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    Peach V <3
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    Black Lace Res!!! Banshee Beat, Pirate Moon, Joyful Moon, Luna Negra, Golletes, Buck Moon, Lyonesse, MB: Underpants, CC: Female, Tiki Princess,The Peach Pits, Great Vampire Bat, Smut (any year), The Girl, Storyville, aged Snake Oil, Green Tree Viper, Lawn Gnome, White Rose/Red Rose, Pinched with Four Aces, aged Morocco, ML&ST, and Dragon's Milk. Notes: Foodie/gourmand scents, vanilla/cream, incense, coconut, sandalwood, red musk, rose (when tempered by creamy or incense-y notes), amber, autumn/fall scents, florientals, and fruity scents.

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    Cuddling up with a cup of chai and watching the snow fall; classic rock; beautiful scarves; singing karaoke after one too many shots; ethical/humane eating!; the Supernatural brothers (yummy); Twin Peaks and all things David Lynch; peanut butter tofu; Halloween and dressing up for a midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show; MUSE, my beautiful hubby and cats; and TROLL 2. :)
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