: Gourmand

    Grapefruit tarts. I think I like it.
  2. Julia

    Ivory Vulva

    In the bottle: warm, creamy, buttery macadamia and a bit of amber Wet on skin: Dry on skin: marshmallow and cream come out, smells sweeter but retains buttery cookie top note Love it and am very glad to have a bottle. I'll probably break my newly-enforced no backups rule for this one.
  3. Julia

    Single Note: Bonfire

    I'm afraid to test this on my skin. In the bottle it wavers between a sweet, spicy bonfire scent and barbecue potato chips. I'm going to brave it on my next day off and see if it's more of a layering scent.
  4. Julia

    Peninsula Fulminum

    To me, this smells like asphalt just after rain has fallen and the sun is starting to shine again. I love it but it's definitely not an everyday scent.
  5. Julia

    Reflected Vulva

    I bought a bottle as a gift for my sister after she feel in love with it at Dark Delicacies so I can't speak to how it wears over time or how it might change after settling for a while but straight out of the bottle it was all sweet pea and sugared cream. After the initial wet stage it was exactly as it says on the tin - sweet pea, cherry blossoms, and sugared cream, a really sweet soft pink scent. She said it wore close to the skin and lasted all day on her. I'm honestly considering a bottle for myself!
  6. Julia

    Orgy with Nine Women

    I'm not a particularly eloquent reviewer nor do I have the nose for notes that some of our more dedicated BPAers do but I hope this helps! In the bottle: Definitely tobacco and honey. It's very warm with a teensy bit of caramel to it. I can't smell the bourbon vanilla on its own but it's somewhere. Wet: The champaca magnolia comes out. It's sugary with a sharp edge to it. The tobacco is still the star of the show but the honey's warming up. Drydown: On me, it's all sweet tobacco and honey, with the honey coming through at the end. If you amp tobacco like I do and you loved the single note, this is definitely something you'll enjoy.
  7. Julia

    Thirteen (13): September 2013

    Like Midnight Eris above me, this is my first 13 and likely won't be my last. In the bottle: It's a dark, barely sweet chocolate that smells faintly savory, a little bit fruity, and kind of dirty. My mind drifts to mole, for some reason. Wet: I get the cumin and huckleberry at the front of the pack though all are still lurking behind the chocolate. Dry: The lovechild of See's Candies and Penzeys Spices has been caught with a purple-stained face and an empty jar of huckleberry jam in its sticky little hands. I was afraid of that sickly fake scent that reminds me of watery hot chocolate from a mix but this is all deep, rich, actual chocolate. I really like it! Oh no, something went horribly sour the longer I wore it. Got dang it