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  1. Lion

    Pomegranate Cider

    In the bottle - Deliciously fruity - I could easily drink this. Like I wish it was an actual drink at a party. Apple-y, citrusy, pomegranate. Very sweet, but not cloyingly so. The hibiscus is present too, calling to mind the hibiscus agua frescas I used to drink at the local Mexican resturant - it makes it nice and tart to balance that fruity sweetness. Just the barest hint of spice from the peppercorn - but you have to be looking for it. Wet - The hibiscus comes out full blast, adding a floral layer to a mostly fruity concoction. The apple makes for an excellent base to layer in all these sweet and tart notes. It also gets more peppery. The pomegranate is a sweet syrup threading through this magical potion, and there are bright pops of citrus here and there. I absolutely smell like a sweet, floral, fruity libation with all my favorite flavors. Once again, I wish I could drink this. Mouthwatering. The hibiscus and peppercorn stay close to the skin while the fruits - apple, orange, and pom - waft in a cloud around me. Dry - This actually smells a little bit like cinnamon and other mulling spices as it dries. The pomegranate is also becoming more pronounced, syrupy sweet over that mulled apple base. Tart hibiscus. Bright blood orange. The peppercorn fades but it's honestly done it's job. God, this is still so drinkable. I smell downright delicious. Amazing fruity floral combo. Great throw too!
  2. Lion


    In the bottle - Very lightly boozy. A crisp, bubbly champagne note. Tart. The fruits are subtle and dry. Like wine grapes. I don't necessarily pick up black currant at all, but there is just a HINT, a BARE HINT of tart plummy-ness. For the most part its very champagney. Like a wine that's both sweet and dry. Very smooth. Wet - This is almost floral, but I can't actually place which flowers. Still very wine-like. Very crisp and dry champagne. Light and tart, as it is in the bottle. When I sniff my wrists I don't get any fruits, just the champagne. But wafting around me in a cloud is something fruitier. That's where the plum is. But it's very subtle. No black currant at all. Dry - Dries down very soft. Loses the crisp, tart boozy quality and just leaves something sort of reminiscent of fruit in it's sweetness, but nothing specifically plum, black currant, or wine grapes. Before this stage it was mostly the wine grapes coming through, the champagne is the dominant note and stays that way through every phase. There's still a bit of a softly fruity cloud around me with the barest touch of plum, but overall it's just that remnant of champagne. The throw is pretty good while it's wet, but loses staying power as it dries. I guess this is how I find out that I amp champagne? Because that's the most dominant note for me.
  3. Lion

    Burn Pile 2022

    In the bottle - Incredibly smoky. Woody and peppery. Definitely get that burning paper note. Smells just like a bonfire, specifically the releasing fire we do every year on Samhain. There's a deep pepper note seasoning the woodsmoke. Wet - A wonderful bonfire scent. Woodsmoke is the most prevalent note. Losing the pepper a little, but getting something resinous that wasn't apparent in the bottle. Like a strong incense smoke, but woody. Very warm and comforting. Dry - This dries down VERY subtle. Like I get little wafts of woodsmoke sometimes, but for the most part I can only smell it if I put my nose in my wrist. And in that case it's more resinous like an unburnt incense stick. The woodiness and the pepper is gone. No real burning scent anymore. I want to try an experiment where I layer this with Hearth and see what happens. Update: Eventuallly there's a slight, slight burning paper smell and a touch of pepper, but it's gone pretty instantly. This starts pretty strong but fades away very fast. The scent is much weaker than I'd like but that might be just my skin chemistry. I do love it while its loud though.
  4. Lion

    Gentle Hands

    In the bottle - sweet and fruity, very mango. Also creamy, but that mango is front and center. No resinous amber in bottle Wet - Once on the skin, the amber comes out full blast. Powdery and resinous There's still a mango note, but it's definitely overshadowed by the amber, at least when I put my nose to my wrist. The cloud of scent around me is still a nice fruity, creamy mango. I'm interested to see how the two play together once this dries. Dry - Okay yes this is exactly what I wanted: A nice, creamy, fruity, sweet mango with a touch of resinous amber. Much better than Rice Milk and Mango - not plasticky at all. Will go excellently with Erotic Drops of Flowers.
  5. Lion

    Dried Cherry Incense and Spun Sugar

    In the bottle - Marashino cherries with a hint of smoky incense. Very sweet, the sugar blends with the cherries to create something akin to Cherry Red. Deep red. Headshop cherry incense. Wet - Very cherry, but also very smoky. That incense is strong and resinous. It definitely smells exactly like cherry incense from a headshop. The cherry is strong, but so is the resin. No real spun sugar on the skin, but I think it's going towards keeping that cherry full and bright and sweet. Yeah, the resin pops a lot. Cherry in a cloud around me, resin close to the skin. Dry - Dry, the cherry calms down a lot, leaving nice resinous incense. It's still got that cherry flavor though. Very sweet. The spun sugar keeps it so. Excellent scent.
  6. Lion

