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  1. Wench457

    Pink & Blue Candy Canes

    Sweetly fruity on me. I get almost no mint. Not a complex scent, but I like it.
  2. Wench457

    They All Came to Grief in a Beautiful Row

    The mint and fruit on this one are not getting along well on me. Going to let it rest for a bit then retest.
  3. Wench457

    Peach Absinthe

    Oh man, I just knew Peach Absinthe and I were made for each other, and I was right. In the bottle it smells like a super fancy cocktail. Not the sticky sweet kind, but the more grownup kind where people sit around taking small sips and debating which kind of bitters were used to craft it. (It's definitely peach bitters.) Once on, the peach fades even more into the background, letting the absinthe shine. It's definitely herbal, with a distinct minty note, but without smelling even remotely like a candy cane. This is more like the mint in a mint julep, where it's fresh and very vegetal. As it warms up, the peach becomes more apparent, balancing fresh, herbal and sweet perfectly together. Throw is light and discreet, even after a generous slather. I was going to test more of the peaches today, but I don't want to smell like anything else.
  4. Wench457

    Lilith’s Horrible Error

    Received this as a delightful surprise in a swap and I'm glad I did! Lots of green apple at first, as others have said, followed by armfuls of lush pink roses, which surprisingly don't go soapy on me. The apple fades quickly and I get cloves. Winds up smelling like carnations on me, but is very pretty and not horrible at all
  5. Wench457

    Erotic Sake Bowl

    I love me a good grapefruit scent and this one is stunning. Possibly the winner of my order this year. Strong citrus throughout. The plum blossom musk takes a bit to show up, but when it does it takes this scent from merely a lovely citrus to a complete stunner, adding a depth and sweetness to the blend. Amazing and will definitely be a backup bottle purchase for me
  6. Wench457

    Pomegranate Sufganiyot

    I love many of the Sufganiyot scents, but this one may be my favorite. The astringency of the pomegranate perfectly balances the buttery pastry and it's just perfect
  7. Wench457

    Red Apple, Pineapple, and Green Tea

    This was one of the few BPAL scents that immediately made me recoil from the bottle. In the bottle to my nose it smells almost like motor oil. 😕 Once on, it's definitely juicy red apple with an underlying astringency of the green tea. Sadly the pineapple never makes an appearance on me
  8. Wench457

    Crinoline and Lace

    Oof. I resisted buying it when it came out because I have yet to find a Lace that completely works on me. Something about the cognac/tobacco I think. Just got to try it today and I keep getting whiffs of Antique Lace. Not the 2017 version, but the original holy grail version that I hoard like a dragon. Sniffing up close, it's not the same as AL, but the throw is definitely similar enough to scratch that itch. Now to hunt down more...
  9. Wench457

    Kai Kai

    Yeeep, that's red musk all right. Red musk is a note that is iffy on me at best, so please bear that in mind. As I wear it, the musk develops almost a floral note with a rather earthen undertone. I was hoping for more cotton candy, but for me the red musk just stomps all over everything. I knew it was a gamble, and alas it did not pay off. At least it never turned into peanut butter, as red musk sometimes can on me.
  10. Wench457

    Pink Amber and Peony

    Peony is far and away my favorite flower scent. The amber adds depth, making it beautiful and rich without being heavy. Overalll this is just a perfectly balanced scent. Straight to my top ten and very, very glad I got more than one bottle.
  11. Wench457

    Snow Moon 2019

    Some consider December’s full moon to be Snow Moon, but the cold, bleak white silence of February also bears the name. Snowfall is at its heaviest, food is scarce, the past year’s harvest has been exhausted, and driving winds, sleet, and bitter cold make hunting near-impossible. It is a desolate time, a solitary time, a time of conservation and introspection; in February, we are confronted with loneliness and want, and are challenged to find strength in the darkness. Snow, endless snow, and a glimmer of hope illuminated by the reflection of Brigid’s flame. Snowdrops pushing through a pale white blanket of crystalline musk, pale white frozen apples, white tea leaf, yuzu, and angelica root. Artwork by Caldecott-winning illustrator and author and all-around amazing human being and bestest of friends, Dan Santat. ITB and on first application, the yuzu stands out, but it is quickly absorbed into the musk. As it wears, nothing really stands out above the rest, it's just an incredibly well blended scent. Eventually, the snowdrops come out a bit more, giving this the slightest floral edge, but not in the usual "white floral in your face" sense. It's soft and gentle and just really, really lovely. I bought two bottles of this from the notes alone, and I'm very glad I did.
  12. Wench457


    Undoubtedly the greatest marvel of Spiritualism is the materialisation of the spirit form. It is highly interesting to study the gradual development of this phenomenon. It was not till some years after the advent of modern Spiritualism that materialisation was heard of. At first the spirits had power only to materialise a hand or foot, and that very imperfectly; then they were able to produce faces, several sometimes showing at one séance; but even at that time the spirits prophesied that the time would shortly come when they should be able to materialise a complete human form, and walk about in our midst. That time has now come. On two occasions I have witnessed the phenomenon of a spirit reincarnating itself — putting on a material body and dress — the body to all intents a human body, and the dress fabric of earthly produce. The spirit has not suddenly burst on my view in a perfected form, but slowly evolved out of nothingness before my eyes, and again melted away, repeating the process again and again! – Experiences in Spiritualism: A Record of Extraordinary Phenomena Witnessed Through the Most Powerful Mediums, With Some Historical Fragments Relating to Semiramide, Given by the Spirit of and Egyptian Who Lived Contemporary With Her by Catherine Berry A quiet perfume that emerges slowly out of nonbeing: white musk, ambergris accord, coconut, almond milk, and honeysuckle. Wispy, ethereal and enchanting. When first applied, the coconut leads the way, accompanied by the ambergris and almond milk, but it never strikes me as foody. Once it settles in, the musk and honeysuckle show up and I find I'm in love. Almost defies classification. It's not gourmand, not especially floral, but utterly lovely. Definitely back up bottle worthy.
  13. Wench457

    Obligatory Peach Hair Gloss

    Love this so much! Something about the combo of the peach and pumpkin and marshmallow is giving me a strong "peach cobbler a la mode" vibe. Deliciously fruity with just a hint of spice and sweet vanilla. Not to heavy or syrupy, and frankly, it's just perfect all around.
  14. Wench457

    White Pumpkin Extrait Hair Gloss

    This is the pumpkin scent I have been searching for! Freshly cut pumpkin - slightly buttery, slightly acidic and all fruit. Just the slightest hint of something spicy without going pumpkin spice latte all over the place. Now I need to track it down in perfume form, because I'm in love.
  15. Wench457

    Like a Girl

    I blame my skin chemistry for this one. I bought this because it's for a great cause, and it should have been at least pleasant on me. I really wanted sandalwood vanilla skin musk. Instead, for some reason, I get carnation single note. Alas.