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Caveat:  Hello, my name is Teamama, & I amp red musk.  A Flaming Sword contains 5 notes that are fantastic for me, and my nemesis, red musk.  I got my decant hoping against hope that I could wear this blend, yet prepared for everything excellent to be buried under the red musk when applied my skin. 


In the decant: resin heaven. The amber & sweet oudh are so lovely, with musk to ground them & coconut to sweeten. Sweet oudh is magical--it's as though golden fantasy bees sucked tree sap instead of nectar, to produce a honey that's actually a resin. Hints of green combine with the gold.  Musk combines with oudh to take things in a discreetly sexy direction.  Not a lot of patchouli or peppercorn on me, but that will probably change with age. 


Verdict: This is EXCELLENT.  Unless you share my red musk amping problem, you can stop reading the review right here.


And now the sad trombone: after 5 minutes, my skin has amped the red musk, & wrecked the balance of notes.  It's now red musk, with faint hints of everything else.  I will wear the decant in my scent locket, jealous of everbody who gets to rock A Flaming Sword.

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Red amber, red musk, whiffs of everything else. I am surprised that the oudh is behaving itself because it RARELY does that on my skin. It's mainly a red amber-musk blend with whiffs of everything else. Average throw, great wear length.

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A Flaming Sword is really nice.  Red musk does sometimes take over on my skin too, but it stays in line here.  There is nothing fecal about this oudh, just a kind of bittersweet depth behind the musky amber.  Coconut contributes sweetness, and I'm getting a little honey as well though not much patch.  I tend to be anosmic to the peppercorn note, and that holds true here.  A gender-neutral red blend to keep you warm in desert wastes while fending off lions.


ETA Tried this again a few months later and it went all red musk on me.  RED MUSK, sweet oudh, RED MUSK, amber, and that was about it.  Great throw, though.

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