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    Soaper, Chandler, Knitter, Dog Wrangler.

    I used to foster rescue bully breeds but since moving I no longer have room for fosters. :( My baby, Jake Blues (AmStaff), passed away at 12.5 years on 5/31/14. Miss Lela (APBT) passed away in July 2015 at age 18. In June 2014 we adopted a (then 2 year old) blue Boxer/AmStaff mix - The Monkies. He has had a rough life and came with a ton of baggage but we're working through it. At the end of July 2015 we adopted what I thought was an AmStaff mix blue puppy. Her name is Azura Zelda Azul Lee Loo Dallas Multipaws (Zuul for short.) Yeah. Now I'm thinking she is a whippet/terrier mix (aka a Lurcher or Pippet.) I just started doing agility with her in October 2016.

    So... I am still in shock with disbelief and denial but I moved out of the place I have lived for the past 10+ years on 10/1/16 and am going through a divorce. His idea. I am currently living with family (and depression) in Eastern Washington. Zuul came with me, ex insisted on keeping The Monkies. *cry*

    I used to work in the IT Department of a very large Seattle based coffee and tea company but right now am not working. If you know anyone who needs a Unix SysAdmin, send 'em my way! ;) I've also done a lot of tech support over the years. Started building web pages in 1994 when there were only two books on the subject and I worked for an ISP at the time.

    I'm a knitter too. I'm on Ravelry, let me know if you'd like my user name.

    I love to play on-line games. I'm been playing Ultima Online since 1997. Love my Wii (Zelda!!) Also playing Skyrim and Diablo III. I need to play Before the Storm. Someday I'll get an updated console so I can play the new Zelda games. :)

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/miss_twilight/
    Ravelry: www.ravelry.com/people/misstwilight
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    Snake Oil
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    Notes I love: VANILLA, honey, beeswax, tonka, marshmallow, cream, benzoin, oudh, sweet patchouli, sandalwood, amber, frankincense, myrrh, copal, olibanum, daemonorops, opoponax, opium tar, incense in general, red musk, black musk, siberian musk, indian musk, blue musk, musk in general, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, carnation, rose, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang, black orchid, black lily, blackcurrant bud, leather, tobacco (but not tobacco flower), cigar smoke, mahogany, cedar, pine, sage, fir, teak, coconut, anise, sassafras, white tea, black tea, etc. I do like the lab's snow note.

    I like LUSH's Jasmine but not in BPAL or NAVA. Not usually all about the fruit but sometimes I need lemon, lime, strawberry, plum, peach, apple, fig, pumpkin, cheesecake, orange, cherry/almond, etc. Usually mixed with vanilla, musk, patchouli or something "darker".

    I do not like DIRT. Most things with "Blossom" in them do not work on me (plum blossom, cherry blossom, orange blossom, peach blossom, etc.) Vetiver and I don't get along if the vetiver is overpowering (which it usually is to me. I think Blood Kiss and Lunar Eclipse are some of the only vetiver scents I wear.) Gardenia does not usually work on me although I love the flowers in person. Same with violet - I like violet flavored things but the BPAL violet gives me a headache. I do not really like anything coffee scented (soap, candles, etc - or flavored for that matter, except coffee itself.) Not big on florals except what I've listed. I do like "floriental" type scents. Things with rum make me cry because usually all of the other notes rock but the rum kills it. Same with champagne. Not big into aquatics or air type scents either. Don't like cocoa or chocolate scents. Or caramel. At least not in candles, bath and body things, etc. I like the smell of those in actual food.

    Favorite scents are All Saints (rose heavy ones), Angeronalia, Antique Lace, Baku, Banshee Beat, The Beldam, Bitch, Black Lace, Black Opal, Brom Bones, The Cat (Coraline), Celeste, Clock Strikes Midnight, Coiled Serpent, Dark Delicacies, De Sade, Dead Dreams of Days Forsaken, Dead Man's Hand, Die Sundė, Dragon's Milk, Dysopes Tenuis, Ecclesiastical Excesses, Ecstasy of True Love, Eldritch Dark, Elephantine Colossus, Elizabeth of Bohemia, Fairy Market, Falling Leaf Moon, Feed Me & Fill Me with Pleasure, Glasya, Gluhwein, Go to Sleep Darlings, Green Tree Viper, Grr, Halloween: Las Vegas, Harp of Cnoc I'Chosgair, Haunted Palace, Hesiod's Phoenix, Humbug, In the Forest, Infernal Lover, Inganok Jewelers, Interfector, Joyful Moon, Katrina Van Tassel, Krampus, Krampus' Chains, Krampus' Shadow, La Lugubre Gondola, L'Autunno, Le Pere Fouettard, L'Estate, Lilith Victoria, Loli.Goth, Love, Loviator, Lughnasadh, Masque, Mead Moon, Midway, Mme. Moriarty, Mopsfledermaus, Most Magnificent Christmas Tree, Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, Mr. Prenderghast, Mysterious Warning, Nocturnus, O, Odd Portents, Orgy, Our Lady of Pain, Pickled Imp, Playful Wooden Mallets, Quincy Morris, Rogue, Romanti.Goth, Samhain, Senelion, Serpents with Glittering Eyes and Forky Tongues, Shadowy & the Sublime, Silentium Amoris, Skadi, Sleep, Smiling Spider, Snake Charmer, Snake Oil, Snow White, So Below, Spanked, Spawn of the She-Demon, Sugar Cookie, Tarasque, Third Charm, TKO, Traveler, Trick #1, Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat, Uncle Brian, Unity (White Rose and Red Rose), Vamp.Goth, Velvet Bandito, Velvet Unicorn, Velvets, Victoria, Victorian Rose Milk, Victoriana.Goth, Western Diamondback, WILF, Witch Dance, Womb Furie, Ysabel, Yvaine

    Hair gloss: Implacable Beautiful Tyrant, Fallen Woman, Hair Loosened and Soiled in Mid Orgies, Shiny Furball

    Room sprays: Mahogany Hall, Snowblind, Mechanical Dragon Manufactory, Citadel of Awesome, Erebos, House of Unquenchable Fire, British Blondes, Samhain, Thriambus, Trading Post Dungeon, Playful Cat, TKO

    Bath Oils: Honey of Love (TAL), Shining Dimple of Love, Eldritch Dark, Virgin's Blood, Winter Holiday Stress Relief Elixir, Snow White, Peacock Queen

    Other perfumes I love: ALL of the Vanilla NAVAs!!! Extreme Vanille (Comptoir Sud Pacifique), Ganesh (Arcana), Dune (Dior), Icon (Lush). Black Cat (Heaven & Earth Essentials), Twilight (Lush), Rose Jam (Lush), Snow Fairy/Candy Fluff (Lush), Silky Underwear (Lush), Snowcake (Lush), 1971 (Carnival Wax), Black Amber (Carnival Wax), Black Amber No 2 (Carnival Wax), Indochine (Infusion Organique), Geisha Nobara-cha (Aroma M), Geisha Noire (Aroma M), Bohemian Velvet (Moonalisa), Gloaming (Haunt)


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