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  1. olhenry

    Fruit Moon 2020

    this is just a fun scent. I kept telling everyone around me, "I smell like a banana - in a good way" It starts out with this lovely, fresh, banana smell but then the other players start to join the party. The guava made an appearance and then a sugary musk settled in with occasional wisps of banana. Totally out of my wheelhouse and really glad I sprang for it
  2. olhenry

    Dusk in Autumn

    The minute I smelled this I thought of Scarecrow Turned Philosopher and now I can't shake that scent association. It has a vague, minty thing going for me, maybe the tea. After it dries it becomes a lovely blend that is bright and forward. I don't get much, if any smokiness, which is a bummer because I love the smoky smells. Overall, I'm not sorry I got a blind bottle
  3. olhenry

    Dead Leaves and Warm Sugar Cookies

    In the bottle, it has that slightly damp, slightly decaying leaf pile with a lovely vanilla, sweet smell layered over it. It smells like kicking piles of leaves outside, and smelling a fresh batch of sugar cookies coming out of the oven. First time I applied, I way overdid, and it was kind of headache inducing. Very sweet with a heavy mouldering smell. I retried with a much lighter touch, and now it is beautiful both in the bottle and to wear. On me, it is too strong to wear to scent-adverse locations, but for snuggling up at home - it's wonderful.
  4. olhenry

    Forbidden Fruit - Resurrected

    I got an imp to try and wet my immediate thought was, "I smell like I spilled kool-aid all over me". On me it's a pretty strong, sweet, floral. Initial throw is good but it becomes more muted pretty quickly. I'm glad I tried the imp but I won't need to buy a bottle; too sweet.
  5. olhenry

    Black Hellebore - Resurrected

    Beautiful and light. The only reason I'm debating getting a bottle is that the scent just doesn't last.
  6. olhenry

    Thirteen (13): July 2018

    At first smell, it just seemed odd to me, almost foody - but without any specific association. This is just a glorious tropical smell to me. I can't pick out individual notes (what does pimento even smell like?). At first, it's very rich and slightly sweet, but the smoky, spicy notes pick up pretty quickly. It is a surprise hit for me. I'm so glad I bought a bottle blind.