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BPAL Madness!

Lemongrass & Tonka

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I get pure lemongrass. It's that sweet-citrus scent I associate with lemongrass. Very strong and great throw. I do not get tonka at all. To me it's like I stuck my face in a jar of lemongrass tea. I love citrus so I do enjoy this one, just wish it was more complex.

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Right out of the gate, I get the lemongrass and the tonka, but the lemongrass is quick to declare dominion over everything. The throw is all lemongrass.  I have to put my nose up to my arm and inhale really deeply to get any tonka.


It's a nice, bright, peppy sort of scent, and I could see it being good for layering to brighten something up... but I probably wouldn't wear it on its own.

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In the imp: My very first whiff was almost foody - why TF do I get coconut from this?? After that, though, it's mainly lemongrass, although the tonka is definitely present as well. It's not a main player, but there's something smooth and almost creamy-sweet, but not quite, rounding out the edges of the lemongrass.


Wet: Still like 80-85% lemongrass, but I do get the tonka. It takes the scent from pure, bright, citrus-y lemongrass to Lemongrass Plus. The tonka grounds it and gives it some body, and I love it!


Dry: The tonka becomes more and more prominent, although it never eclipses the lemongrass. Sweet and earthy indeed! Although, in this case, "earthy" = "herbal and citrus-y."

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