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  1. mistressfizz

    A Young Boy and His Brother Seated on a Goat

    This is amazing! It's a sweeter, darker Cathedral, which happens to be one of my favorite GC scents. This has the same woodsy incense base, but then the sweet patchouli and copal make it deeper, fuller, and adds a real refined touch. This is wonderfully blended, these notes all meld together into a woodsy heaven.
  2. mistressfizz

    Wynter Wakeneth Al My Care

    This scent is the lovechild of Banshee Beat and Snake Oil. It's gorgeous, starts off with champaca and sweet earthiness. As it dries, the vanilla and incense come out to play and it's just a warm, comforting, delicious blend of earth tones. Definitely my favorite of the 2017 yules.
  3. mistressfizz

    A Hailstorm of Knitting-Needles

    Sniff: Mmmmm, exactly as advertised - woods, tea, hint of sweet vanilla Wet: This is pretty faint on me, but smells amazing. It does have a cologne kind of vibe, but not very high pitched and the vanilla definitely tempers things overall. It smells....tousled....like lying in a Victorian bedroom on a mahogany bed frame with fresh sheets and...being tousled. Dry: This stays pretty faint on me, my skin is drinking this up. It's a beautiful scent, super well blended and balanced, warm and sweet and sexy
  4. mistressfizz

    Lines: The Cold Earth Slept Below

    Sniff: Very herbal, high pitched, reminds me of cologne / after shave, juniper and gin. I don't get the typical BPAL cold or green notes Wet: OK, this does calm down a bit once on my skin. It still smells herbal, but the orris is starting to blossom, it's becoming softer and warmer, the hints of earth and woodsy cypress are coming out Dry: This has really morphed on me! About 2 hours later, this is all musk, moss, and dust, actually quite lovely and very comforting. I wouldn't categorize this as a 'winter' scent - it's more reflective, no cold or snow, and reminds me of quiet evenings and moonlight
  5. mistressfizz


    I was cleaning my dresser and found this long forgotten bottle! And I'm glad I found her, as this is really lovely on me! It's a very soft, faint rose and not heady or blooming. It's more of a pale, taupe, suggestion of rose, resting just barely, lightly, over a bed of vanilla amber. I don't get a strong snow note at all, it's definitely a cool scent, but not "chilly" or "minty" in quality. I have a feeling this has settled in the past two years. It is a grounded, gentle, solemn scent.
  6. mistressfizz

    Dirty Soap

    The bar is a beautiful deep rust color, with caramel and black swirls. I bought the version with silk. It lathers really nicely in the shower and leaves my skin feeling clean without being too dry. I was not expecting the exfoliating bits - my sensitive skin does not do well with exfoliating pieces in most soaps and this was no exception. I had to be very delicate with pressure, otherwise my skin actually got scratched up while using this. The Dirty scent is soft and relaxing. It was quite subtle and my family didn't even notice I had used the soap. Some soaps have a very strong scent and the entire bathroom smells like it after you shower. That did not happen with this soap. It was very faint once I dried off and did not linger. If you're comfortable with exfoliating soap and want something unobtrusive, this is pretty good. Alas, the scrubby bits were not for me and I wish I had known it was exfoliating soap before I bought it.
  7. mistressfizz

    Pumpkin Spice Snake Oil

    This is a winning combination! It starts very strong on the pumpkin spice, a heady, blunt instrument of clove and nutmeg. Those spices do settle when drying on my skin, and a warm, languorous vanilla, flavored deeply with spice and musk, comes out.
  8. mistressfizz

    Frostbitten Snake Oil

    This starts off creamy and musky, with a hint of minty coolness. The snake oil component seems to dominate, although it is lighter in this blend and not as spicy. As it dries, I mainly get vanilla musk. Pleasant and nice to have a more gentle snake oil version.
  9. mistressfizz

    Theoi Nomioi

    The Theoi Nomioi are the gods and spirits of the wild: the countryside, the pastures, the forests. Under their auspices, untamed nature thrives, the beasts of the wild feast and multiply, the mountains reach to the heavens with their stony, snow-capped fingers, and the forests grow thick and dark with mystery. Sniff: Crisp, hint of ozone, lush pine forest Wet: Faint and subtle, more ozone. Definitely mountain air. Clean, dry, with a swirl of rich, wild woods. This leans towards a classic male cologne in the best way possible. Dry: Ah, the woods become more prominent after time. But it stays crisp and clean, it's a bright woodiness, not like furniture or resin, but fresh and sweet. It's very pleasant and well balanced.
  10. mistressfizz

    2014: Silk Phoenix

    Faded leather saddle with a curl of smoke and incense. The leather is not the sharp vinyl kind, but more along the Lab's fuzzy line. As it dries, it gets more dusty and faint. It's very well blended and quite pleasant.
  11. mistressfizz

    Pumpkin Spice Harlot

    Whoa, this is a cinnamon bomb! This is also the first time a BPAL oil has actually physically stung me. Basically, all I got was a huge dose of cinnamon, then I had to wash it off. When I sniffed it a bit more carefully after the skin test fail, it's definitely predominantly cinnamon and some sweet notes underneath. I don't get any rose. This is definitely not for me.
  12. mistressfizz

    The Dreadful Silence of That Old House

    The mahogany note dominates when wet. It's bright and fresh, a woodsy cologne that pops. It almost borders on pine. As it dries, the myrrh comes into the picture and this scent becomes a lot more complex and deep. The longer I leave it on, the more earthier and smoother it gets. It reminds me of intricately carved wooden panels in a Victorian mansion. Even though it's only got two main notes, it's very evocative and probably one my favorites from the 2017 weenies.
  13. mistressfizz

    Pumpkin Spice Cathedral

    Cathedral is one of my favorite GC scents. The addition of pumpkin spice imparts an interesting texture. This is mostly my beloved woodsy rich incense, with a swirl of creamy meaty sweetness. There actually isn't much spice. I like how strong and bold it is, like fresh pumpkin and fresh dark woods carved together. As it dries, it settles into the almost sandalwood-like, peaceful dusty notes which I love about Cathedral. Great if you're a fan of woodsy, sweet incense!
  14. mistressfizz

    Cinnamon Chai Cupcake

    Cinnamon vanilla cake! Bakery fresh and yummy. Creamy and warm, with a really pleasant bite. When it dries, it leaves a soft vanilla whisper. I like how the cinnamon is assertive, but does not overpower. This is more like a cinnamon cupcake, I don't detect any earthiness + spice that's like a chai blend. Great if you want something not too sweet, not too spicy, but still seasonal foodie.
  15. mistressfizz

    Pumpkin Spice Shoggoth

    Bursting bubbles of self-luminous pumpkin spice! I'm a fan of the spicy gingeryness of Shoggoth, so I was super excited to try this one. Sniff: It's very light and faint, a bit crispy. Wet: An earthy muddy spice. I get hints of cinnamon and dirt. Dry: This turns really sharp spice when dry, it's actually a bit noxious. I think the wet phase is nice, but I had to wash off the residual when dry.