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BPAL Madness!

Little Atalanta

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I have unfortunate luck with every single BPAL leaf scent in the sense that all I can smell is leaves, leaves, leaves. While I love dead leaves as a single note, I never have the privilege of detecting a single other note when the dead leaf note is present in a blend. 


This is the first exception to that rule....


I LOVE this blend! It's definitely dead leaves, and that note stays present into the drydown. However, once the drydown occurs, the most gorgeous sweet pleathery leather scent emerges. I had a pair of pleather pants in my 20s. The scent reminds me of those (like, spot on) and is also reminiscent of the leather note in De Sade in a subtle way. I just purchased backups.

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Dead Leaves and pleather. It's cool, leafy, and very much something the girls from the Craft would wear. Great throw and wear length.

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