    The Hour of the Body

    In the bottle - very musky citrus. Fruity and sweet with a little bit of funkiness in the way fruit sometimes does. The vey first note to hit my nose is the pomegranate, followed by the one-two punch of grapefruit and yuzu. The rooibos is also very pleasant, smells like Teavana. A touch of strawberry. Overall, a very balanced blend of notes. Wet - Immediately I get the impression of a citrusy, fruity tea - that's the rooibos grounding the fruits. Then there's the sharp, acidic sweetness of the grapefruit. The pomegranate smooths it all out. making for a luscious red note amidst all the bubbly pink. The strawberry is coming out more strongly than in the bottle. Very sweet and juicy. The yuzu is slowly coming to the forefront, supported by rooibos and pom, with a strawberry-sweet afterthought. Dry - Dries down to a lovely, delicately fruity tea scent. The yuzu fades away, leaving, rich red pom and strawberries, and a touch of grapefruit for sparkle. The rooibos is the secret ingredient tying it all together. Really nice summery scent.
  7. Lion

    Erotic Drops of Flower Petals Hair Gloss

    In the bottle - softly citrusy. A little bit of that honey. Creamy and fruity. The barest hint of musk, but mostly it's sweet and light. I pick up the mango cream, the mandarin, and the honey the most. Freshly sprayed on damp hair - Much muskier on the hair - that ambrette seed comes out and so does the patchouli. The mango cream still stays strong and there's hints of the mandarin. Still very fruity with creamy undertones.Would combo well with other fruity perfumes I think. Dry - Not much change as the hair dries - musky patchouli blended with honey, cream, and fruit. Mostly mango with a touch of citrus. Sweet but not cloying. Incredibly pleasant. This one feels like a win. I combo'd this with Gentle Hands and it was honestly perfect.
  8. Lion

    Bobbing for Zombies

    In the bottle - Macintosh apple, hint of rose. Sweet, a little earthy. Wet - Still apple-y, but more dirty. Dusty. A wee bit mossy. A touch of rose still. The apple is definitely the strongest scent, with the dirt following after, and then just hints of roses. Not really like Zombi at all. Very dry. Dry - Stays mostly apple with a hint of rosiness and earthy mossiness. Very subtle and pleasant. Low throw. Very nice, but if you're looking for Zombi, go for Zombi.
  9. Lion

    Bobbing for Blood Kisses

    In the bottle - The clean crispness of apples mixed with the sweetness of vanilla and honey. Cherry undertones but the main fruit is apple. Touches of wine, poppy, and vetiver sharpening it up. But mostly it's fruity and creamy and sweet. When I sniff I get the cherries first and then an apple top note. Wet - That wine note comes out on the skin. All those soporifics, wine and poppy and that vetiver really pops. I'm catching that skin musk too. The sexiness of the honeyed vanilla is there, and so is the huskiness of the clove. Still has traces of crisp apple and sweet cherry, but only as from far away - up close to the skin you get more of the wine and clove. Dry - What a blend! I get wine and cherry and clove and honey and vanilla and apple. All of them perfectly balanced. Sweet. Juicy. Fruity but not brightly so.
  10. Lion

    Pomegranate, Pink Pepper, and Black Apple

    In the bottle - Very apple-y. The same Macintosh note as other BPAL apples. Very deeply fruity. Crisp and grainy as an apple. Wet - Very apple-forward with a slight bite of pepper. No pomegranate I can catch, but still a deep yet light fruity flavor. This might be the quintessential apple note, since the apple is clearly dominating. The pepper remains an undertone that gives a little bit of roughness to the sweetness of the apple. Dry - The pomegranate comes out on dry-down, like a deep fruity wine. The apple becomes an undertone that gives it a crisp sweetness, and the pepper fades just a little bit, but not entirely - keeping that bite. Overall very well blended. All notes are represented in some way.
  11. In the bottle - dark fruit (pomegranate), slight floral. smells like a shop with candles and herbs (though not really a witchy shop - more like a health food store). Tea and amber... all the elements are well represented and blended. Wet - It's even a little chocolately. The amber is very pronounced. Resiny. I catch a light, subtle floral. The tannins from the tea are there too. No pomegranate. Yeah it's mostly resin and tea. Dry - The pomegranate comes back out on dry-down, but blends with the amber to make a sort of pomegranate incense. No hint of the freesia, but the tea is absolutely there too. Very pleasant and subtle smell. I think fans of the Seven Word Story: Lust would like this.
  12. Lion

    Cherry Red

    In the bottle - Cherries, cherries, and more cherries - sweet and red. Can actually detect the difference between the bing and marashino. Very sugary. Hint of red musk.Very luscious and juicy - could almost drink the bottle. Syrupy in the best way. Wet - That red musk comes out immediately, very strong. But the cherries don't fade. The bing and the marashino start to blend. But I'm living in a sweet, juicy, cherry cloud. The musk is only really apparent when I put nose to wrist. But the syrupy cherries stay juicy and sweet. Still nice and sugary. Dry - Fades down to red musk with just a hint of cherries. Still very sweet and sugary.