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    Drawing, painting, music, reading, anime, manga, Little Big Planet, Loco Roco, Katamari Damacy, bellydance, awesome movies, and MUCH more.


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    BPAL: I Fell in Love With a Floating Brain, Sticky Pillowcase, Midway Resurrected, MVJBA, Pancake Breakfast, Fruitcake, Milk Chocolate and Buttercream, Giant Vulva...and probably more to come! Blooddrop: To many to list! <3


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  1. BrainCake

    Splatter Comedy

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! I was skeptical about this...I need to be in a banana mood for banana-type things. In the bottle...banana! On me...banana! Hours later...banana! And cream! And a hint of something metallic! ...this makes me hungry. I this scent...
  2. BrainCake

    Plastic Pink Flamingo

    I think I'm pretty much in love with this. In the bottle, it's pink and sweet and sticky. On me...it's softened. I can't so much smell the marshmallow as much as I can smell soft dandelion with a touch of greenness. The marshmallow is still there, but it's almost an afterthought. This is very, very nice, and I am so glad that I was able to acquire a bottle!
  3. BrainCake

    Spinning Multicolored Metallic Pinwheel

    Mmmmmmm, love!! In the bottle, pinwheel is fizzy and sweet...I can TOTALLY see the namesake in my mind when I sniff it! It kind of reminds me of the smell of my favorite tourist-trap shop in a place we went camping a lot as a family. On me, it's still deliciously fizzy and sweet. I'm almost smelling something...soapy? Like Ivory soap, nearly...but there's still the sweet fruitiness underneath. It's hard to tell what I'm smelling the most of, but I'm thinking that I adore this scent, and am grateful to have been able to get a bottle! EDIT - Nearly 6 hours later, it's still faintly sweet and fizzy. Keeper!!!!
  4. BrainCake

    Strawberry Moon 2009

    I swapped a bottle of my Floating Brain for this scent, because I wasn't able to purchase it when it came up. I am forever grateful. In the bottle, it's almost overwhelming - very sweet, candy-like. I was *almost* afraid to try it out. ALMOST. But I love strawberry. On me - I almost can't describe it...it's red and fruity, yet green and grassy. It's sunshiny, and cheerful, and sweet...and I'm salivating. This is one to use sparingly - not that it's ovely strong, just that I want to keep it arond for a long, long time.
  5. BrainCake

    Giant Vulva

    Looking at the bar on the top of the page where it says BPAL MDNESS! -> Replying in Giant Vulva, I could have sworn it said . Oh, gawd, where IS my head, as of late? *shakes her head vehemently* Anyway. I got an empty bottle a a freebie with an order, and there was a *tiny* bit left in the bottle. I'd sniffed at it quite a bit, and decided to try some on last night after showing. I'm not sure if the notes would make any difference, since it is the *very* bottom of the bottle (and, oh gawd, it's sitting next to me, closed, and I can smell it!). In the bottle - strong, feminine, very "come hither" and smexy. On me...it's hard to describe. It stayed pretty strong, but very pleasant. I still smelled it at 10:30 this morning, after having applied it at midnight, I think? VERY nice, VERY good staying power. (The notes are hard for me to place, but WOW...) I actually had to find a bottle of this...at first, I didn't think that I liked it, but after more sniffing and actually trying it out...yeah.
  6. BrainCake


    Once again, gifted from Neyahala, this was a surprise. She'd said that she had two imps, and so I got one. This was a pleasant surprise! In the imp, it's very...bright. Does that make sense? It's very bright and cakey and fruity. It smells just like the real deal, and unlike the real deal, it's making me hungry... On me...it's the same as in the imp, really - bright, fruity, cakey, sweet, and oh-my-gawd-I-want-to-gnaw-my-arm-off-y. I feel SO fortunate to have been gifted this imp, and I'm echoing the many voices on this - I'd TOTALLY buy an actual bottle (or two) of this scent if it was presented in 5 mil form! (It's a bonus that my boyfriend chooses this one when I ask him what I should smell like...!)
  7. BrainCake

    Treat #2

    I was given nearly half of a bottle of Treat #2 by Neyahala - I remember that when I'd seen her, she'd always want me to smell it. In the bottle...I smell spices, and...some crazy combination of slightly orange-y, chocolatey coconut. On me...my first time wearing it was today, at work. I left the room I was in at the time, came back a few seconds later, and I smelled it in the room, wow... It's sweet, and I can totally smell the chocolate and coconut. The other scents are there, too, but the chocolate and coconut jump out at me. Gawd, if I didn't want chocolate before this...! Overall, I wouldn't wear this often - it's really sophisitcated and different (that, and my boyfriend is allergic to coconut...though I think it's ingestion only) - but it is a LOVELY scent, and I suddenly very much want an Almond Joy bar...
  8. BrainCake

