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  1. vixen of pie

    Golden Priapus

    Somebody gifted this tiny aged frimp to me when I bought off a trading and selling page. Seeing as I have tons of imps to go through, figured I gotta start today. The oil in the imp was a deep, pretty almost reddish golden color. It called out to me so on it went. On the start, I was hit with a dank, vegetal and buttery smell. It was like somebody mixed THC oil in butter and poured it over popcorn. I was thinking I'd go through the day smelling like a hippie chilling at the movies, then it morphed after several minutes into a woodsy scent with vanilla and amber. There's pine, but its not enough to scream forest. Similar to snake oil, but with pine.
  2. vixen of pie

    Edible Panties

    The name of this is naughty, but to me the scent sure isn't. It evokes thoughts of strawberry shortcake dolls or scented cuddly carebears. The main note is that sweet strawberry, pretty artificial, and barely there cherry which kind of just adds a bit of tart to the strawberry. The peppercorn is what gives it a warm feel which feels like snuggling a doll or teddy.The smell basically didn't develop or change after applying it, and longevity was a solid 8h. I still smell it faintly on me even now. If you want to feel like a strawberry shortcake doll, this is the one for you.
  3. vixen of pie

    Encounter with a Female Ghost

    Not very seasoned at trying to describe florals but here goes. Dabbed it on for my scent of the day hoping to feel like a haunting mysterious beauty. Then went about my business to run errands out and about town. This is how it went: First, right after applying it out of the bottle, I was hit with what I can describe as a misty, wet kind of floral scent. The best way I can describe it is like walking into a grocery store enclosed area where they sell fresh whole bouquets of flowers, all kept misted and humidified. The scent is like the sum of different flowers, leaves, stems and all, and this refreshing, cool and misty haze. It was intoxicating. And then, sadly it drastically changed on the drydown, maybe because of my skin chemistry. A sharpness began to emerge on the drydown, and the wet misty scent vanished. The florals began to scream, flowers with thorns. Flowers with the Horton hears a Who with everyone in whoville on the flowers screaming "we are here we are here we are here"! So the flowers were all I could smell, with that sharpness. The ghost in the title of the bottle, screeching like the Edvard Munch Scream painting while holding a flower bouquet, the petals wilting and falling off slowly with her wrath from being left at the altar by her lover. All this insanity while I was out shopping, and my head began to hurt. I really wanted to love it, but alas.
  4. vixen of pie

    Fancy Pups

    If a scent ever made me flustered and blushy, this was the one. 😳To me, this one really evokes naughty playfulness. This is my impression: When I first applied it, I immediately detected what seemed to be sweat and leather and sticky sweet fruit. Its like dancing and getting sweaty in a club, wearing leather. And then, thankfully the salty sweat scent goes away fast. But then at the drydown theres a sexy manly scent that comes around. Like damn, you found a handsome man thats into you and your sexy moves and tight leather and he's getting close to you in a personal way thats flirty and might lead to something else. Adore.
  5. vixen of pie

    Fuzzy Pink Handcuffs 2024

    This is my third time wearing this scent and I pretty much love it. Never thought I would be a rose scent fan, but the rose in this is really jammy and sugary. I put this on lightly, just a dab on my wrists and neck, and I'm surrounded by this delicate, really fuzzy pink scent that's so girly and pretty. The rose is not overbearing, and reads like a sweet pink rose rather than a red one. The sugar adds this fuzzy sweetness, and the vanilla is very light and hardly noticeable. But on days I want to feel like a dainty queen I use this and it is just perfect.
  6. vixen of pie

    Edible G-String 2024

    I was curious how this scent would unfold on my skin and dabbed on the soft yellowy oil. It started off as a sweet, orange and lemony candy scent when I applied it on my skin. Not a true realistic fruitiness, but more of a desserty candylike one like sherbet with something of a fizziness. The red musk began to work its magic, so the blend wasn't pure dizzying sweetness. Eventually over an hour and a half after applying the fizzy tarty fruit scents left center stage as all topnotes do, and they lingered in the background with the red musk doing her thing. The result up til now just keeps telling me this is smarties candy. It's very light, fuzzy and vaguely sweet powdery tarts. The fizz is gone and I don't think this scent will last on me til the end of my work shift. It was a fun experience though.
  7. vixen of pie

    Vintage Ghost Blow Mold

    I bought this because of the glowing reviews. In the bottle, this smelled like pure candy corn. When I applied it, it was a blast of candy corn sweetness, not cloying, just tasty and full creamy vanilla. As it began to dry, this little ghost gave me a scare: the vanilla mellowed, but underneath a slight smoky smell began to emerge, kind of recalling a lamp that's starting to overheat and on the verge of burning out. I had no reason to worry, though. The smoky smell never became overbearing, and the vanilla and amber began to take center stage again with the smoky warmth faintly in the background. This scent is extremely photorealistically true to its name. This is probably my favorite vanilla scent and I'm glad I got a bottle. It's not crazily sweet, but sophisticated and glowy.
  8. I'm new to the world of perfume reviews, so here's my take on this scent I had the joy of getting in my Luper haul because of its amusing title. I got this in the hopes someone would ask me what perfume I'm wearing just to tell them the name. 😏 ITB: This smells very mossy and green, kind of like tea and fresh leaves. There is also a slight muskiness I detect maybe from the oud. WET: The green, chypre scent is strongest! This smells so fresh like I am rolling on a mossy forest floor. But it's clean with no dirty earthiness. Very green scent with a bit of tanginess. As it's drying, I think I can start to detect some clean leather. Like I am cosplaying as a leather clad elf in the forest! Dry: Okay, this has developed so beautifully. It's turned from a green to what I think is like a red scent. It's warm, and there is now the incense coming through, and a hint of spice peeking through the moss. It's not a strong scent, and not overpowering as I was worried this would be with the listed notes. This is a lovely unisex scent, and smells foresty and clean.