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    dirt scents, leather scents, dirty leather! forest scents. notes I like are dirt, leather, coconut, anything earthy or woodsy, dust, clay. I tend to like darker scents, florals though if very innocent and girlish I like.... go figure. Snake Charmer, Snake Oil, fruity Snake oil CTs, Lilith Victoria, Western Diamondback, Smut, premature burial, october, desdemona, elegba, tarot the star, de sade, graveyard dirt, lysander, worm moon, obatala

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    my husband and baby girl... scents... cross stitchery...music.. i really hate filling these things out...
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  1. tragedy

    Mi-Go Brain Canister

    Im one of the weird skin chemistry that gets the smell of fresh poop the minute mi-go hits my skin BUT, a minute later, not even a minute, its all fresh fruit and light florals. Fruit of the juicy refreshing variety and I wouldht even say the jasmine is prevalent.. its more of a non-descript white floral blend. I can see this being added to my "wear at work for refreshing energy fix" catagory ;D
  2. Gee thanks Little Bird, like I need another scent to obsess over That sounds awesome from the reviews, especially the "smells like clove cigarettes taste" part... I'm definately going to try to snag some myself, and cant believe I missed seeing it before!
  3. Three Witches: Warm cinnamon, husky clove and white pepper. Pickled Imp: Cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and pine sap. I used to smoke cloves, and I would say that pickled imp is the closest to the aroma... Three witches is a lil on the drier side and its gorgeous, but I think the vanilla in the P.I. makes it dead on for me....and I wouldnt really call it sweet. I adore clove scents...I'll be watching this thread myself!!
  4. tragedy

    How to remove scents from your skin

    baby wipes always always do the trick for me!
  5. tragedy

    Drink Me

    This is one of those odd ones that the *throw* is really nice, but up close theres a funny burnt thing going on thats a lil off to me. Its almost like a burnt custard.. pleasant from afar though... I also get in the throw, a cakey pineapple... but yeah burnt custard.
  6. tragedy

    Lines Written Among the Euganean Hills

    I get dirty mint from this from the start... Its lovely, but then something gets perfumey, I think it may be the cedar... Its like a cologne-ish scent. Not too keen on it. try again later
  7. tragedy

    Pickled Imp

    I was thinking Pickled imp would be a grail scent and .... OMGITIS!!! Its Three Witches without the heavy cinnamon drydown. From onset its lovely lovely lovely clove-cinnamon-vanilla (in that order of strength)sweetness. Its absolutely divine!! no pine at all... which put me off because I couldnt imagine it with the others. X 1,000,000
  8. tragedy


    I have two penitences to compare... fresh imp and aged cobalt bottle. The aged penitence (which my daughter chewed the label off of almost as soon as I recieved it ) is dark and resiny.. the myrrh is stronger in the aged, its almost dusty... definately a churchy incense smell. VERY comforting. The fresh penitence is much sweeter, I think without aging the frankincense is stronger. Its very nice as well.. more wearable as a day to day than the aged. Beautiful either way, Im glad to have both!
  9. tragedy

    Mead Moon

    my hubby really digs honey scents so I was excited to get this... In the bottle I do smell a bit of mead, but on the skin its a nice warm spicy honey. Theres also a touch of something my nose is saying is yarrow, although I know its not one of the notes. I think its very similar on me to something else... cant remember though Nice, My partial will be adequate, I'll just wear it for him. (p.s. this puppy is strongggg. I slathered in re-apply and got a raging headache)
  10. tragedy

    Dixie Love Perfume

    I like jasmine, I like ylang ylang, but the combination of the two is overpowering... and thats what this seems to be.. (I think I sense a touch of cinnamon as well?) I wore this once and hubby liked it although he rarely likes florals ... But just now, in a room burner.. overpowering. I think its lovely, but so strong... I dont want to dilute it... As far as effectiveness, I think the fact that he likes it and doesnt like florals speaks for itself... hes always on me like glue.. so ....
  11. tragedy


    When I first got this it was extremely light, so I put it away for a while to let it settle... Straight out of the bottle it smells sweet and foody, almost caramel-ish. First applied myrrh and that nutty thing in hearth that makes me ill... It goes away thank goodness and dries down to almost single note myrrh with a hint of powder. Not really my thing.
  12. tragedy


    maybe my nose is broke... vixen is aged snake oil on me. Just that, aged snake oil. so... I LOVE Vixen
  13. tragedy

    The Best Scents for Home, a Room, the Car...

    *bumping the heck outta this thread* I just started using BPAL as room scents, I used a tad bit of samhain yesterday, while my skin swallows it up to nothingness quickly, I swear one drop of it had my WHOLE house in a FOG of scent, I dont get scent-induced headaches often, but I did yesterday. Temple:witches, the same. Anyone used anything to dilute that works well?? In a burner I mean??? Cake Smash is the BEST that Ive tried thus far!!! OMG good!!
  14. tragedy

    Graveyard Dirt

    I already reviewed the 08 version of this, which Im a big fan of... I managed to obtain a bottle of the original, and while I ususally cant tell a whole lot of difference in my fav's between original and ressirected, theres definately one in this... I even had hubby side by side blind sniff it and the original is richer and stronger. Its dirt amped. Im wearing it today to get a bit of nature freshness (in a way ) and its lovely. So glad I managed to get this!!
  15. tragedy

    Noche Buena

    Without looking at the notes on this one I was guessing, purple friuts and florals. It is very purple, and the plumeria wafts heavily, but in the background theres a good bit of chrysanthemum (funny how I go from "floral" to reading the notes and YUP chrysanthemum!) Its very energetic and pretty. A good "for work" blend