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    Beloved Notes: CIVET, Dragon's Blood, musk, iris, spices, sage, saltwater, vetivert, sandalwood, violet, rose (when it doesn't go soapy), amber, nuts, deciduous trees, cinnamon, mechanical Beloved Blends: Black Pearl, Glasya, Satyr, The Witch Queen, The Sportive Sun,The Phoenix, Mechanical Phoenix, Persephone, Morella, Puck, Vinland, Dragon's Blood Undesirables: Patchouli is variable, but usually bad. Suspecting vanilla as the sweet/foody scent I don't like. Honey amps way too high on me (which is pathetic, since I'm a beekeeper). The "lunar oils" seem to make me headachey. I tend to amp all scents, so sweet things are cloying on me. Generally I can't do florals or foody scents at all. Faerygirl's Delights: Hamadryad, Black Forest, woodsy scents, faery scents Mr. Gardener: Anne Bonny, Loup Garou, Tristran

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    Insects, gardening, fantasy and science fiction, simple pleasures, children, Nature, science, herbs, wiwaxia, herbs
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    Virgo, but a sloppy one.
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  1. JennyGardener


    spicy-sweet and soft hazy opium den, languid and sexy throbbing Indian music, a half-naked dancer in swirling fabric my head hurts as my body refuses to obey and sinks into soft pillows very heady... blame anything I do on the drugs in the air... Of course, what happens afterwards is something soft and slow and sensual, languid pleasures in the softness of the bed, unreal yet shimmering to the touch, no clumsiness here, only the mastery of the arts of passion an overindulgence in the power of lust
  2. JennyGardener


    like cola or tea tree spicy, piney, a wild walk hiking in the woods atop a mountain, full of furry animals and pine mulch burning through the pines, softens after, smoky, misty, mysterious, lying in fur huddled with rabbits in a den
  3. JennyGardener

    Hunter Moon 2004

    I am a Wolf or Lion sexy, Puckish, attractive not so much berry, spicy underneath. Heat, the spill of blood the taste of it in my mouth delicious as I bring my prey down heady, satisfying satiating my hunger but always I am ready to spring away, to hunt, to move, to defend my kill... easing off now, not so strong, the scent of meat on my breath delicious fading away to dreams of prey, almost the same as the first whiff, but without the strong desire to chase
  4. JennyGardener


    sharp and sweet quickly melting away into a dry dusty moldering shroud mildew, mixed with the sweet decay of rotting flesh strangely not unpleasant just disquieting, and a little sad, as if I am the Poet, watching over the decaying body of my lost love. All that is left is the rose-sweetness of my memory
  5. JennyGardener


    a steamy, jungle habitat at the zoo, full of exotic plants and monkeys. It's a clandestine kiss in the corner, pulled there by a lover while people pass by. It's the sudden loin-tingling heart flopping thrill of being checked out by a sexy guy. It's that feeling you have as a confused teenager, dying for awakening but not sure you're ready for it yet. It's going too far in the backseat, swept away by the heat of the moment, summer nights and asphalt, and his sticky cologne sweat on your skin.
  6. JennyGardener

    Fenris Wolf

    sweet, with a hint of malice He intends harm, but can be seduced by innocence... feral tempered by softness a beauty you could give yourself to without hesitation... Eat me, darling!
  7. JennyGardener


    Civet, hot and dry like the baking fur of a desert cat in its den, dessicated scats lying around, very animal this smell is, lion cage in summer, aggressive, but it's too hot to do anything about it.
  8. I agree that Black Annis is very evil. I scared myself, wearing it. I didn't want to embody that spirit. Glasya, the Princess of Hell is my all-time favorite scent. I don't know if she's evil or not, but she's hot and fiery and sensual and commanding. And she makes me feel strong.
  9. JennyGardener

    Looking for the scent of a cave...

    To me, Black Annis had a fearful cave-scent. You might want to check it out.
  10. JennyGardener

    BPAL for Working Around or With Animals?

    Whenever I wear perfume with civet (Glasya is one of my favorites), the cats won't stop trying to lick my wrists!
  11. JennyGardener

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    OOOhhhh! They're quite lovely! thanks so much for the link!
  12. JennyGardener

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Okay, does anyone have Steamworks bottles to show off? I'm dying to see them!
  13. JennyGardener

    Hexennacht (2008)

    Yep, this smells like sweaty witches, just after they've done some energy raising. When I opened the bottle, I smelled the strong scent of forest with a hint of incense wafting my way. There was a slight sourness, which made me just a little nervous. What are the witches doing? Then put some on my skin. Now the forest was all around me, and I was dancing with the witches. Sweat glistened on my skin as the rising smoke made me heady with the incense and magic. This scent had terrific staying power, lasting all day and even through the garden. The sweat component is exactly like sweat - slightly sour but sexy at the same time. It makes me think of an attractive dancer with skin musk. Trouble with Hexennacht is that it smells EXACTLY like sweaty witches - a scent I can create whenever I do my own dancing with my own witchy crew on full moon nights. It's not something I want to wear, although I think it would be a lovely ambiance scent. Hexennacht is very potent, and for those who wonder what it smells like to dance naked in the forest with burning incense, this is spot on.
  14. JennyGardener


    Me - Piney, but mixed with lemon Faerygirl - Very strong and earthy, yet still that lemony freshness
  15. JennyGardener

    The King of Hearts

    This one was a definite scent memory. I couldn't place it at first. Cookies? Amaretto? No, wait...King of Hearts smells EXACTLY like the almond cookies in a Chinese restaurant!