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    BPAL: All Saints, Bastet, Bastet's Laughter, Black Pearl, Blood Rose, Chiroptera, Devils Night, Dia De Los Muertos, Dorian, Dragon's Milk, Dragon's Tears, Eris, The Ghost, Gingerbread Poppet, Gypsy Queen, The Hesperides, Katharina, Lamb's Wool, Lilith Victoria, Lilith Vs. The Giant Crab, The Lion, Lionheart, Masquerade, Mme.Moriarty, Nuit, O, Perversion, Pumpkin Queen & King, Pumpkin Patch 06&08, Queen of Clubs, The Raven, Salamander, Samhain, Snake Charmer, Spellbound, Sugar Skull, Titania, White Light, Yemaya, Beaver Moon, Blood Moon 05&08, Fruit Moon, Harvest Moon, Holiday Moon, Hungry Ghost Moon, Red Moon, Snow Moon ARCANA: Dia De Los Muertos, Sleepy Hollow, Holy Terror HAUNT: Gillyflower, Under The Ivy LUSH: Karma, Honey I Washed The Kids, MaBar SINGLE NOTES: citrus of all kinds, vanilla, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, coconut, pomegranate, honey, chocolate, cocoa, rose (all kinds), tea rose, lilac, honeysuckle, rose geranium, freesia, jasmine, rain, lavender, red tea, ylangylang, berries, peach, apricot, apple, coffee, hazelnut, some musks, some ambers, nag champa and various japanese incenses... And apparently most lotus notes and I DO NOT get along well at all. *pout* Chamomile seems to be out too.

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    Music (some favs are Tori Amos, Patty Griffin, Dead Can Dance, Niyaz, Loreena McKennit, Pat Metheny, Ditty Bops, Imogen Heap, jazz, blues, opera, classical, hawaiian, electronica, trip-hop, world, accapella), books, reading, writing, riding my bicycle, makeup, nailpolish (Zoya), BPAL (Duh!), Villainess, Haunt, Arcana, great food! (bread, cheese, japanese especially sushi, thai, italian, vietnamese, chinese, pizza, candies from around the world), singing, coffee, tea, CHOCOLATE, candles, Hello Kitty, knitting, crochet, sewing, geocaching, friends and family, gardening, cooking/baking, cats, renaissance faire, spirituality, the moon, the ocean, owls, dragons, faeries, gods and godesses, walking in the woods, mythology, tattoos, piercings, sexuality, compassion, oak trees, childrens books...Life, The Universe, And Everything! (in other words, um, lots more) OtherHaunts: GleanerGirl on Ravelry, Etsy, Geocaching.com, Threadbanger and Craftster. ChocolateNinja on Chowhound.com
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  1. LunaDragonGirl

    Holiday Moon

    Creamy, sparkling yellow, lemon tea cookie! Delish! A lot of people have mentioned "green" but I'm getting a sparkly yellow from this, although I can see a bit of green there...it's like a new spring daffodil...pale yellow with the green stem, pushing up through the last of late winter's gently-sparkling snow. This has aged pretty well...when I first got it back when it was released, it had a bit of a harsher green edge to it...it has mellowed out considerably and softened. Also, this layers really well with Hungry Ghost Moon, at least, last time I was bottle-testing. I want lemon tea cookies now! NomNom
  2. LunaDragonGirl


    As Innocent said before, fans of BPAL's dirt notes are gonna love this one. Just applied: warm, soft, velvety-grey dirt...I get a scent-picture of the fur of a mole (or what I remember mole's fur to be like, from my encounters of them in the garden when I was little)...that soft velvety grey with a slight sheen...with a pile of freshly dug, damp dirt all around. As it dries, more of the cedar comes out to play and I get velvety-grey dirt mixed with a heavy dose of pencil shavings. Not something I would wear as a perfume, or even use as a room scent but it is very evocative and gorgeous. I definitely feel the Badger energy in this one. I guess I'm just not a big cedar fan! Well...very small doses are okay, I think. But this is a bit too much for me. I'm glad I got to give it a try though.
  3. LunaDragonGirl


