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  1. StevenBoatman

    America's New Gods

    This smells almost citrusy to my nose. Maybe a bit of the chlorine, but mostly a sort of orange-citrus smell. Like if a computer tried to describe what citrus smells like. It's good, surprisingly. Weird as all get out, but good.
  2. StevenBoatman

    Mad Sweeney Nail Polish

    Four leaf clover green filled with gold shimmer and gold to bronze to silver mulitchromatic flake. This is EMERALD green. It's gorgeous and a little mad and dangerous. The gold and bronze hide in the "back" of the color, like tiny gold coins among shamrocks. Spoiler
  3. StevenBoatman

    Mr. World Nail Polish

    White crelly that appears tinged green in the bottle. Filled with black, gold, and green microflake. I guess I'm first? Woo! This is a light blue-green. The gold microflake gives it a look like there are veins of gold in it, which is really cool! From a distance, the effect is almost like static. It was a little sticky going on, but that could have been because it just came out of a 102 degree mailbox. Spoilered 'cause the image is big. Spoiler
  4. StevenBoatman

    Buried Secrets Nail Lacquer

    Soooo, this is my first ever time doing nail polish. Forgive the messiness. The color on this is amazing! I put on a couple of coats, and it's a deep, sparkling blue that's definitely fully opaque. This is definitely a keeper!!
  5. StevenBoatman


    Copying my review from the main site: MMMMMMMMM. Covfefe is nonsense-and much sweeter than the person that spawned the word! It’s slightly sour-ish orange dreamsicle on me. There’s a hint of soft vanilla cream (the marshmallow) and something vaguely like orange talcum powder (in a good way). ​As it dries, there's a sharpness from the gin that keeps the orange effervescent. I really, really adore this!
  6. StevenBoatman

    RPG Combos

    Whuff. Tried out a full blend today: Neutral Evil Gnome Bard who happens to have a bit of Thieves' Rosin on him. It starts as mostly ginger and skin musk with something woody and drippy/oily. As it dries, it gets an almost chewy floral sweetness. The rosin fills out, becoming thick and dark. It's an unpredictable but deadly dark scent. I like it!
  7. StevenBoatman

    Pumpkin Sugar

    Woo! This is a spicy one, alright! I don't get much pumpkin from it. In fact, there's something almost maple to my nose. O.o Still, it's a warm, spicy scent with decent throw. It'll be great when the weather gets cold!
  8. StevenBoatman

    Feeling lazy - casual scents for lounging

    Hoping that the forum might be able to help me out! We all know that there are lots of different types of scents. Some scents have a bazillion notes and are bright and busy. Others are dark and smexy. And still others are sharp and business-like. What I'm looking for are some laid-back scents. The olfactory equivalent of leaning back in a lounge chair in the sun with your hat shading your face. Something not super heavy, not super bitter, and not really cloying. For example, Dorian and Embalming Fluid are two that are light and laid-back to my nose. What are your favorite light 'n' lazy scents? (Yes, yes, I know. BPAL is mostly into the dark Gothic scents. But we all know they have a few wacky ones out there!)
  9. StevenBoatman

    Destroying Angel

    I got this imp from a forumite, so I'm not sure how old it is. On initial application, it smells like a wetter version of Graveyard Dirt (which is TOTALLY okay with me, by the way). After it starts to dry down, the dirt smell retreats and blends with an almost spicy white floral. If this is a poisonous plant, it's the kind that is brightly colored and is oh so tempting to the eye, even though you know it's going to hurt if you eat it.
  10. StevenBoatman

    Dragon's Bone(r)

    This is almost pure dragon's blood on me, though oddly, it isn't as sweet as the other dragon's blood blends that I've tried. You'd think the other notes would sweeten it, but they seem to have the opposite effect. This is more like the smoke from actual burning dragon's blood incense. It's quite nice, if a little bitter! This IS straight from the mail, though, so I'll have to test again after it settles some.
  11. StevenBoatman

    The Candy Butcher (2015)

    Holy smokes! How does one do this? It's superdark chocolate, and something creamy, but the whole shebang is underscored by this....note. I can't tell you what this note is, only that my mental impression is that of Evil Itself distilled down to an oil and blended with chocolate and cream. It turns this from a sweet, happy foody scent to something dark and sexy and terrifying. *writes on the ground in pleasure*
  12. StevenBoatman

    Chaos Theory VII: Gourmand

    This is...weird. It can't make up its mind what it wants to be! I get..chocolate? Or maybe caramel? Then as it dries there's something like oranges and cherries, with a whiff of something almost grape-y. Finally it turns into a sort of spicy foodiness that's really yummy. ETA: Per the Lab's email, this is Gourmand #100!
  13. StevenBoatman

    Gingerbread Sin

    Guh. This is just...guh. *wipes drool from face* So! The normal Sin oil is an awesome smell, but it fades after about 5 minutes on my skin. However, the addition of the gingerbread note increases the staying power by about ten thousand percent! As for what it smells like, picture the following: You are in your kitchen. It's winter and the snow outside is causing your poor tummy to crave gingerbread-y goodness. So you've whipped up a nice batch of gingerbread, pulled it out of the oven, and have given it time to cool. Now, you slather on just a hint of icing (spiced with an extra touch of ginger). You look at your creation and think "Hm, this looks good but it's still missing something." In a fit of inspiration, you add a few crumbs of golden amber and take a small bite. It's good, but not quite perfect. So, you add a generous dollop of sandalwood for creaminess, a smattering of peppery black patchouli for zing, and you top the whole thing off with a dash of cinnamon. You lick your lips, cut off a piece and taste it. Mmmm, the gooeyness of the gingerbread mixing with the spices is heaven and sin all at once. Before you know it, you've eaten the whole pan of gingerbread and you're wondering how quickly you can make another batch! (As another example of how good this is, one of my more...crass...coworkers smelled this on me and said that I "smelled like an "O" face from a movie would smell. I chose to take that as a compliment.)
  14. StevenBoatman


    So, I tried Samhain not long after I first got into BPAL. At the time, I didn't know anything about perfumes and I wasn't able to tell most of the notes apart. Consequently, at the time I tried it I loathed it. It just smelled like a dirty, rotting mess. x_x Fast forward to this year, and things have changed some. My ability to differentiate between notes has improved, and that has made this year's iteration of Samhain absolutely gorgeous. In the bottle: Dirty, earthy patchouli, with a touch of pine. On, wet: Patch and apple. If this was a picture, it would be an ebony ground, shot through with deep brown highlights. Sitting on top of the ground, the only object visible as far as the eye can see, is a shiny, perfect red apple. This is the simple and sweet red apples that your mom gave you as a kid, though. This is the sinfully red, terrifyingly sweet apple that a wicked queen has enchanted and poisoned. It stands out starkly but beautifully from the earthy tones of the patchouli. On, dry. The apple is still going strong, grounded by the patchouli, but now there is a dark pine forest in the distance, and occasional whiffs of clove and spices drift up before vanishing. I should have gotten a backup.
  15. StevenBoatman

    Survival horror!

    I'd recommend Gore-Shock, from the Dark Delicacies collection (you have to go to their site, though). It's totally the smell of the Otherworld in my mind. You might try to find an imp of it, though, as it's a little...powerful. Here's the description: "Pulpy, scorched, pork-like flesh, glistening entrails, and doughy skin with the coppery tang of blood, salty, sweaty musk, filth, and a huff of rusted machinery."