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BPAL Madness!

Pomegranate, Spicy Geranium, Black Musk, and Peach Pulp

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Three minute hot-out-of-the-mailbox review:


I feel some kind of way about this.  I feel it very strongly.  Not slinky.  Not coquettish.  Ive never been a spring fling but I could definitely be an Indian summer [if anyone has a better term, please let me know] romance in this.




22SEP21:  I stand by my initial impression.  This is a "I will ruin you and let you marinate in that until spring" smell.

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wow am i glad i read that first review and decided to snag myself a bottle off the forums here. 

i absolutely should've jumped on a bottle from the release when i had the chance.


i can be a little skeptical of "fruity" scents - but this one is kind of amazing. i totally didn't expect to love it so much!


the pomegranate is dominant, earthy and red and dark.

the "peach pulp" keeps it very fresh and ripe smelling.

the black musk however, centers it down in this really lovely & heavy way.


dark and juicy and ripe. mmm. 


((it doesnt smell like a recognizable floral to me - but i think im not super familiar with (spicy) geranium either.))


absolutely vibing with the "dark indian summer romance" description from above. 

this is hot, and lana del rey would wear this in her video of the song "Ride"

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Pom, peach on a bed of geranium. This one smells dark and spicy, with just enough peach to keep it bright. Medium throw and wear length.

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Freshly applied, this brings out juicy-sweet pomegranate first, then a lightly tart geranium, and finally peach. The peach is mild and friendly rather than raw or syrupy.


In drydown, I start smelling a little something grainy, like frankincense or sandalwood, for some reason. The black musk wafts out, surprisingly gentle, adding a little mischief or a dark sass but not bringing the scent down upon it. The whole blend shifts toward earthiness, but it's an earthiness with some 'tude, presided over by red pom.


I like this. It's a bit witchy and tricksy.

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Oh I need a bottle of this.


It's the perfect blend of pomegranate, the sexy kind of black musk that enhances but dosen't go overpowering or dusty, and the bitter green of geranium leaves. I'm not getting a lot of peach, but I'm sure it's boosting something in there. Like others have said, this feels quite witchy, and quite sexy, it would pair quite well with Fleetwood Mac's Silver Spring imo.

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