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  1. vacpl

    Lot and His Daughters

    This is one of the most interesting bpal scents I've tried (although none of them are ordinary, some just stand out). It started off in a way I can only describe as cynical. A bit sharp, though not in the way you'd expect, and sophisticated. It morphed quickly through the fruity stage and is currently the only bpal I've ever found that truly does smell like a metaphysical shop. Although, nose to my arm, it isn't the skin scent that smells like that. It's the throw. Very interesting blend. I'm going to have to keep it a while and try it again when I don't have a few others on at the same time.
  2. vacpl


    This is absolutely gorgeous, and in no way like any other bpal oil I've tried (and I've been through probably 2/3 of the catalog now). Everything is so well-blended that I can't tell the notes apart, and on me, it ends up smelling like a stunning eastern incense blend! Two bottles in my next order!
  3. vacpl


    I've not tried all the leathers, but my favorites have been Quincey Morris (the most wearable, a ladies leather if that makes any sense), Count Dracula (spicy!), and Bow & Crown of Conquest (oh yummy!). De Sade is nice, but it's definitely very raw, almost sharp smelling.
  4. vacpl

    A rare church visit

    Hi! I was off to leave you feedback and hit your blog link by accident. What serendipity. I'm UU, so I find it fascinating to read of other's journey to and through the UU community.
  5. Kumiho is very much white tea, reminding me of tea from my favorite Chinese restaurant.
  6. vacpl

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    I'm a bit late picking this up, but I wanted to say thank you! I so appreciate you having done the work on this, and keeping it updated!
  7. vacpl


    Lovely scent. It starts out very almondy on me, almost amaretto. Then after about 5 min., the almond has faded to the background and the frankincense moves to the forefront. This settled at a heady mixture of frankincense rounded by the almond/vanilla and just a smidge of cinnamon for some kick. It didn't last very long the first time I tried it, but I'm wearing it again to see how it does. Hopefully it'll last a while longer. ETA: This isn't foody at all on me. Rather gourmand, but not bakery shoppe at all.
  8. vacpl


    Oh I wanted to love this. It's mostly gorgeous, and stays the same for me in bottle, wet or dry. It's a bookshop-type scent to me. It reminds me of a privately owned one that carries everything from new bestsellers to old first-editions. Lovely scent. But I just can't stand something in it! I had similar issues with Dance of Death, so I'm guessing it's the myrrh. It's not usually a problem for me, but in Laudanum it's just too dusty. Off to the swap pile with this one.
  9. vacpl


    This was fairly strong in the imp, and I wasn't wowed. On - Lavender, quite a bit with other florals in the background. After about 15 min. and beyond - Baby Powder. Totally, exactly baby powder - not powdery, but the real thing. Weird! It reminded me of my Gram - not a bad scent, but not really me. Hopefully, it will suit someone else more.
  10. vacpl

    Monster Bait: Underpants

    Who doesn't want a monster in their pants? Sexy sugar-smeared saffron sandalwood over lickable vanilla cream with a splash of butter rum. I'm so disappointed I could cry. This really does smell like underpants on me. I want the butter rum and the vanilla cream and sandlewood. But something's getting in the way and I think it's the saffron? Wah! Here's hoping it's just a problem in this combination. It's off to the swap pile with this imp.
  11. vacpl


    Oh wow! I'm in love. Love, I tell you. On me this scent is warm and melds into this gorgeous skin scent. No note overpowers the other; it's just lovely. Because I know what's in it, I can smell each note individually, but otherwise, it's just an amazing blend of 'my skin but better'. Definitely wanting a 5ml of this!
  12. vacpl

    Kweku Anansi

    This is certainly one of the more interesting scents I've tried so far. I can smell every note separately when I first apply it. After about 15 min. it's pepper. Just dusty pepper and wood. And I don't hate the smell. It's kinda fun actually to smell like pepper and not be sneezing my head off. But it's too odd. Happy to have had the chance to try this, but I'm sure someone will love it more than I.
  13. vacpl


    I got lavender in the forefront for this, but my skin won't behave with a floral (fairly usual). After about 30 min. this just became a gigantic bouquet of flowers. Kinda of floral mush - nothing distinctive at all on me. So to the swap pile this goes.
  14. vacpl

    Tiger Lily

    Florals are very hit or miss for me. I am so happy I took a chance on Tiger Lily! It's very straightforward, but the lily works for me. Honey and lilies and I didn't think I could wear lilies. Yay! The honey helps to tone down the lily a bit for me. Gorgeous, and probably bottle-worthy for me!
  15. vacpl

    Queen of Sheba

    This is OMG gorgeous on my skin. And it lingers too, which makes me soo happy! At first it's bitter almond, dry and a bit astringent almost. But quickly it becomes a dry sweet almond with a gorgeous musky scent. I couldn't even begin to separate the notes in it, so I'll just say that it's a 'keep sniffing my arm all day scent'. Very warm and sexy. Yum!