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BPAL Madness!

Eucalyptus, White Mint, & Lemon Peel

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This blend is a fresh, ancient York Peppermint Patty commercial -- not the patty, but the person in white on a mountain top in the whistling wind.


Sweet white mint and eucalyptus. The lemon is quieter on me at first.


In drydown, the lemon comes out more. It reminds me of Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat more than straight-up lemon peel -- it's blending with the sweet mint and coming out like sugary lemon frosting.


After an hour, this is mainly a soft sweet mint, with just hints of the other two notes.

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Initial impression of this scent is exactly what Casablanca said, except the white mint also really does make me think of a peppermint patty that you just bit into. It's chilly, bright, and bracing eucalyptus and mint, with just a hint of lemon. As it dries down, the mint fades to a quieter, peppermint tea sort of note, and the lemon peel is barely there. Drydown on me is a subtly minty, cool eucalyptus. I like it more in the decant than I do on my skin, but I haven't ruled out a full bottle of this yet, mainly because I would love to experiment with this as a room scent.

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This starts off with the Lab's cool, sweet, non-bracing white mint note (one of my favorite mint notes! I also got the impression of a peppermint patty without the chocolate exterior), backed by eucalyptus and lemon peel. But it doesn't take long for the eucalyptus and lemon peel to gain strength, and they end up being the dominant notes after a while, with the lemon peel being the most prominent note after several hours of wear.


This is a really nice, refreshing type of scent. It's not something I need a bottle of, but I'll definitely be hanging on to my decant to wear when I need a pick-me-up.

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