    MVJBA: Spring Training 2008

    Was given a sample of this back in...May or June...and later, after trying to carefully ration the sample out as best I could, had to break down and hunt for a bottle (guess who enabled me/who I bought it from? ). In the bottle...mmm, buttery and caramel-sticky sweet. I can even kind of make out the popcorn portion! On me...same as in the bottle, sweet and tempting! This is really a great scent...I know there wasn't much to my review, which I feel kinda guilty for, but it's powerful in its simplicity, it really is.
  9. BrainCake


    Was given a sample of Midway (the label said Midway LE), and it was LOVE. It layered VERY well with my Burt's Bees Milk and Honey lotion, and I was very in love with it...it was sweet, and I couldn't place the notes (it was before I joined the board), but I liked it a lot...until, when one day I was trying to be SUPER-careful with it...and of course, dumped it. I was so sad, but I smelled awesome. I was given a second chance when a bottle of Fifth Anniversay Ressurrected was brought to my (thankful) attention. In the bottle...it's very sweet, and almost syrupy. On me...it's light, still slightly syrupy, and has a hint of something vanilla-y hiding in there. I can make out caramel, and hey, I think that's funnel cake! Cotton candy and taffy are also apparent to me... Sadly though, this scent is rather light on me, and doesn't like to stay around for very long. I still really like it, though. Mmmm.
  10. BrainCake

    MVJBA: Pancake Breakfast

    Again, got a sample from Neyahala (she is MY evil enabler!), and had to find a bottle to buy! In the bottle...mmm, I smell creamy butter and sticky-sweet syrup. I can actually pick out the boysenberries here. On me...PANCAKES. Pancakes, syrup, and butter. Not so much with the boysenberries, but it smells so much like breakfast that it's not funny. I actually HAD to buy this bottle so I could taunt my boyfriend with it, because he LOVES when I make him pancakes...they're his favorite thing that I cook. I had his mom sniff at the scent, and she smiled and said "Mmmm, complete with butter!". A keeper, and I'm so grateful that I was able to snag up a bottle!!!
  11. BrainCake

    Sticky Pillowcase

    Om-nom! Got a sample of this from Neyahala, and I ended up buying her bottle when she went to sell it! In the bottle...it's super-sticky-strawberry sweet! It's a sugar rush in a bottle! Before I had Floating Brain, this was my get-up-and-go scent for work, seriously. On me...I can picture what was described by the lab...only i have a hard time imagining the candy corn. I definetly get the rock candy dust and the strawberry goo, and maybe a bit of the marshmallow gunk. I can totally see/smell the blue sugar and the saltwater taffy...this is also a scent that wears for a wonderful amount of time on me, and it's a real pick-me-up!
  12. BrainCake

    Milk Chocolate Buttercream

    I've got a tiny amount in a vial...and it was enough to make me want to order a full bottle. So I did. In the vial I have, it's really sweet and chocolately, and it smells more like frosting than what you'd find in a box of chocolates. On me...well...I haven't got a ton to test on my skin yet, but once the bottle comes, I'd be more than happy to elaborate! What I've smelled thus far hasn't disappointed, and it makes me want to gnaw on my arm...both of my parents smelled it and they both said that it makes you hungry. Om-nom-nom! EDIT!Finally have my full-sized bottle!!! In the vial - as mentioned above, sweet and chocolatey, almost like liquid frosting! On me...mmmmm, choooocolate. It reminds me of this Bonne Bell Lip Lites pot I used to have in fudge brownie. It was my favorite lip stuff EVAR, because it smelled (and tasted!) so good! Even on me, this smells more like a cake/frosting, than it does a chocolate candy, I think. I don't use a huge amount of oil, usually, so as of this wearing, it's a bit hard to smell it on myself now, which saddens me. I have to actually stick my nose in my inner elbow to catch it, but it'll probably heat back up and become more obvious after I walk to work. Overall, a deliciously chocolately scent that's sure to make you hungry (or, maybe just a few of you). I'm glad I got this bottle when I did - AND it was my first ever order fromt he Lab itself!
  13. BrainCake

    I Fell in Love with a Floating Brain

    I may as well review this, since it's my namesake. Neyahala gifted me with a bottle of this for X-Mas last year. I was ecstatic, because when she told me about it, the name grabbed me right away. I'm not even into B-Horror films, but it sounded awesome! In the bottle...whoa. To me, it smells über-creamy...it's berry-y and cake-y and I definetly get a zap of that grapefruit. On me...I defiently pick up on the grapefruit, but it's not overwhelming to me. I can also pick up the carnation in its lovely giddiness. The cakes are there, with the strawberry cream oozing on top of them. This scent wears for a good while on me, and it eventually winds down to strawberry. It KIND of reminds me of the Strawberry Shortcake strawberry someone else had mentioned, but not in a bad way to me. I do love this scent...I'm glad that Neya was kind enough to buy me a bottle, and I feel SO fortunate to have found backups! This is such a giddy and yummy scent...!