    For some reason, I realized today that I never properly reviewed Cerberus...one of very first bottles of the Preciousss I ordered. So..this is a retroactive review I guess...from June 05's testing: I was SO hopeful that Cerberus would love me...cuddle up to me protectively like a giant irish wolfhound...I took that first unforgettable sniff...and the juniper jumped right up my nose and started slicing at my sinuses and eyeballs. I took a much gentler sniff...still quite sharp...with a hint of cherry cough syrup. Gave my nose a few minutes to calm down, then tried a tiny bit on my wrist from the cap...I couldn't even take this scent for twenty minutes. I tried...oh I tried...hoping it would mellow out into something comforting, as it did on many others. It continued to become even sharper pointy doggy teeth ripping at my head. Instant headache. I'm so sad! I guess I should just stick to cats.
  4. LunaDragonGirl


    In Imp: Cedar and Sandalwood come at me out of the imp with a vengence...eek! Sharp and scary pencils! Wet on skin: Overpowering scent of (as auburnette mentioned above) graphite and pencil shavings. This is bring me back to first grade when I had the job of emptying out the pencil sharpeners for a month. Oddly enough, I liked the smell of pencil shavings then...and I like the smell of cedar now, but Magus is not okay with me. It's dry and crackly and makes me wrinkle my nose. I'm not getting any of the galangal or high john essence that I'm aware of...and the frankincense is only a soft background note...mostly I'm getting dusty bits of Dixon Ticonderoga #2. Drydown: more of the sandalwood and frankincense come out...mellowing the pencil shavings/graphite dust notes a teenytiny bit, but this never balances out to warmth for me. Still mostly dry, dusty pencil shavings...very two dimensional flat dull yellow, rather than mellowing out into a three dimensional golden warm scent. ): Not for me! Off to the swap/frimp pile!
  5. LunaDragonGirl

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    If you click on the Galleries (it's in the labels gallery) link at the top of the board page, there is one pic someone loaded of an old bottle with the parchment label. Here ya go: Pic
  6. LunaDragonGirl

    Colds are TehSux

    So I woke up this morning feeling as though I had been run over by a bus. Blegh. Thought maybe I had just not slept very well but it turns out I have a cold. Headache, sore throat, sniffles, body aches...the whole shebang. I've been drinking lots of EmergenC and TheBoy made some tasty soup for me for dinner, with lots of garlic. He's a nice Boy. Spent a lot of the day on the couch, perusing the forum and the Spectra.net forum that I just joined. Mmmmm...MAC makeup goodness. I hope I feel better tomorrow. I hate being sick. I'm one of those people who feels guilty relaxing and resting even when I'm supposed to, like when I'm sick. It makes me restless. PS: The rain can stop anytime now...I'd like to put in a vote for some nice sunshiny springtime weather...if any of the weather gods/goddess are listening.
  7. LunaDragonGirl

    crafty thoughts

    Heehee...well, I can see it so it must have worked. Hi! *waves*
  8. LunaDragonGirl

    crafty thoughts

    Awoke this morning after a night of intense dreams, none of which I can remember, feeling quite moody and as though I could break down sobbing at the drop of a hat. It took me quite a while to actually get myself out of bed; there was a huge part of me wanting to simply stay hidden under my comforter for the rest of my life. (the constant rain is NOT helping my mood, I might add, as much as I love the rain...the smells, the sounds, the way the creek behind my house rushes and gurgles) Decided that today was a good day to find my way to my favourite coffee spot, for a tiny bit of heaven...cappuchino, biscotti and a bit of knitting work on my second pair of fingerless gloves/wrist warmers. I've discovered that the rhythm of "knit 2, purl 2" puts me into quite a meditative state and calms me down a lot. My fav coffee spot happens to be a cart inside of a lovely shop that sells magazines from all over, newspapers, and stationary...they also sell cigars and save the empty cigar boxes to sell to people who might want them. Wandered into the store after finishing my coffee moment and asked to see their current empty cigar box collection. They had three left...one of which came home with me as it was the perfect size for a BPAL box. It's a square box as opposed to the usual cigar box shape (short and rectangular)...perfect for 5 and 10mls. Now I have to decide what I'm going to do with it...and after a bit of thought, I think I'm going to go with an Edward Gorey theme. I have a ton of small Gorey pics from two years worth of "daily desk calendars". I think I will colour some of them with coloured pencils and modge podge them on. Maybe paint the box a shade of grey, or possibly purple. PS: More forumites need to use the chat feature! It's nifty and cool!
  9. LunaDragonGirl

