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About Me

Loves reading, philosophizing, nail polish, playing roller derby, indie cosmetics/perfume, strangeness, art, film, feminism, social justice, crafting, moral quandaries, baked goods, music of all kinds, and cats, penguins, and green dragons.

Notes: Rose (seriously, ROSE!), floral honey, soft/warm florals, green or black tea, lotus or the aquatic and not so minty kind, lily of the valley, stargazer lily, heliotrope, gentle resins/incense, green notes (blunted by florals, incense, or musk), spicy florals, tuberose, orange blossom/neroli, honeysuckle, magnolia, white floral/orange, sweet pea, peach and pear (think light and crisp like champagne not syrupy), gardenia, apple, natural lilac, tropical florals and fruits, well-done citrus, warm and sensual musks and spices. I absolutely love the lab's apple blossom note. Oud (not skunky) and sandalwood are awesome in florals as a base. I love inky scents too.

Most Hated Scents: Vetivert as a main note...it becomes a DEATH NOTE (see Serpent's Kiss, really really bad on me). Vanilla (as a dominant note), Violet and orris root make me ill, chocolate, baked goods, pretty much all gourmand scents with the exception of peach, melon, and pomegranate, most aldehydic fragrances, overly chemical florals, Mugler Angel, Chanel no. 5, Bath and Body Works everything. Ambivalent toward jasmine and almond, depending on the blend. I hate jasmine that smells like a car air freshener and jasmine sambac but otherwise I love jasmine. Aquatics and ozone that smell like detergent aggravate my allergies badly. Patchouli is very hot or miss. Anything that smells strongly of weed or skunk is a no.

Seasons: Spring, early Fall, early Summer

Colors: Warm yellow florals, soft or intense white, reds, warm purple, floral green, orange-gold

Favorite BPALs and those I have enjoyed: Eve, Jezebel, Moscow, Like the Flashing of Light, Venus Verticordia, Aglaea, Katherina, Snake Charmer, Persephone, SWS: Lust, Desire, Hunger, Perversion, Qandisa, Aperteros Eros, Danube, Venom, the Velvets, Muse of the Night, Lucy's Kiss, Kurukulla, A Companion of the Same Nature, New Orleans, Yemaya, Harlot, O, Brisingamen, Scherezade, Opium Poppy, The Hesperides, Twilight, The Temptation, Tavern of Hell, Wanton, Flora, Wicked, Till Death

Favorite Possets: Eleanor of Aquitaine, Lotus of the Nile, Maine, Scarab, She Walks in Beauty

Favorite Perfumes, general: POISON by Christian Dior is my all time number one. Cabotine de Gres, Cabotine Rose; L'Occitane Pivoine Flora; GAP Grass; Pacifica French Lilac, Bergamot Rose, Hawaiian Pikake, and Persian Rose; Dali Dalistyle and Laguna; Dior J'Adore, Gucci Flora in small amounts; Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise; Jessica McClintock, Vera Wang