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    Mary Read and Dorian, layered
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    Mary Read and Dorian layered together! As well as Ochosi, Ravenous, Empyreal Mist (Why, oh why?!), the Apothecary, Absinthe, Wanda, Mad Hatter, Poisoned Apple, Tweedledum, Languor, Morgause, Sybaris, Somnus, and the list keeps growing... As for individual notes - vanilla, tonka, benzoin, lavender, mint, lily, and sometimes patchouli and sandalwood.

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  1. pzb

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I've been in love with Mary Read since I got my first imp two years ago. I just received a new bottle and....it smells like maple syrup. I don't get any of the notes that make Mary so nice and spicy. Even wearing it for two hours, it's still maple-y... I'm so sad! I don't know what to do.
  2. pzb


    In the Vial: Sweet and green. Definitely getting the fig and cypress. Wet: Holy ginger, Batman! Okay...a little cypress in there too, but certainly very sharp. Drydown: Goes very, very sweet. No hint of the patchouli that usually causes the "Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!" effect on me. After about an hour: All rose, all the time. Not bad....just not....great.
  3. pzb

    The Apothecary

    In the vial - Very green and herby and just a little sweet Wet - The herbal notes are strong - and maybe a little of the mosses Dry - Sweeting and softening - tea leaf? A bit of ginger and fig too… Light and lovely - I really do like it. Later - Not much throw, but definitely nice and light. Totally hanging onto this one.
  4. pzb


    In the vial - Lavender and Sandalwood Wet - Heavy on the lavender and sandalwood - thankfully, the lavender stayed the top note Dry - Still lavender mostly. My husband commented it smelled like soap. When I said Lavender and Sandalwood, he said, Ahh. So at least it wasn't like his last comments where he asked what stunk. Later - Certainly nice and relaxing. Doesn't last terribly long (as I was up late reading because of a raging party behind us) so I reapplied, but it was fine.
  5. pzb

    Poisoned Apple

    In the vial - Amazing scent of red delicious apples - literally smells like crushed apples in the vial. Wet - Very sweet apple with definitely something lurking underneath, but not strong enough to say what Dry - Still very apple-y with something slightly darker beneath, but it's not making its presence obvious Later - Basically stayed all apples - not bad, but not entirely what I had in mind either. But it has great lasting power. Definitely hanging onto it.
  6. pzb


    In the vial - Minty and a little lemon Wet - Sharp as hell - lemon and anise coming through Dry - Sharpness has faded, but the lemon is still pretty strong Later - The lemon has faded, giving way to the anise and maybe the wormwood? Either way, definitely like it once the lemon fades off.
  7. pzb

    Mary Read

    In the vial - sweet and kind of sour (in a good way) Wet - Sarsaparilla and the salt air are most dominate - definitely getting a bit of that salty air effect, but not overpowering Dry - Musty leather and ocean mist are starting to show, still sweetened by the sarsaparilla Later - Softened to something that reminds me a bit of Sea Breeze astringent (which isn't necessarily a bad thing - memories of my childhood, as my mom used to use that stuff.) Really light and fresh. Never really got the gunpowder though. But I totally love it (especially layered with Dorian.) Definitely will be getting a bottle of this.
  8. pzb


    In the vial - My god they aren't even kidding - OH DEAR GOD CHOCOLATE Wet - Overly sweet. Washed off almost immediately. I had a feeling I wasn't going to like it much, but I tried it for posterity's sake, given how much Mad Hatter changed on my skin. Away that one goes.
  9. pzb


    In the vial - Peach and bergamot….very rich and citrusy Wet - Peach is very strong Dry - Super sweet peach - smells like I rubbed a peach on my skin Later - Faded pretty quickly. Nothing really interesting left. Off to swap.
  10. pzb


    In the vial - warm and kind of tangy - patchouli and myrrh I think Wet - Myrrh - but I feel a patchouli-fest coming on Dry - Musk is hitting strong, though the patchouli is battling it out for top note Later - Myrrh started to really show. So much so that the hubby walked in the door and wondered what stank. Then told me not to take it personally. So I'd say it's safe to say that it's going to go away...
  11. pzb

    Midnight Kiss

    In the vial - Musky and a little chocolate Wet - Definitely a musk going on and a little sandalwood Dry - Eh, there's the patchouli - and it's all patchouli Later - The patchouli finally started to die off - something a little sweeter coming through - maybe the nicotiana? Not entirely sure. Not bad...not a fav. Will probably pass it on.
  12. pzb


    In the vial - floral, kinda sharp Wet - strong floral and a little spicy Dry - Lily showing strongly, maybe alittle of the narcissus? Later - Faded a lot - a soft, kind of powdery - the paperwhite? But it did stick around for a long while before turning very powdery. Definitely going to hang on to it for a while.
  13. pzb

    Black Opal

    In the vial - very light and a little sweet Wet - Light and crisp - I have to put my wrist right to my nose to smell it Dry - Light, kind of powdery with something else…tonka maybe, but doesn't seem heavy enough Later - Light and lingering. Not bad at all…just kinda meh.
  14. pzb

    Belle Époque

    In the vial - Very perfumey Wet - Still pretty perfumey - the lily and sandalwood are showing Dry - I think it's the opium showing right now. Not really getting any of the mandarin. Later - Just kind of died. Not really anything to write home about. I might try layering it with something else, but otherwise, it will be sent off to a more loving home.
  15. pzb

    Empyreal Mist

    acquired through an eBay lot and now...oh man, I'm regretting it... In the vial - Light and kind of tangy in a maybe-not-so-good way. Wet - Nice and light - very soft and clean. Dry - Oh, totally loving this - a beautiful, light, kind of airy scent. Later - Holding out reasonably well - DAMN! Why did this have to be a discontinued scent? *sigh* I guess I'll just have to start scouring for bottles....