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BPAL Madness!

Pomegranate, Freesia, White Tea, and White Amber

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This might be my first first?

This just arrived today so I fully expect it to settle down and shift a bit over time. That said, I was expecting/hoping this would be the All Freesia, All The Time Show Featuring Guest Artist Pomegranate. It's not quite that. The freesia blends seamlessly into the amber, interestingly. So I got wet pomegranate tea, followed by sweet and sour amber (which was a little weird, but short-lived), followed by sweettart-floralamber, if sweet tarts tasted like pomegranate and the amber had sweet spring bulbs planted in it. I think I like it. I don't think a casual passerby would be able to name any of the notes - it's well blended and not everyone had freesias in the kitchen window box growing up. Easy to wear, with a tendency to keep going back to huff my wrist.


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I got two of the Persephones bounty scents and I really like them both and find they are different enough to warrant bottles of both.


Pomegranate, freesia and white tea and amber on me starts out with the pomegranate and white amber. The amber definitely makes this a richer scent and more autumnal than I expected. I have times when I can smell the freesia over the other two notes and it is a like a cool, breeze of freesias over top of the sweet pomegranate and amber. The tea is very subtle on me. I can detect it most strongly at the begining then it fades behind the other notes. Even though I thought that this would be more spring like it is quite autumnal and festive with the pomegranate and amber. The freesia to me adds a cool, soft floral element but is not in anyway high pitched and blends in quite beautifully with the other notes. 

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A dry, plant leaning floral scent with pomegranate. I'm getting the dry note of the white tea the most, followed by the freesia mixing with the pomegranate to be a more floral than fruity musk. The white tea and the freesia makes this scent overall plant like, not vegetal, but not the heady floral one might expect. Overall, I'd consider this a white tea scent more than anything else.

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