    House of Night

    In the imp: Green with an edge..maybe pine or cypress? On wet: Green and slightly piney or woodsy...sharp...then the dreaded lotus kicks in...at least I'm assuming there is a lotus note in this...that sickly sweet, cloying, bubblegum scent that lotus always does on my skin...*sigh* Dry: lotus, lotus, lotus. I'm not getting any of the nice florals that others have mentioned. Wanted to like it, but just DOES NOT work on me.
  10. LunaDragonGirl


    I wanted to love you, Madrid! But I think our relationship, as quickly as it started, has to end. It's me, not you...I'm sure there is a skin chemistry out there who is a perfect match for you, darling. In the imp: boozey, like a glass of wine that has been left out too long. On wet: Wait...there might be hope yet! I'm getting luscious red wine, full bodied, with a hint of spicy clove and a lingering background note of citrusy somethingorruther. 2, 5 and 10 minutes later: Noooooooooo! Sickeningly sweet rotting citrus fruit, drowning in overly-sweet watered down red wine gone bad. No clove to speak of, and a headache threatens. The scent description sounded right up my alley....clove *swoon*, red wine *nice*, mimosa *yum and citrus!*, but...unfortunately, Madrid left me with only nightmarish visions of rotting oranges dancing around a vat of moldy grapes.
  11. LunaDragonGirl

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Re: Shadow Witch Orchid label....ooooooooooooohhh...SO pretty! It looks like there are a lot of jewel tones in this label, and the spiders...CUTE! I can't wait to get my hands on some RG scents! Amazing label art adds so much to my overall enjoyment of the precioussss...makes it a "whole body" sensual experience. Macha. You ARE the Doodle Goddess. Thanks for posting the pic, Gin!
  12. LunaDragonGirl

    Bravery, Courage, Confidence, Intimidation, Power

    Center of your back, eh? It should rock! You should post a pic of it in the Tattoos thread afterwards. (: Don't forget to eat a decent meal before your tattoo appointment..having an empty stomach is a bad thing. Also, bring a couple of tootsie pops or suckers or lifesavers to suck on while you are getting tattooed (if you eat candy that is)...it will help keep you from feeling passy-outy. Getting tattooed over your ribs might be painful (I've heard that is one of the more painful spots to get tattooed) but just remember to breath through it, and I'm sure you'll be fine! And I bet you, about five minutes after you're finished, you'll be craving your next tat. Are you going alone or bringing a friend?
  13. LunaDragonGirl

    Bravery, Courage, Confidence, Intimidation, Power

    Hmmm...I would go with Lionheart, or, if you don't have that, The Lion (: Those are both strong, protective, brave scents. (: Blood Countess might also work...it's very powerful and sensual...both things I associate with tattoos. Where on your body are you getting a tattoo? I got my first tattoo a few months ago, on my outer left leg, just above my ankle, and it didn't hurt at all, but it tickled like CRAZY...kind of an intense tickle...hard to describe...but it was an intense experience..and the endorphine high was great. *giggle* Hey, my name is Kat too! Yay for tattooed Kats!
  14. For me, it's two Excedrin extra-strengths, sipping on ice water, a cold washcloth, a dark room, and a slathering of lavender essential oil on my temples and the back of my neck. I've used Somnus a few times, but it doesn't work as well on me was straight lavender EO. I've never thought of trying mint or pennyroyal...and I love the scent of both. I should try that next time...and maybe get ahold of some Pain. (any excuse for more of the preciousss!)
  15. LunaDragonGirl

    Turn around time

    Rhowan, You might know this already, but a great way to keep track of where the lab is with regards to shipping orders is the "ClickNShip" thread over *here*. People are usually nice enough to post the date they ordered, and when they recieved the "ClickNShip" email from the post office, indicating that their order is on its merry way. Looks like the busy labrats are just starting in on shipping the orders placed during the first week of September. Hope this helps!