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  1. DiamondHeart


    I agree with teamilk that the spicy note smells much more like nutmeg than clove. I say this with authority, because I am allergic as hell to cloves and I can slather myself in this and not break out. Still in the "pumpkin pie spice" family though. I love love loooove this oil. It's an instant pick me up. This is my third one and I'm sure it won't be my last. ~Diamond~
  2. DiamondHeart

    White Light

    Gardenias. All I can smell are gardenias. The white floral you can't pinpoint- I am positive it's gardenia. Which is somewhat unfortunate, as my imp of White Light (which was decanted back in 2005 from a friend who got it from that place back east that used to sell BPAL but closed) was a very sharp but still white scent. More citrusy-woodsy-papery, like old books, than this which is just HAI WANT SOME FLOWERS? HAVE SOME ANYWAY!! This one is... cloying. Which I'm sure has nothing to do with its effectiveness but it's rather unwelcome to gag when you open the bottle. Then again, I was recently pregnant, so who the hell knows. ~Diamond~
  3. DiamondHeart

    Cold Moon

    MINT FLAVORED TUMS. That's what it smells like! Very disappointing, though at least it's not just me who got a bottle where mint came to die. I really loved Banshee, which had three mints, so I dunno why this one is so different on me! ~Diamond~
  4. DiamondHeart

    Cold Moon

    In the bottle: Listerine On skin wet: Listerine Dry down: Listerine with flowers After a few hours: Some very pleasant flowers that were maybe watered with Listerine. Granted, I'm pregnant right now, so my skin chemistry and sense of smell are FUBAR, but I think I'll be trading this one soon... ~Diamond~
  5. DiamondHeart

    Middle Pillar

    This was like olfactory valium for my emotions. I took a whiff after a long day at work and it immediatly helped me just balance myself again. I wore it before a stressful therapy session with my mom, between my breasts (what I supposed would be my heart/throat chakra?) and it seemed to help. It was very strong to me, but didn't bother my mom, who is very sensitive to perfume. It's very unassuming, but still has a presence to it. ~Diamond~ ADDED July 25: It would appear that Middle Pillar has cinnamon in it. Since I have big, red splotches on my wrists, right between my breasts, the pulse points on my neck, and the middle of my forehead. I kinda look like I have bindhi- the red dot that Hindu women have. Fortunately I end all my rituals with a shower, and I had already finished most of it by the time I noticied that I was itching and burning and red, so it wasn't too bad. Just warning everyone! ~Diamond~
  6. DiamondHeart


    Tee hee! I get to be the first!! In the bottle, it smells really light and the energy in it is just amazing. Kinda like cedar and smoky, a little bit of white sage, perhaps? It should be very useful to me. I'll post about how I feel about using it once I get a chance. ~Diamond~
  7. DiamondHeart

    Butch yet not manly scents?

    Blood Rose. Sexy no matter who wears it. Whip. Leather and roses, what more could you ask for? Thunderbird. Discontinued, but it's liquid gold. ~Diamond~
  8. DiamondHeart

    Bravery, Courage, Confidence, Intimidation, Power

    Queen. Work your feminine power to the max, baby. ~Diamond~
  9. DiamondHeart

    Annabel Lee

    SQUEEE MY POE IS FINALLY HERE!! First sniff: OOOH! It's so beautiful- I'm in love! It screams second bottle! Wet: Maybe third. *sniffsniff* Ok, definitely third. This is wonderful!! So GOOD! I love it. Beth, you are a goddess and I love you!!! ~Diamond~
  10. DiamondHeart

    All Saints'

    This smells just beautiful in the bottle... still smells nice on my skin... a bit of an acrid note, perhaps the leaves? There's a bit of spice, I think that's the cassia. It smells like a very subtle cinnamon. Some florals are trying awful hard to get through it... this will definitely be a keeper. I'm not too sure on how much I like it at the moment, but I think it'll only improve with time! ~Diamond~
  11. DiamondHeart

    Scent for Halloween?

    The Ides of March. I'm all about Rome, man. ~Diamond~
  12. DiamondHeart

    Looking for a BPAL similar to a Clinique Fragrance

    Wilde for the boyish smell. I second Kumiho and Shanghai. I liked Clinque Happy too, and they aren't the same, but they're definitely alike. Also, try Embalming Fluid. Maybe give Hurricane and Undertow a shot too. Good luck! ~Diamond~
  13. DiamondHeart

    Strawberry Moon 2005

    It smells like hot, fresh waffles with strawberry topping and real whipped cream. With some nice herbal green stuff to offset the sweetness. I definitely wish I had gotten two bottles! ~Diamond~
  14. DiamondHeart


    Wet: It smells like lavender. I like lavender, so this is a good thing. Dry: It smells like spicy lavender. Like really pissed off lavender. Kind of a nice mental image, isn't it? Also, how the hell do you pronounce this? ~Diamond~
  15. My boy-thing (whatever the hell he is!) adores my BPAL addiction, if only because every so often I say, "DAMN, I smell like sex!" Anything with dragon's blood or wine or combination thereof is ASKING to be pounced, which works out very well because I like dragon's blood and wine, and I like to be pounced, and he likes to pounce me. He also adores citrusy scents, and I am dying to try out some sandalwood blends on him! ~Diamond~